Formentera at the table: the gastronomic specialties of the island

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The gastronomic specialties of Formentera

Sea, beaches, nature. But also a lot of good food and traditional products. Why visit Formentera it is a multisensory experience that is difficult to find in other places. Here, our every sense is magically involved: the view with the breathtaking scenery, the hearing thanks to the music of local artists, the touch through the fine beaches, the sense of smell with the smell of the sea and finally the taste, thanks to the cuisine. typical of the smallest of the Balearics. A cuisine that is closely linked to the traditional way of life, strongly marked by the link with the sea and the agriculture of the mainland.

The food and wine of Formentera, in fact, is characterized by an almost total use of local products, conditioned by the isolation of the Pitiusas islands (of which Formentera is part together with Ibiza). This shortage of products, combined with creativity and the use of high quality raw materials, gives rise to traditional recipes in which a dominate are fish, vegetables, olives and pagès wine, a typical red of the island.

In addition to the well-known paella, i typical dishes include: the payesa salad with the very famous dry fish, much used and appreciated dried fish; fried octopus; the sofrit pagès (meat and potatoes); the raw squid (squid fried in their own ink) or the boiled fish (fish stew with potatoes). Other traditional recipes are:seafood rice, or rather a risotto with seafood sauce, risotto with meat, the fish stew,slaughter rice, boiled bones and the slaughter fried sa, all dishes absolutely exquisite and tasty. It should be emphasized that the culinary tradition of the island requires that pasta and bread are strictly homemade.

For the sweets they too are made exclusively with homemade ingredients. Try the bunyols, sweets fried with orange juice, or the orelletes, made with puff pastry and powdered sugar. Among the desserts the most characteristic is perhaps the Flaó, a fresh cheesecake with mint consumed especially during the Easter holidays. All of this, of course, is accompanied by wines and spirits produced in Formentera. The main vineyards in the area, almost all located around Monte Mola in the hinterland of the island, have very ancient ancestors. In fact, since the thirteenth century, the hermit monks began to start the cultivation of precious types of vines that still survive today in the typical local qualities of red grapes such as monastrell and tempranillo, with a strong and lively taste. There are also many restaurants and inns ready to delight you with their specialties.

And if you are undecided which dishes to start with, the advice is: try them all.

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