Forgotten items on the plane: here's how to behave

When traveling, especially by plane, it happens that someone, distracted by the rush to get off or tired from the long journey, you forget something on board.
According to some polls, at least one in three people have forgotten a personal effect on the plane: books, mobile phones and newspapers are just some of the items most often left on board.

If you too travel often and are afraid not only of forgetting something but of not being able to recover it, inquire in advance on what are the procedures for reporting the problem and resolving it, based on the policies of the different airlines.


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How to recover a forgotten or lost item on an airplane

Generally, as soon as you realize you have lost or forgotten an object on board the plane, it is good to go to the information desk at the airport, baggage search service or contact customer service of the company you traveled with.

If you are lucky, the crew can immediately notice the forgotten item and, by consulting the passenger list, be able to contact you when you have not yet left the terminal.

Ryanair flights

Ryanair has a fairly strict policy, as it does not take any responsibility for hand luggage or passenger belongings. Indeed, anyone who forgets an item on board has the personal responsibility to contact thelost property office at the relevant airport. On the airline's website, in the section dedicated to frequently asked questions, a table is made available with the contact details of each airport reached by Ryanair.
You can consult the table here: Ryanair airport assistance center

Alitalia flights

If you have forgotten an item on board or in a restaurant owned by Alitalia, you must contact the lost property service once you arrive at the destination airport. For Rome Fiumicino it is possible to write by mail, fax or email, a report to Found Objects Service. Do not forget to specify the flight number, the date, your first and last name and your contact details, adding the name of the lounge and the detailed description of the forgotten item.
The report must be sent, in Italian or English, to the following addresses:

  • by mail: Alitalia - Baggage Assistance Center - Largo Antonio Locatelli snc, 00054 Fiumicino (ROME)
  • by fax<p>+382 68 112 122<p>
  • by email:

If your personal belongings are found, you can go to collect them at the offices in charge from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00, on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00 pm.

Meridiana flights

Meridiana does not provide direct information for those who have forgotten an item on board their flight. However, on the company's website there is a special one complaint form which allows you to contact customer service and expose your problem, which can be reached here: Meridiana complaint form
However, it is always recommended to contact the customer service at the destination airport and report the problem.

Easyjet flights

Items left in the aircraft cabin are entrusted to the baggage service present at the arrival airport. The staff will keep the object for the rest of the day allowing the owner to request the return of the same. At the end of the day, all unclaimed items they are entrusted to the airport's forgotten property office, where they are marked and recorded with information regarding the discovery (flight number, location, etc.).
All the owner has to do is go to the airport and provide all the data necessary for the identification of his object and its return.

Lufthansa flights

If you have forgotten an item on board a Lufthansa flight or in one of the lounges, you must notify us immediately upon arrival to baggage search service or to the Lufthansa representation directly at the destination airport.
One is required detailed description of the object, so that the personnel in charge can immediately take action to track down what has been lost in a short time. Leaving your contact details you will later be contacted by the company if the search is successful.

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