Foliage: natural spectacle in Maine

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Generally, to visit a new place, you choose the seasons with the best climate, spring or summer, unless you want to go skiing in the winter season. While to visit the Maine, the months between September and November are the best ever.

Lo State of Maine it is located on the border with Canada and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The territory is mainly mountainous in the western area while along the coast it has sandy beaches and flat territories. Maine is crossed by many rivers and has 6000 lakes, the largest of which is home to about eighty islets.

The capital of Maine is the city of Augusta even if it has only 20.000 inhabitants, while the most populous is Portland with about 65.000 residents and its lively commercial port makes it of considerable importance for the territory, as well as being the cultural center of the state. In Portland you can visit the oldest lighthouse in use in the USA and the museum where paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Monet are exhibited.

Maine is one of the first territories where the European pioneers arrived and, combined with the fact of being sparsely populated and with a limited territory, it retains more than anything else characteristics on a human scale, both in everyday life and in the architecture of its urban centers, rather than appearing as a typical American environment.

The charm of Maine is very much enclosed in these characteristics, in its seeming perennial tranquility. Not by chance Stephen King he set most of his novels here, as well as the detective's television thrillers Jessica fletcher take place in the fishing villages along the coast.

Returning to the best time to visit Maine, we talk about autumn as you can witness a phenomenon unique in the world: the fall foliage. With this term, we mean the moment in which nature is covered with bright but extremely different and warm colors due to the change of the season and the passage between summer and autumn.

In autumn in Maine there is a unique and surprising spectacle to the point that there is a real monitoring by competent authorities, including forest rangers and the Ministry of Agriculture, to analyze and update citizens and tourists on the progress of the foliage, or onexplosion of colors that generally starts in early September starting from the southernmost area of ​​the state, and then extending throughout the territory. The peaks of the foliage are recorded in such a way as to recommend the movements to lovers of this natural phenomenon.

Acadia National Park is one of the most visited parks in the USA and is one of the privileged places where you can immerse yourself in the colors of such a particular American autumn.

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