Florida climate: when to go and what temperatures to expect

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Florida is one of the most fascinating states in the USA: the mellow beaches, impressive theme parks, fascinating cities and remote natural beauty attract hordes of hungry tourists every year, eager to discover a state on the edge of the world. However, if you want to embark on an unforgettable tour of Florida, it will be better to plan it in the best season, in order to try to avoid as much as possible unpleasant setbacks and unforeseen climatic events. Here then is a series of tips on when to go to Florida based on the climate of the state.

First of all, being a particularly extensive state, we must point out that there are at least 2 climatic bands with different temperatures: the subtropical one, which covers a large part of the state, and the tropical one of the Savannah, which concerns the southernmost areas, starting from area above Naples.

The different climates mean that the low and high seasons differ according to the area. In fact, while in the North the summer period is the most touristy one, if you want to visit the southern areas (usually the most popular ones) the preferred period is certainly the one between November and April. In fact, during the summer season you will find very hot, humidity, rain and possible thunderstorms.


  • Florida: When To Go? Climate for a single city or area
    • Miami climate bands
    • Everglades area
    • The Florida Keys
    • Orlando
    • panhandle

Florida: When To Go? Climate for a single city or area

Here is the detail of the climate in the main beaten areas of the state.

Miami climate bands

Given the numerous requests we have received about Miami, we have decided to address the subject in a dedicated article. Find all the information on climate, best time and when to go to the page Miami Climate and Temperatures: when to go?

Everglades area

  • From December to April: this is the so-called dry season, ideal from the point of view of the climate, which is certainly the most pleasant of the whole year and it is no coincidence that it is the period that records the greatest influx of tourists.
  • From June to November: it is the period in which your desire for adventure will be put to the test: high heat, many insects and the real possibility of hurricanes in the months of July and August. However, if you prepare well (don't forget a hat and sunscreen), you will be able to visit the Everglades in complete serenity, away from the tourist crowds, and admire the alligators and the rest of the fauna in full swing.

The months with the highest number of rainfall are June, July, August and September and are also the months with the highest temperatures. Here are the data reported on the park's official website:

  • Winter: High 77 ° F (25 ° C), Low 53 ° F (12 ° C);
  • Summer: High 87 ° F (31 ° C), Low 67 ° F (19 ° C);

The Florida Keys

  • From December to March: it is the period that has the most pleasant climate, in fact for the Florida Keys it is high season and prices go up.
  • From April to June: the heat arrives and the prices of accommodation facilities go up.
  • From July to November: the concrete possibility of rains (and sometimes hurricanes) increases, however the adverse climate is compensated by the many parties, various activities and events organized in this period.

Between June and September in Key West we have the highest temperatures, between 26 and 32 degrees.


The main reason for going to the city is to visit Orlando's parks, which are always open and open all year round. However, keep in mind that prices go up from Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday in November) until mid-December and that in September you will have more chances to save. The hottest months are from June to August and so are the chances of precipitation, but to find out more, I refer you to our specific in-depth study on the Orlando climate.


As we have already explained in our article on how to organize a tour in Florida, the Panhandle is a sort of unknown treasure of the state, a destination that certainly cannot boast of tourism in the southern regions, yet able to offer a travel experience fascinating. From May to October you will find heat and high rates (it's high season), while from November to February you can count on lower prices.

The highest temperatures are recorded between June and August (around 30 degrees), while the lowest are between December and February (from 15 to 20 degrees). The months with the highest rainfall are July and August.

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