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    Flight + Hotel Deals to New York: are they really worth it? How much do you save?

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    Arrange a trip to New York requires great attention from all points of view, especially with regard to two factors: the choice of hotel and low cost flight more comfortable. Regarding the first point, we have already investigated the matter from another perspective (see the article where to sleep in New York on a budget and my post on apartments for rent in New York) but today I would like to focus attention on how save on the fateful combination flight-hotel to New York.

    The procedure that one is normally led to do to buy them is always the same: to finish two different operations, first trying to find a comfortable, reliable and cheap flight (which is why we move about three months before the trip) and, subsequently, looking for the hotel that best meets our needs, at the best price.

    In this article we want to show you a very simple alternative procedure, which could save you considerable amounts on the purchase of a combined package flight-hotel to New York: offers of this type you will find plenty, but today we are going to talk to you about Expedia and why it is worth buying a travel package on this site.

    Please note:: the volatility of prices in this historical period makes it practically impossible to establish in advance whether the flight + hotel package is cheaper or cheaper than booking the flight and hotel separately. The best thing, as always, is to do some tests and check the possible savings with both solutions. You can do it easily from our page on Where to sleep in New York, where, for each neighborhood recommended for accommodation, you will find 2 buttons that will allow you to easily check both possibilities.


    • New York hotel flight: how much can you save?
    • Is it always worth buying a package?
    • How to book a flight-hotel package to New York? Here is the tutorial!

    First, here are some examples of Flight + Hotel packages to New York currently available (click the button below to enter):

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    New York hotel flight: how much can you save?

    Let's start with a practical example. Let's imagine that 2 people have to leave from Rome for New York and stay in the Big Apple during the first week of July.

    Looking for a direct flight (without stopovers) on the Expedia platform at the cheapest price ever, we will find a round trip flight at a total cost of € 1.760,37 euros.

    Later, returning to the main page, we will look for a 3-star hotel in the same period, perhaps in Times Square. We choose one of the cheapest in the area (Hotel 17): the price is 873,38 euros. So the total flight + hotel is 2633,75 €.

    Now let's try to use the flight + hotel option to New York, available on the same site: we will always choose the same hotel and the cheapest direct flight in the same period of July: the total total expense is 2.381, 58 euro.

    What do we understand from this example? Regarding the filters we have specified as an example, when purchasing a package for New York on Expedia, 252,17 euros are saved overall on flight and hotel.

    Is it always worth buying a package?

    The question arises spontaneously! According to a survey we carried out, doing cross-searches for trips to New York at various times of the year, the savings are always considerable and can range from a minimum of 150 euros to more than 1000 euros, if you want to stay overnight in hotels of higher ranges or to embark on more comfortable planes.

    The choice of flight + hotel combinations that Expedia offers is however very wide and, paying attention, you can often find very affordable special offers.

    But what are the steps to take to find the most convenient offer? We propose you a booking tutorial, so as to facilitate those who want to take full advantage of the discounts.

    How to book a flight-hotel package to New York? Here is the tutorial!

      • First, access the site by clicking on the box below:

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    • A box like this will appear:

    • At this point, you have to write the data of yours I travel to New York: complete the form with your departure and arrival airport (remember that there are more than one airports in New York), the dates of stay, the number of rooms you need, and the number of people (adults and children) . If you will only be staying in the hotel for a few days, check the option “I only need a hotel for a part of my stay”: a further form will open where you can indicate the dates of actual stay in the hotel.
    • Then start the search by clicking on the yellow “Search” icon. A page like this will appear:

    • At this point you will have to choose the hotel: You will see the best Expedia offers in the foreground, but you can customize your choice by filtering the search. On the drop-down menu on the left you can choose the area of ​​New York and the price range, and indicate your preferences, or search for the name of a hotel. When you have found your accommodation, click on it.
    • On the next page, next to the name of the hotel, you will already find the basic price, including flight and hotel! But that's not all. Scroll down the page: you will see that there are various options for the type of room. If you choose the "basic" one, the price will remain unchanged (+ € 0,00). If, on the other hand, you want to take a more beautiful and equipped room, you can immediately see how much it will cost you more per night (the image is an example):

    • Choose the option you prefer by clicking on the blue “Select” icon corresponding to the chosen hotel.
    • Now it's up to the outbound flight! A page like this will open:

    • Just like with the hotel, you can refine your search criteria in the drop-down menu on the left, by choosing the airline company and number of stopovers on the flight. Here, too, you are given some choice options in addition to the basic one included in the price (+ 0 euros). Next to each individual option you can see the surcharge per person. In this case, it may be worthwhile to take a look at the options, as some hours are cheaper than others and the additional expense is relatively low.
    • Choose the option you prefer by clicking on the yellow “Select” icon.
    • Here comes the turn of the return flight. The screen is the same as for the outbound flight: make your choices in the same way.
    • Choose the option you prefer by clicking again on the yellow “Select” icon.
    • We are almost at the end: here will open a summary page of what has been chosen so far, with all the details of the trip, including the amount saved:

    • At this point you will be offered further options: the transfer to and from the hotel and the purchase of a pass for New York. The choice is yours whether to take advantage of it or not!
    • When you have made your choices, click on the yellow “Continue with booking” icon.
    • Now you have to complete the booking by entering i traveler data, exactly as you would on a regular flight booking platform.
    • After having carefully entered the data, click on "Continue".
    • On the last screen, you will be asked if you want to buy atravel insurance: check the corresponding icon, if you intend to do so, otherwise click on "No, I do not want to protect the trip". 
    • Scroll down to the same page and insert the payment method, with all the required data. Then indicate the email where you want to receive the booking confirmation. You can also have an account with Expedia, but it is not mandatory.
    • Check the privacy icon and press "Complete booking".

    Et voila! The game is done. You have just taken your cheap flight-hotel package to New York... but "low cost" for real, much more than you would have imagined! As you have noticed, the purchase process is simple and the savings are considerable. Look for yours now flight-hotel combination, New York is there waiting for you!

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