Finland is the safest country in the world  

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Finland is the safest country in the world. This is what emerged from the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report released at the last World Economic Forum in Geneva which compiled the ranking of 136 Countries of the world whose development and competitiveness influence tourist traffic.

In second place are the United Arab Emirates and Iceland in third. In fourth place was Oman followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Norway. Switzerland is 8th, Rwanda is 9th and Qatar is XNUMXth.

THEItaly occupies 70th place, Great Britain 78th, well below Zimbabwe which is in 60th place.

Popular holiday destinations such as Egypt and Venezuela rank 130th and 131st respectively.

The destination least safe in the world appears to be the Colombia, along with Yemen and El Salvador.

To draw up the ranking, various factors were taken into consideration, including hygienic conditions, technological development and safety.

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