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A Manhattan to find an address on an Avenue, being very long, we are interested in knowing which Street it intersects with; to find it, remove the last digit of the house number, divide it by two and add one of these numbers:

1st Ave. +3
2nd Ave. +3
3rd Ave. +10
4th Ave. +8
5th Ave. fino a 200 +13
5th Ave. fino a 400 +16
5th Ave. fino a 600 +18
5th Ave. fino a 775 +20
5th Ave. da 775 a 1286 -18
5th Ave. fino a 1500 +45
5th Ave. oltre 2000 +24
(6th) Ave. of the Americas -12
7th Ave. sotto 110th St. +12
7th Ave. oltre 110th St. +20
8th Ave. +10
9th Ave. +13
10th Ave. +14
Amsterdam Ave. +60
Audubon Ave. +165
Broadway sotto 23rd St. -30
Central Park West, divide the house by 10, then +60
Columbus Ave. +60
Convent Ave. +127
Lenox Ave. +110
Lexington Ave. +22
Madison Ave. +26
Park Ave. +35
Park Ave. South +8
Riverside Drive, divide by 10, then (to 165th St.) +72
St. Nicholas Ave. +110
West End Ave. +60

If it seems too complicated, here is a quick calculator:

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