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La Fifth Avenue it is the most famous street in New York, renowned all over the world, along which you can admire three of its most famous buildings. At the end of the nineteenth century, high-class families had their houses built on this street, but when the traders moved further north they too did the same. Today it is the most popular destination for shopping.

Along Fifth Avenue there are several places not to be missed:

  • Grand army plaza: this large square is dominated by the Plaza Hotel (very famous for being the set of many films including Mamma I took the plane) built in 1907 and by the statue of General Sherman (famous American general of the Civil War, successor of the equally known General Grant, leader of the Unionist armies of the southwest). Here it is possible to get on the carriages to go around the park.
  • Tiffany: certainly it is worth visiting, as it is equally certain, it is not for all budgets to go shopping in the most exclusive jewelry in New York and not only made famous by the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Capote.
  • Trump Tower: at the intersection with the 56th street a true symbol of wealth and the most unbridled consumerism. If you can't imagine the effect of a 5-story-high cascade of water in an immense and glittering atrium of golden walls and red and pink marble… well, step inside! Trump Tower is home to exclusive apartments, overpriced boutiques, and more.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral: designed in 1878 by James Renwick Jr. and finished a year later, it is certainly the most famous Catholic church in New York. In the French Gothic-style cathedral there are bronze doors, the canopy that dominates the upper altar, the Lady Chapel and the rose window to admire. With its mystical stillness it offers a striking contrast with the rhythms of city life just a few meters away, especially during rush hour (the so-called "rush hour").
  • New York Public Library: the famous library inaugurated in 1911 is located on the corner of 40 and 42nd and is one of the most classic examples of Beaux Arts style. It is one of the most important libraries in the United States and contains approximately 8,5 million titles.

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