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It is the old arrival point for trains and ferries, now converted into a huge center dedicated to the culinary arts. In fact, San Francisco is a city renowned for its cuisine and above all for the attention it pays to organic foods and new trends in food & beverage.

Il Ferry Building Marketplace it is an unmissable attraction where you can spend a few hours among restaurants and shops that sell food not only local, but also taken from the best gastronomic traditions in the world (let's not forget that San Francisco, just like all cities in the USA, was a land of migrants) .

Very interesting are the markets of farmers (Ferry Plaza Farmers Market), the farmers who on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays sell their organic products (at km 0) together with all kinds of culinary specialties such as parmesan, jams, buffalo mozzarella, fresh bread, etc. a situation that for an American must really seem like the mecca of taste.

The market is inside the historic “Ferry Building” at the foot of Market Street, where large and small shops celebrate food in all its forms, selling a bit of everything, from artisan cheese to the freshest of local fish.

Hours opening hours vary from shop to shop.

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