Favignana: how to get there, what to see and the most beautiful beaches

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This sicilian island is famous for its crystal clear waters, rocky coasts, caves and caves on the coast. It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Sicily, with heavenly backdrops for lovers of diving and snorkeling. It is a much loved destination for its charm also given by the uncontaminated nature that characterizes it.
It was called Favognana, a term that is "Favonio", a warm west wind, decisive for the very mild climate, perfect for a relaxing and seaside holiday.
Here is a guide on Favignana: how to get there, what to see and the most beautiful beaches.


  1. Where it is
  2. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  3. How to get to Favignana and how to get around
  4. 10 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  5. Where to eat in Favignana: the best restaurants
  6. Nightlife: what to do in the evening in Favignana
  7. How much does a holiday in Favignana cost? Prices, offers and advice
  8. User questions and comments

Where it is

It is the largest island of the Egadi, the archipelago is made up of various islets. The largest, after Favignana, are Marettimo and Levanzo. The island is located on the west coast of Sicily, about 7 km, between Trapani and Marsala. The island's population has 3.407 inhabitants. The island has the characteristic shape of a butterfly, surrounded by mostly rocky coasts, but there are also beaches. The closest airport to the island is Trapani Birgi or Palermo-Punta Raisi.

When to go? Info on climate and best time

  • Weather: Mediterranean type, warm and temperate. Temperatures range from 8 ° in February to 31 ° in August. Summer is very hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy, and cold spells are rare.
  • Best time: in summer, from June to September, perfect for a beach holiday. For excursions, however, April and May are more suitable, as the temperature is a bit cooler. In June the sea is still a bit cool, while in October its temperature is still 22 °.
  • Period to avoid: the months of January and February are the coldest and the wettest, however the temperatures remain mild. Avoid August if you don't like confusion.
  • Advice: the island is flat and to visit it comfortably we advise you to rent a scooter or a bicycle with pedal assistance. Don't miss the boat tour of the island. Being almost rocky, don't forget the shoes for the rocks and the inevitable sunscreen.

How to get to Favignana and how to get around

  • How to get to Favignana: the nearest airports are Trapani-Birgi or Palermo-Falcone Borsellino - Voi starting from € 26,00 -.
    From Birgi you can reach the port via the AST bus (€ 4,90 for the port of Trapani - € 2,70 for Marsala). From Palermo, with the Segesta line, to the port of Trapani it costs € 8,00. From here you will reach the island by hydrofoil with the companies Lybertylines, Siremar or Usticalines. The single ride costs € 11,62 and takes about 40 minutes. Or you can opt for a private transfer from Palermo airport to Favignana.
  • How to get around in Favignana: the island is small, however there are coves far from the center and you can travel comfortably by bike or scooter. The center can be visited on foot, and in the vicinity there are also beautiful coves and attractions to visit.

10 things to see: beaches and places of interest

  1. Cala Azzurra: in the name it is indicative of the color of the water that characterizes this wonderful cove, one of the main and among the most beautiful. The coast is rocky, with sandy stretches, easily accessible. The water remains low for several meters making it suitable for children as well.
  2. Cala Rossa: crystal clear water, rocky coast. It involves a rather steep descent to access it for this reason not suitable for families with children. Perfect for snorkeling and diving.
  3. Bue Marino: descent to the sea in the middle of tuff quarries, where the contrast between the white of the quarries and the crystalline sea makes this place unique. A true paradise for snorkelers and divers. The water is immediately high and there can be strong currents, not really suitable for children.
  4. Horse stopover: not far from a tuff quarry, a cave dug from the inside that will leave you breathless. A terrace overlooking the sea highlights the contrast of colors. The cove is easy to reach, there are little jagged rocks and small natural pools also suitable for children.
  5. Roman pools (San Giovanni): characterized by natural pools formed by tuff excavations. They are actually among the oldest excavations on the island. There is a beach that offers various services.
  6. Cala San Nicola: cove where you can find both sand and rocks. The crystal clear water stays low and makes it suitable even for children. The beach offers various services to enjoy a perfect day at the beach.
  7. Lido Burrone: the largest beach on the island. The seabed remains low and the water is crystal clear. The beach is equipped with various services, perfect for families.
  8. Cala Rotonda: a landing place for snorkelers. It is characterized by rocks that emerge from the turquoise sea. Very suggestive.
  9. Colle Santa Caterina: the only mountain on the island, with a fortress on top, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of the island. Reachable by car up to a certain point, and then continue on foot. The path is a bit tiring, it's really worth it!
  10. Former Florio factory and turtle hospital: the ancient tonnara, very close to the center, has now become a museum that allows you to relive the history of the island. There is a room where you can listen to interviews with former employees of the plant. Adjacent to this is the sea turtle recovery center, where you can take your children.

Where to eat in Favignana: the best restaurants

  1. Food Chat Wine Seafront Restaurant: suggestive place at sunset, offers typical Sicilian cuisine.
    Average price per person: € 15,00
    Address and contacts: Contrada Pozzo Vecchio (Get directions) / tel: 388 1881046/0923 925050
  2. Cunzatu bread from Robertino: street food for a quick lunch with the best cunzato bread on the island.
    Average price per person: € 10,00
    Address and contacts: Cala Rossa (Get directions)
  3. Cave Bianche Restaurant: it is located inside a tuff quarry, in addition to the suggestive place, the cuisine is typical and refined.
    Average price per person: € 35,00
    Address and contacts: contrada Punta Fanfalo, 1 (Get directions) / tel: 0923 925451

Nightlife: what to do in the evening in Favignana

The Favignanese nightlife takes place in the alleys of the small town, where there are many clubs. Here you can spend a pleasant evening between a drink, a walk among the artisan stalls you can breathe a truly peaceful atmosphere. Usually, especially in August, parties or evenings of live music are organized. On August th, the party is organized in the main square with DJs animating the evening.

The best pubs, clubs and discos

  • Monique concept bar: one of the coolest places on the island, where you can have a drink while listening to music.
    Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, 18 (Get directions) / Facebook page
  • La Costa Sunset Bar & Bistrot: famous for excellent aperitifs by the sea. Organize evenings with live music.
    Address: str. Costeria di mezzogiorno, 9 (Get directions) / Facebook page
  • Movida 2.0: it is the smallest place on the island, here you can sip an excellent cocktail and spend a pleasant evening.
    Address: via Roma (Get directions) / Facebook page

How much does a holiday in Favignana cost? Prices, offers and advice

Being a tourist island it is not easy to find cheap restaurants and hotels. Certainly to save money it is good to organize the trip with advance notice. The airport lines are served by low cost airlines which, if booked well in advance, can have moderate costs even in high season. Booking the hotel, b & b or apartment in advance also allows you to save, even reaching € 30,00 per person.

June and September are the best times to save and you will still enjoy the beautiful days of the sea.
On the island we advise you to travel by bike, the rental of a day costs € 8,00 or if with pedal assistance € 10,00, maximum € 15,00 in high season. If you are two you can opt for a scooter (€ 20,00 per day). At the port you will find many charterers. Besides there is also an excellent taxi service (speedy taxi) which offers the service 24 hours a day, € 24 each way.

  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -
  • Flights to Trapani starting from € 79,00 -

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