Fauna and Flora in Formentera

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Fauna and Flora in Formentera

We have repeated it several times that Formentera is a truly special island. Just think about the fact that it can only be reached by sea. Since the 70s it has been the destination of many artists and people who have always wanted to support eco-sustainable tourism. Formentera is truly a small natural earthly paradise starting from the crystalline and transparent sea, thanks to the presence of Posidonia Oceanica prairie. But let's go and find out more about the flora and fauna of this island.

Most of the vegetation on the island is characterized by the presence of pines (hence the name, together with Ibiza, of Pitiuse Islands) and woods of sabines. The latter is the Formentera tree par excellence: it is a small shrub that adapts perfectly to the type of soil of the island, which is particularly arid and rocky. This type of tree was also used in the past to build various handicrafts. Rainfall in Formentera is scarce therefore the vegetation is similar to that of the Mediterranean scrub.

As for the fauna in Formentera there are different species of birds, flamingos and also a different aquatic fauna. The reptiles of Formentera are particularly interesting, in particular the lizard which is also the symbol of the island. To remain in the land species there are also the rabbit, the hedgehog, the mouse and the dormouse. In addition, there are more than 40 bird species in Formentera. Most of them can be seen in the artificial salt water lake. It takes about 1 hour to complete it all. It is very nice to walk and observe the surrounding landscape.

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