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    Famous landmarks and streets of New York

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    New York is dotted with monuments and famous streets that have made it famous all over the world, becoming true symbols of the city. In this section you will find useful information to visit or even just "spot" the most famous. Here's what not to miss. PS: we have dedicated a special section to skyscrapers, you can find them all here.

    Times Square in New York: how to experience the myth of Broadway

    Who among us can say that we have never seen any image of Times Square, even without knowing it? The news, artistic photographs (does Alfred Eisenstaedt's "VJ Day in Times Square" tell you anything?), Commercials of all kinds, cinema scenes (from Vanilla Sky to Spider Man to Birdman), videos on Youtube and all new ...

    Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: tips for organizing a visit

    Bernardo Pacini

    What would a trip to New York be without a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? Raise your hand if you would give up getting on a ferry to sail to the foot of the proud, mammoth monument-symbol of the great American metropolis, or who would say "no!" at the prospect of a walk on Ellis Island, a historic islet which, for many years, was the last ...

    9/11 Memorial: visit the Ground Zero Memorial

    Visiting the 9/11 Memorial, the memorial to the victims of the September 11 2001 attack, is probably the most touching experience you can have in New York. Arriving at Ground Zero, it is impossible not to be moved by the 2 large bases that once formed the foundations of the twin towers, which today have become 2 large mirrored tubs called in a poetic and eloquent way "Reflecting Absence". Where yes ...

    Rockefeller Center New York: what to see among shops, skyscrapers and skating rink

    Filippo Nardelli

    Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 buildings that can easily be defined as a city within a city. Visiting it you will have the opportunity to discover many of the most famous attractions of the Big Apple, starting from the panoramic terrace of the Top of the Rock, from which you can admire one of the most popular New York skylines. Rockefeller Center ...

    Brooklyn Bridge: how to visit it on foot or with an organized tour

    Marianna Licia and Paolo

    Today we dedicate ourselves to one of those attractions that have now fully entered the iconographic imagination of New York together with the Statue of Liberty, Times Square or the Empire State Building ... we are talking about the Brooklyn Bridge, of which we will try to give you all the necessary information to visit it: from how to organize to cross it on foot to all the organized tours available….

    Fifth Avenue in New York: itinerary of shops and attractions not to be missed

    Bernardo Pacini

    Which is the main street in New York, the most famous of all? Simple, Fifth Avenue: you will find this generic (and somewhat approximate!) Tourist information on all the guides. But can Fifth Avenue be defined as just a street for shopping in New York? Anyone who has been to New York can safely say that a walk on the sidewalk ...

    Ground Zero and World Trade Center: how to visit the places of 11/XNUMX

    Chiara Musco

    September 11 (9/11, according to the American way of writing dates) is one of those days that changed history: if you were already born in 2001, you will probably remember where you were and what you were doing when the Italian news they launched an extraordinary edition, and the infamous images of the smoking Twin Towers went around the world. The distance…

    Wall Street: itinerary in the heart of the Financial District of Lower Manhattan

    Flora Lufrano

    Ladies in suits with a coffee in hand walking quickly, elegant employees talking on the phone and trying to avoid tourists to get to their office as quickly as possible ... we are on Wall Street, in the southern part of the island of Manhattan, in the neighborhood probably the most famous financial company in the world. Here we find the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve ...

    Grand Central Terminal: how to visit the most beautiful station in New York

    Marianna Licia and Paolo

    We are in the eclectic New York City, more precisely at 89 East & 42nd Street in the midwest of Manhattan. This is the official address of Grand Central Terminal station (also called Grand Central, The Terminal and GCT) not to be confused with Grand Central Station, a post office located at 450 Lexington Ave. We don't have any tickets and don't even have to buy any. ; ...

    St. Patrick Cathedral: what to see in the Catholic Cathedral of New York

    Flora Lufrano

    Among the concrete and glass skyscrapers, the splendid St. Patrick's Cathedral stands out for its beauty and magnificence. Located in the heart of New York and surrounded by tall, modern buildings, this late XNUMXth century neo-Gothic church welcomes worshipers and tourists from all over the world every day. Useful information St. Patrick's Cathedral is located…

    Trinity Church in New York: the historic church of the Wall Street district

    Flora Lufrano

    In the financial district of New York there are not only skyscrapers: at the end of one of the most famous streets in Manhattan, Wall Street, the Episcopal Trinity Church welcomes visitors with its high neo-Gothic bell tower. Sitting between the benches of the church you will feel a little at home and you will be able to regain the necessary energy to go back to the hectic ...

    Madison Square Garden: Events and tours available in New York's historic arena

    Filippo Nardelli

    With its 130-year history, Madison Square Garden has hosted events that have entered the history of American sports and entertainment. From concerts to sporting events every day there is always something to see in the “Garden” as it is nicknamed by New Yorkers. Here the New York Knicks play their home games in the NBA and the Rangers in the…

    Radio City Music Hall: Shows, events and tours in one of New York's historic theaters

    Filippo Nardelli

    Among the historic buildings of New York, Radio City Music Hall is undoubtedly one of the most famous, just remember that it is nicknamed The Showplace of the Nation. The splendid art deco interiors are a real feast for the eyes and help to offer a unique experience to those who decide to attend one of the many events ...

    New York Public Library: Ghostbusters library guide

    Flora Lufrano

    Between 5th Avenue and 42nd Street there is one of the most important and representative historic buildings in New York: the Schwarzman Building or more simply the New York Public Library. Symbol par excellence of culture made available free of charge to all, the building dates back to 1911 and, in spite of the other nearby skyscrapers, its charm captivates visitors and New Yorkers ...

    The United Nations Headquarters in New York: how to get there and advice for a guided tour

    Flora Lufrano

    Did you know that New York truly offers everything, even the possibility of walking internationally? That's right: just go to Manhattan on 1st Avenue between East 42nd and East 48th Street, to find yourself out of US soil, that is, in the area that belongs to the United Nations Organization, which since 1952 has housed the complex of buildings home to the most important world organization ...

    Cathedral of Saint John the Divine: symbolism and majesty in the New York Cathedral

    Flora Lufrano

    If St. Patrick Cathedral has amazed you, St. John the Divine will leave you speechless. It is believed to be the largest Protestant church in the United States and, according to many, even the largest in the world. It is located in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in New York and is certainly among the main things to see in Harlem, along with the Apollo Theater and…

    Oculus New York: how to visit Calatrava's impressive work and the Westfield World Trade Center

    Flora Lufrano

    The World Trade Center Transportation Hub, commonly called Oculus, has become one of the icons of New York thanks to its eclecticism, grandeur and the symbolic value it evokes with its particular shape: a white dove about to take off free flight. The location of this station, today among the most visited in Manhattan, is no coincidence: yes ...

    Hudson Yards and The Vessel: guide to the visit

    Filippo Nardelli

    Inaugurated on March 15, 2019, The Vessel is an architectural structure with a definitely unusual shape that cannot fail to attract the curiosity of tourists visiting the city of New York. Costing more than 150 million dollars, according to some it is the answer of the American city to the Eiffeil Tower in Paris and aims, over time, to become ...

    Columbus Circle: the zero kilometer of New York

    Flora Lufrano

    If you are in Manhattan, you will probably pass through Columbus Circle Square on the southwest corner of Central Park. This circular square is famous not only for having the statue of Christopher Columbus in the center, from which it takes its name, but also for being the point from which all official distances from New are measured ...

    Central Park's Bethesda Terrace and Fountain: the heart of New York's park

    Flora Lufrano

    One of the most iconic and famous spots in Central Park in New York? Bethesda Terrace, with its two levels, stairways, arches and the beautiful Bethesda Fountain. Whatever the route you have decided to take to visit Central Park and whatever your starting point, Bethesda Terrace will be a fundamental stop that does not ...

    Belvedere Castle in Central Park: New York Castle

    Flora Lufrano

    Did you know that there is also a castle inside Central Park? Yes, Belvedere Castle has been observing New York's famous park from the XNUMXs or more or less from the creation of the park itself. It was the architects of the park who wanted a panoramic point that harmonized with the surrounding nature and was surprising at the same time….

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