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It's early October 2017 and at a family dinner we decide that? it's time to go on a trip all together: me, my husband, my 2 and a half year old son Andrea, my brother, my sister-in-law and my parents.

Among the various destinations recommended by the Agency we choose the trip of our dreams: the USA Parks. What? Let's start by booking the flights immediately and stopping them at a fairly affordable price, 900 euros per person including child.

The doubts are many and mainly concern the way in which my son Andrea behaves? during the trip (maybe it's just a few 2 years for a trip like this?) and my sister-in-law's lactose intolerance who, in a country where milk and butter are practically everywhere, takes a while? gives anxiety. Despite everything and thanks also to the support of a fantastic travel agency in Monza specialized in trips to the United States, we reassure ourselves and plan everything down to the smallest detail.

1 day

Finally arrives August 9, 2018, we are thrilled: 15 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Let's go.

Given the quantity? industrial luggage, we rent a van with driver that, from the town where we live in the province of Monza Brianza, takes us to Linate airport. IS? the dawn why? the flight leaves at 7.15 so we are a bit? asleep, in fact when we arrive at Linate my parents realize that they have left their hand luggage outside the house. Well yes? right outside the door. Let's get off to a good start! Fortunately, the driver manages to go back, load it and bring it back to Linate before the plane leaves.

After a stopover in Frankfurt, including a bit? of time at the playground in the Transfer area for Andrea, and a very long flight during which my son, between cartoons, games and naps,? been an angel, we finally land in San Francisco at 13.00pm local time.

We make a very long queue at passport control during which Andrea takes the opportunity to take a nap and finally, at 15.00 pm, we leave the airport. We take two taxis and have us taken to our hotel near Union Square to drop off our luggage and prepare the Queen Size bed for Andrea with the travel rail, which we brought from home, in the eventuality? that you collapse exhausted. (It is very difficult to find camping beds for children in the USA, so equip yourself with a side rail and lots of cushions).

We are now ready for a little walk in this wonderful city. We go to see the square and then go down towards Powell and Market Cable Car Turnaround, the terminus where the driver of the vehicle operates a manual switch to reverse the route of the Cable Car: what a thrill. An icy breeze starts to get up and despite being only 18.00 we are starving so? returning to Union Square we look for a restaurant for dinner. We eat well with Ribs that melt in your mouth even if the bill? quite salty ($ 40 each).

Andrea, as expected, falls asleep even skipping dinner and wakes up directly the next morning at 6 o'clock very hungry. Fortunately in the US to find food early in the morning is not it? not a problem at all.

2 day

After a bad breakfast that cost $ 114, we all find ourselves in my parents' room and here we receive wonderful news: my brother and my sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl. We will become uncles. Loaded and happy as never before we leave for the first real visit of the city? .

We immediately head to the Powell Street Cable Car stop, buy tickets and after a good 30 minute queue we go up. Hanging on the Cable Car? one of those things to try at least once in life. We had a great time.

Our destination? Fisherman Wharf. Having a child of only two years before leaving we had decided, reluctantly, to skip the visit to Alcatraz perhaps a little? too boring for him. We prefer to take a walk among the characteristic shops and visit the famous Pier 39 with its sea lions, which Andrea liked very much.
For lunch we decide to try a well-known restaurant specializing in shrimp: nothing special but the atmosphere? very nice so I recommend to try it at least once. Can Andrea eat a little too? of mac and cheese that is almost always found in the men? restaurant children.

Unfortunately, despite being a big glutton, in America he had a hard time adapting to food (coming from one of the countries with the best cuisine in the world certainly doesn't help) until my husband and I, after a short chat, to make him eat we resigned to the idea that for 15 days he would eat junk and so on? go fried (fried chicken, fried fish, chips, etc.) Unfortunately for them there is no ?? more. To make him eat healthy food again, we would have thought about our return to Italy.

After lunch we take two taxis and we first take us to the Golden Gate for the usual photos, even if with a bit? of fog, and then to Lombard Street. We let ourselves be left at the top and we walk through it. What to say, ? beautiful even if very busy.

From here we proceed towards Chinatown, we cross it all, until we reach the famous? Chinatown Gate ?. IS? everyone liked it except my mom. In my opinion ? a stop not to be missed why? ? very characteristic with all those little shops with Chinese signs and exhibits of all kinds of the series? we have seen things that you humans cannot even imagine ?. What did my mom dislike? was just the very questionable cleanliness of the shops. What instead? did we like it? that a moment before you are in America and as soon as you set foot in Chinatown you find yourself in China: apart from the tourists there are only Chinese. Fantastic!

View Chinatown, we head to a shopping center to buy a seat to put on our rental van that we will collect tomorrow, with the vain hope that Andrea will take a nap in his stroller along the way. For 40 dollars we can get a good deal and go back to the hotel (renting a car seat at the car rental for such a long holiday is not worth it in the least).

We are very tired so we opt to have dinner in a restaurant there? close, hoping that Andrea will be able to have his first dinner on American soil. The service instead? very slow and Andrea collapses on the table before his plate arrives. We eat badly and quickly go back to the hotel to put Andrea to bed.

3 day

The next morning, August 11, 2018, after an excellent breakfast we take the luggage and while the men go to collect the Van at the car rental there. close, I begin to feel the blows of lactose intolerance. I feel terrible, do I think about it? that I ate for breakfast and I discover the culprit: some delicious slices of toasted bread on a plate full of butter (despite having communicated my problem to the waitress). In America, unfortunately, they are not at all equipped to manage people with lactose intolerance problems, often they did not even know what it was, so I arm myself with a lot of patience and I prepare myself psychologically to eat poorly and little for the whole holiday.

Shall we delay a bit? the departure until? I'm not better then finally everyone on the Van Destination Yosemite National Park. We stop at the first gas station to buy the famous polystyrene box that will accompany us? for the whole trip and the bags of ice to keep the water cool.

We leave again hoping for the best, given that the news about the fires that are hitting Yosemite Park are not very comforting but we are confident that we will be able to see at least part of them.

After 3 hours we arrive at the park entrance and the smell of burning? very intense, we read the sign and together with other travelers we discover that Yosemite Valley (our destination)? closed due to fires and that will reopen? to the public in 2 days. Disappointed and sad for the fires that are ravaging this wonder we get back on the Van, we stop for lunch in a very nice place, saloon style complete with darts, and we order: hot dogs and chips for Andrea, Hamburger for all the others while for me a very sad salad dressed only with salt and seed oil (just to avoid the risk). Food, as always,? bad and not cheap at all.

At this point we head directly to Oakhurst, where we will stop for the night. Forced to make a detour, again due to the fire, we cross some very dilapidated remote villages with shabby houses and classic cars to be demolished in the gardens: would this be the Great America?

We arrive at the hotel and after unloading the luggage we decide to split up: my husband, Andrea and my brother are getting ready for a dip in the pool from which my son will return? ecstatic as my sister-in-law and I head to the supermarket to buy food for the next day's packed lunch. Given the very high prices of the restaurants, the quality? often scarce food and given the problems linked to lactose it seems to us the best choice.

Do we find some bread without milk, some vegan cheese for me and my sister-in-law, various snacks, something for breakfast and very questionable cold cuts for? in a foreign country you fit with us? what's up ??.

Returning to the hotel we see an Italian restaurant and with the intention of eating something? Healthy? to Andrea we decide, albeit with some reluctance, to try. How much ever! There was absolutely nothing Italian; I think I can say with certainty that this was our worst dinner ever during the holiday accompanied by a hysterical scene from Andrea after tasting the pasta. What? we go back to the hotel, we prepare a sandwich for Andrea just to make him eat something and then everyone goes to bed.

4 day

On the morning of 12/08/18 we wake up early and after breakfast we leave for Sequoia National Park. After a 2-hour drive we finally enter the Park, we buy the Annual Pass (very convenient for those like us who will visit more parks during their vacation). We go to the Kings Canyon Visitor Center, near the entrance from which we entered, to ask for information on what is best to visit. Staff ? very knowledgeable and kind. They tell us that the pi? tourist is located near the Lodgepole Visitor Center. We get back on the Van and decide to head first to our lodge (always inside the Sequoia NP) to leave the suitcases and then, on the advice of the park ranger, take advantage of the convenient free shuttle service.

We cross a spectacular forest that makes us anticipate what we will see once we arrive at our destination. It takes us 45 minutes to arrive at the splendid lodge furnished in mountain style and here we discover that our rooms are not ready yet. we leave the luggage, including food, at the reception (in the car you can not leave anything because there is the danger that the bears, smelling the food, destroy everything), we eat a nice sandwich and wait for the arrival of the shuttle right in the parking lot of the lodge.

First stop? Sherman Tree Trail ?. Let's put Andrea in the pouch and take this beautiful walk in the midst of majestic Sequoias up to the famous General Sherman:? huge. The walk? quiet and we immediately realize that the park? well organized and well cared for. Let's retrace our steps and wait for the next shuttle to go to the next stop: Moro Rock Trail.

IS? a fairly short walk but a bit? pi? challenging than the previous one and not suitable for those who, like me, suffer from vertigo. I arrive in the middle? then the height starts to bother me and I go back to keep my mom company, yes? stop on the bench at the very beginning of the staircase. Andrea and the others get to the top and assure me that the view? spectacular.

We queue to get on the next shuttle that heads towards Crescent Meadow passing through Tunnel Log, a trunk of Sequoia fallen into which? a tunnel was dug; we do not go down but the shuttle driver on the way explains a lot of interesting things and shows us some very beautiful redwoods.

Coming back he stops in front of the Giant Forest path and here we are very torn: we like this park so much and we would like to do this path too but the time of the stop at the shuttle runs is approaching and given the quantity? of people in the queue we do not feel like risking so, reluctantly we go back to the Lodge.

Is it 17.30 pm, Andrea? he was very good but in the pouch he did not have the opportunity to sleep so? we decide to book dinner at the Lodge for 18.30pm to avoid the risk of going to bed again without dinner but?

The restaurant ? small and the guests are many then the manager tells us that there is no ?? place until 22.30pm. We are thrilled, but with a little? of insistence, despite the lack of cooperation from the lady, we manage to convince her to find us a table to dine immediately. Yes, at 17.30 pm: we basically have a snack. We should have reserved a table as soon as we arrived but now? useless to think about it.

How in all the rest of the places visited, fortunately, the service? slow so in the end the dishes arrive at the table at about 18.30. Could it have been worse and to our surprise the food? also excellent; we have dinner with trout, boiled rice served as a side dish and roast potatoes. Andrea licks his mustache, we finally found something he likes.

Very satisfied we go to the reception to retrieve our bags and go to our rooms. The structure, even if dated like all the others in which we stayed overnight, we like it very much why? ? totally immersed in nature. The air? sparkling but there? it doesn't stop my brother and sister-in-law from going out to enjoy the view of a wonderful sky full of stars. What a show!

While Andrea lets off steam playing a bit? on the bed we calculate the kilometers that separate us from the next stage and thinking back to the day just passed we all agree in saying that one more day? in this park, with cos? so much to offer, we would have gladly spent it. Even just to do things a bit? pi? calmly and at the rhythm of a child, despite Andrea being the most? happy and active with the group.

5 day

In the morning we all meet in my parents' room, have breakfast, load our luggage and get ready to face a demanding stage. We have to go through Three Rivers, continue on road 198, take 155 and finally 178: it takes almost 7 hours by car to get to Death Valley.

IS? a very scenic road that allows us to see beautiful landscapes but full of curves so a bit? slow; as if there? not enough, Andrea thinks that this is the right day to launch false toilet alarms every half hour. Fortunately, before leaving, we bought some fantastic disposable potties online which will be very useful in this stage. With all these breaks the hours of travel inevitably get longer, so we arrive at our destination at 17.00 in the afternoon.

The Death Valley landscape has nothing to do with the rest of the landscapes encountered; seems to be on the moon. We immediately see the Sand Dunes and we are fascinated. IS? wonderful! The only flaw is the 50 degrees and the very hot wind that blows relentlessly: to die for.

We check-in at the Ranch where we booked, leave our luggage and go to see Zabriskie Point. IS? a magical place, with beautiful colors: the time of sunset is approaching, the rocks and the sand take that red / orange color that I love (Thanks Andrea for delaying our arrival). Let's go back to the Van gasping, the heat? unbearable, almost fainting. I would also like to go see Dante? S View but Andrea, after all those hours of travel, begins to be tired and the fear of having to dine again at strange times, makes us decide to go back.

We book dinner for 19.00 o'clock at a hotel restaurant 5 minutes from our Ranch. IS? a refined place and even here we are amazed why? the food ? really good and, with the possibility? to choose grilled fish, both Andrea and my sister-in-law, with our intolerance, we are calm.

6 day

In the morning we get up early and, before leaving Death Valley and heading to Las Vegas, we decide to visit Dante? S View. This View Point, from which you can admire the whole valley, including the Badwater area (therefore the highest and lowest point),? enchanting. At this time then, it's about 8.30 in the morning, isn't there? none and it's not even too hot. We stay here for almost 40 minutes to admire the landscape and take pictures while Andrea has fun chasing dragonflies, then we get back in the car destination Las Vegas.

We cross an endless road without meeting a living soul for kilometers (it is always advisable to have the car tank at least halfway because there are often no gas stations for hours) and, after 2 hours and 30 minutes of travel we arrive in the famous city.

We go to the hotel that is very reminiscent of our Venice, we leave our luggage in the fantastic suite and go out in search of a restaurant where to eat a bite. In the hotel in front of ours we find a saloon-style restaurant, the portions are too abundant but the taste of the burritos doesn't? bad. Sated we head towards the exit with the intention of going along the Strip and arriving at the fountains to admire the famous show.

Along the way we meet some Italian guys who let us know of the existence of a shuttle that runs along the entire Strip, stopping in front of every hotel. We thank them very much for the suggestion but, despite the oppressive heat, we continue on foot hoping that Andrea dozes off a bit? in the stroller. We arrive at the fountains and watch the short show, nice but definitely better in the evening all lit up.
Let's hang around a little longer? inside the most popular hotels famous then we go back to our suites for a nap break.

In the evening, since we are all still full, we decide to skip dinner (even Andrea prefers to eat only an ice cream) and we immediately head in front of our hotel to admire the spectacle of the volcano. IS? impressive and my son appreciates it very much. We go back to the fountains, walking in the crowd. Here c?? an incredible crowd of people but we manage to find a free corner and enjoy the illuminated water games. What? ? a whole other thing.

We go back tired to the hotel, we make a very short visit to the slots where we try to play symbolically 20 dollars, you never know, we lose in less than 5 seconds (well we will be lucky in love) and we go straight to the room.

IS? a city? definitely very chaotic and completely built for? in our opinion, at least once in a lifetime? to be seen.

7 day

On the morning of 15/8/18 we leave Las Vegas and go to Zion National Park: a park characterized by a deep gorge carved by the Virgin River. It takes us 2 hours and 30 to arrive, we leave the van in one of the parking lots outside the park, have lunch and take the shuttle that takes us from Springdale to the entrance. We ask the ranger at the entrance for the nearest paths. nice to do with a child and we head towards the next shuttle that will take us, along the Scenic Drive, to the last stop.

The landscape ? incredible, the road winds through imposing red mountains surrounded by lush and verdant vegetation. You feel tiny in front of this beauty of nature: an indescribable emotion.

We get off at the last stop? Temple of Sinawava? to walk the path called? Riverside Walk ?. IS? a walk of about 30/40 minutes to go and 20 to return, quite simple and during which we meet, to the delight of Andrea, many squirrels who, not at all afraid, come very close to us. At the end, do we get Andrea out of the pouch to allow him to stretch a bit? legs and to let dad rest? and then we go back.

We take the shuttle back and arrive at? Zion Lodge? where we divide: my mother and my sister-in-law, given the fatigue, stay with Andrea in a large lawn near the shuttle stop while the four of us go to the Emerald Pool Trail: this too simple but very beautiful. We take a lot of photos then we go back, we have a fairly sustained pace so that between going and going back we are only 40 minutes away.

Is it getting late then? we return to Springdale to retrieve the van and here, right in front of the shuttle stop, we find a beautiful deer intent on eating a bit? of leaves in a flowerbed. Andrew ? very happy and will speak? of the deer throughout the evening.

It is a 35 minute drive to the Ranch we booked on Mount Carmel. To get there, we cross a breathtaking road: Zion-Mountain Carmel Highway. The Ranch? very beautifull, ? consisting of many wooden huts with a view of horses or buffaloes. IS? certainly one of the most? suggestive where we sleep during our vacation.

Is it cold then? we cover up very well and head to the Ranch restaurant for dinner. The specialty? local ? the buffalo steak which costs about 60 dollars per dish and the buffalo burger for 20 dollars. Some take the steak and others the pi? cheap burger but honestly for the quality ratio? / price it is absolutely not worth it (better our Florentine).
Once back in the room, we look at the photos taken and we realize that we would have liked to have stayed here one more day as well.

8 day

On the morning of 16/08/18 we leave for Bryce Canyon. C ?? only 1 hour and 30 minutes by road to reach your destination. As usual we leave the Van outside the park and take the free shuttle that will take us? directly, without intermediate stops, to Bryce Point.

The show that presents itself to our eyes has the extraordinary, the particularity? of this park are a series of amphitheaters, which extend for kilometers, made up of many pillars of red rock. From this vantage point we decide to continue on foot towards Inspiration Point along the Rim Trail for about 2,5 kilometers. Let's put Andrea in the pouch and let's go.

The path ? mainly flat, with some descents and very few climbs therefore suitable for everyone,? very panoramic in fact it allows to see these amphitheaters from various perspectives for ?, c ?? to report that in some places? quite exposed. For me, who suffer from vertigo, have any points been a bit? hard but ne? worth it.

From Inspiration Point we take the shuttle again to Sunset Point: here me, my mom and Andrea can we relax a bit? playing in the meadow while the others decide to walk the Navajo Loop Trail, a path of about 1 hour that descends into the Canyon gorge (since the first part is a bit exposed I prefer to avoid: for today I have already given).

The fearless return satisfied, we take the shuttle back to the visitor center and then we go out. We sum up the day and we all conclude by saying that, although this park is very impressive, among those we have seen so far, the most? repetitive. Let's say what about here 1 day? pi? that's enough.

We head to the hotel where we dive a little? in the pool, to Andrea's delight. At 18.20 we take our seats to see a Rodeo show right next to the hotel: cute more? what else for children; for adults, after the first 15 minutes, it becomes a bit? boring. Probably? a rodeo pi? what else tourist, perhaps to see something more? electrifying? pi? it is advisable to travel to other States of America.

After the show we go to find a restaurant for dinner, we turn 3 before finding a table and we also have to wait 40 minutes why? get free. We eat very late and tired Andrea skips dinner again (luckily he had a great snack at 17.30). We've been here a while too? naive, we should have reserved a table somewhere before the rodeo. However, many have made the same mistake as us and when we leave the restaurant, around 22 pm, c ?? still people waiting for a table.

9 day

On 17/08/18 we wake up very early, we have 3,5 hours by car to get to Page where we booked the visit of Antelope Canyon for 12.45 (you have to show up 1 hour before and call back the previous day to reconfirm the reservation) .

We discover that inside you can not? bring anything: no bags, backpacks, baby carriers (only those with the child in the front position are allowed), no photo rods, devices in mode? video, in short, just a camera, water to hold in your hand, hat and cell phone.

This canyon? beautiful and the plays of light that are created on the rock are unforgettable. Our guide? very good and often helps us to take pictures in the right position. We leave this place ecstatic and get ready to see another wonderful place: Horseshoe Bend, not far from the Antelope.

We leave the van in the large parking lot, we help a man of nationality? Chinese to change a tire that has just been punctured and we face the path that will lead us? to the lookout point. The heat ? unbearable therefore? you must absolutely remember to bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen so as not to burn yourself. All? Going it takes a quarter of an hour at the most why? ? all downhill, the return? a little? pi? problematic why? ? all uphill, it sinks into the sand and? completely under the scorching sun, so? ? very tiring.

The view for? it pays off widely: seeing the Colorado River, with all those shades first blue, then blue to even green, which goes around this rock in the shape of a horse's hoof is incredible. IS? a memory that we will carry forever in our hearts.

Let's go to the hotel, let's vent a little? Andrea in the pool and then at 17.45 pm we start looking for a place to dine. We find a quaint place specializing in grilled meat complete with live country music and finally, together with Andrea, I taste the famous frayed pork: mouth-watering.

10 day

On 18/08/18 after a 2-hour drive we arrive at Monument Valley (here the Annual Pass, as for all the territories managed by the Indians, is not valid), we pay the entrance and we go to ask for information. This valley can you? visit with your own car (it is not advisable to do it with a 12-seater van like ours) following the panoramic dirt road that allows you to see a limited number of places, although still satisfactory, or with a Navajo guide on horseback or by jeep.

We choose the jeep that with the beauty of 450 dollars in 6 pi? will a child take us? for 2,5 hours, as well as in the most? along the Scenic Drive, even in other places otherwise not accessible. Did we have to haggle a bit? but it is still a nice expense, advice for? strongly to do the tour with them why? the places where they took us are wonderful and worth all the money spent: after all, you only live once.

We leave for the tour at 13.00, we stop immediately at Jhon Ford? S Point which offers a 360? of the whole valley. Wonderful! Then we go into the areas accessible only with the Navajo and the point pi? nice where do we stop? a cave with a hole in the upper part from which you can see the sky. Our guide makes us lie down on the cave wall looking up. C ?? already? another group and their guide is playing a harmonious melody on the flute creating a magical and surreal atmosphere. We will always remember this moment. After the tour we go to the hotel, we were lucky enough to find a place in the only hotel right inside the park and we are very satisfied with the choice why? watching the sunset from the comfort of your room balcony is priceless.

It is getting dark and in remembering the emotions experienced during the day just passed, we all agree that this maybe? was the landscape pi? amazing we've seen so far.

11 day

The next morning we head to the Grand Canyon, it takes almost 3 hours to arrive. We enter the South Rim, along the road that runs through the park there are many stops at strategic points to admire the panorama. We stop at 4 of the main points and nothing to do: sar? the light, will be the colors, will it be? the slight haze that c? today, sar? that yesterday we were at the Monument but we just don't like this Grand Canyon. What a disappointment!

We decide to leave the park early enough and head directly to Williams, where we will spend the night. It is a quaint little town in the Far West that stands on the famous? Route 66 ?. Not C?? a lot to see actually? mainly a street where there are saloons, typical Indian handicraft and souvenir shops. Nothing special but the 50s atmosphere that you breathe especially in the evening? very pretty.

After a swim in the pool at the hotel and after a quick trip to the supermarket for supplies we go to dinner: my parents, tired of eating meat, choose a classy restaurant with fish proposals, the 4 of us and Andrea instead go to the steak house pi? famous city. Shall we take the plate? For real men? consisting of huge portions of very good meat which, given the hunger, disappear quickly. We all go out very satisfied and take a walk along the street to dispose of; the temperature ? Great.

12 day

On 20/08/18 we leave Williams early, we expect an 8-hour journey on a very boring road that will lead us? up to Anaheim, home of the Disneyland children's amusement park.

Along the way we stop in Seligman, a small town on Route 66, which inspired the Cars cartoon. The impression, just arrived, is not it? of the best:? all very dusty, unkempt and dilapidated plus the only reference to the cartoon? a small souvenir shop which, in the space in front of the entrance, has positioned a tow truck reminiscent of Mater and some other toy car. We are very disappointed but luckily for Andrea to see Mater live? sufficient and? very happy.

We arrive in Anaheim in the late afternoon, take a dip in the pool and after dinner we go straight to bed, tomorrow we have a busy day and, finally, all for Andrea who in fact can't wait for the next day to arrive.

13 day

On 21/08/18 we head towards the amusement park, for 100 dollars each we take the tickets and enter. We are very excited and we immediately head to the castle, inside which there is one of the areas suitable for children. little ones: let's get on the horse merry-go-round immediately, on the spinning cups, on the Dumbo merry-go-round, take a quiet ride in the boat and so far so good; then we decide to try the carousel dedicated to Pinocchio. How much ever! The environment turns with a toy car that moves on a rail, inside? all very dark, the sounds are very strong and sudden, Andrea gets very scared and bursts into tears after which? does not want more? know to get on other rides. IS? disappointed, and so angry? falls asleep pouting in the stroller for 2 hours. Good! 6 adults in an amusement park for children: what to do? Let's try some more carousel in turn? adrenaline but they do not satisfy us at all. They last a few minutes and the lines, on the other hand, are endless. When Andrea wakes up we go to the Mickey Mouse village and have some fun here? doing 3 roller coaster rides suitable for his height.

Can we convince him to enter Mickey's house, though? terrified, he calms down when he realizes that not? a carousel but only the reproduction of his house where then in the end you can? take photo with the famous character. As soon as he sees him he smiles and beats him a 5 very happy. We go out and when we propose to return to the Van, why? we can't take it anymore, he doesn't have to repeat it twice.

In hindsight it would have been better to avoid this stage, Andrea did not appreciate practically anything, most of the rides? suitable for children more? large (in my opinion from 5 years upwards) and also the price of the ticket? really too high: Failed!

Let's go straight to Los Angeles. We arrive at 17.00 pm, take a dip in the pool and then go out to dinner in a steak house complete with a mechanical bull. Food is not? a great deal? but Andrea has a lot of fun seeing people falling from the bull, it seems he doesn't have it, and at the end of the dinner they offer us a huge cotton candy that in 7 we can't even finish.

14 day

The 23/08/18? dedicated to visiting the city; we pass through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive but this city? does not excite us at all cos? we decide to move to the Santa Monica Pier: here s? that ? beautiful!

The gym on the beach, the pier with the sign of the end of Route 66, the various street artists intent on offering their music to the public and the ocean: beautiful! Let's walk a little longer, then we go towards Malibu along a road that runs along the coast until we reach a fish restaurant right on the sea.
We eat very well, then we spend part of the afternoon on the beach where Andrea enjoys jumping in the waves and taking a quick bath in the ocean.

We go back to the hotel and after dinner we plan the stages of the next day, the last one before returning to Italy.

15 day

We wake up early, load our bags the last time and leave for the Griffith Observatory from which we take photos of the Hollywood sign. Then ? the vault of the Walk of Fame: very chaotic and a little disappointing. In short, not at all fascinated by this city? we head to the airport ready for the long journey that will bring us back? in Italy.

In conclusion: we will always carry with us the memory of this wonderful journey where nature has given us very strong emotions. Although it is a tiring journey, due to the tight schedule, the many hours by car and the quantity? of things to visit, it lends itself well to being done even with a child so? small. Perhaps in some places it would have been better to stay an extra day; we would have gladly skipped the part of the trip from Grand Canyon to Los Angeles to spend a few more moments. at Sequoia, at Zion or even in San Francisco itself. Andrew ? he was very good, yes? had a lot of fun especially in the parks where? was bewitched by animals and nature. Obviously ? well equip yourself bringing everything you need from home: bed rail, baby carrier, stroller, etc.
The life ? dear therefore? for lunch it is better to organize a packed lunch and if you want to save money? preferable to opt for some fast food chain for dinner., You must be prepared for a food definitely different from ours, monotonous, often of poor quality? and, for those like me who have problems with food intolerances,? need to arm yourself with a lot of patience.

Be prepared, regardless of category and cost, for dated hotels, with an average level of cleanliness and very noisy air conditioners that will put a strain on your nights, obviously there have been exceptions.

Anyhow ? it was an unforgettable trip with a capital T, one of those trips to do at least once in a lifetime.

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