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Summer is upon us and with it the desire to go on vacation. But where to go? For the occasion, we are met by a recent ranking drawn up by the online holiday tour operator, which has taken into consideration the most popular Italian destinations when it comes to seaside resorts for families.


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  2. Calabria
  3. Sicily
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Let's start from one of the most evocative Italian regions ever. The heel of our boot features an extensive Mediterranean coastline, several white hill villages and historic countryside. Among the various interesting areas of Puglia, the Salento, Gargano and Valle d'Itria. Three top zones with tourist villages for families of absolute importance.

1 - Salento

Salento is that portion of Puglia that overlooks both the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. The white beaches and the transparent water are the first elements that catch the eye for those wishing to find a tourist village in these parts. Furthermore, it is possible to experience a delightful walk among the olive trees, immerse yourself in parties and festivals, rediscover the tradition of a place full of charm. From Gallipoli to Otranto, from Torre dell'Orso to Porto Selvaggio, you are spoiled for choice.

  • How to get to Salento: the Salento peninsula can be easily reached by plane landing at the Brindisi Papola Casale airport. From here, perhaps after hiring a car, it is possible to reach the most famous places in a short time. Think, for example, that to reach Santa Maria di Leuca (practically the last town in the heel of Italy) it takes just under 2 hours.
  • What to do in Salento: Boundless sandy beaches, a crystalline blue sea, like the one you see in the photos in the Caribbean, shallow and clear water. But also the Apulian gastronomic tradition (which is talked about all over the world), landscapes of every variety and color, the most characteristic cities of Italy. This and more is Salento. In Gallipoli do not miss the opportunity to take a walk among the scents and colors of its famous fish market, in Otranto lose yourself in its historic center by visiting its picturesque Cathedral built on the ashes of a Messapian village. If you love nature do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the clear waters of the Porto Selvaggio Bay in the splendid setting of one of the most beautiful regional parks in Puglia.

2 - Gargano

Another good idea for finding a good family resort is the Gargano. It includes the well-known promontory, a wonderful coastline, the National Park and the Umbra Forest. The alternation between sand and rocks makes this place more and more beautiful, with one of the most beautiful seas nationwide. Rhodes Garganico includes the beaches of Ponente and Levante, while Peschici it is an authentic pearl of sand in the middle of the rocks. Also worth mentioning Vieste, Morning e apricena.

  • How to get to the Gargano: choosing to arrive in Gargano by plane is certainly the best solution in terms of comfort. The closest airports are those of Bari and Naples and from here you can start to discover the most interesting places such as Rodi Garganico, Peschici and Vieste. By car it will take from 2 to 3 hours to reach the places just mentioned.
  • What to do in the Gargano: the ancient historic center of Rodi Garganico must be an essential stop on your holidays in the Gargano, while in Peschici you will fall in love with its numerous bays: take a trip to Baia del Turco, Baia Zaiana and Baia Calalunga to understand what we are talking about. The ancient village of Vieste, in addition to its splendid sea, is one of the most beautiful attractions of this corner of paradise; the occasion will be perfect to buy some souvenirs of your vacation.

3 - Valle d'Itria

Also the Valle d'Itria constitutes a subregion much admired by fans of resorts. It is best known because it is considered the Valley of the Trulli. Obviously, the best known center in the area is Alberobello, Besides Castellana Grotte, carovigno, locorotondo, Cisternino and many others. The white buildings are framed within a fresh and fragrant red territory.

  • How to get to the Itria Valley: whether you choose Bari or Brindisi Airport you can arrive in the heart of the Itria Valley in about ninety minutes.
  • What to do in Valle d'Itria: Do not miss the opportunity to visit Alberobello with its iconic trulli or taste delicious meat specialties in Cisternino. Obviously, without forgetting the splendid "white city" Ostuni. As we said, if you love meat in all its forms, Cisternino is your kingdom: in the center you will find many steakhouses where you can taste the best of Apulian grilled meat. Finally, a guided tour of the Castellana Caves will leave you breathless; at about 70 meters deep you will live one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.


The Italian boot represents a wonderful region, able to divide the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Ionian. The blue sea and the fine white sand are the real strengths of the area, without forgetting the beauty of the local rocks. There is no shortage of suggestive caves, able to make an experience in a touristic village more and more exciting. From Tyrrhenian Calabria to that Ionica, there really is something for everyone.

1 - Ionian Calabria

Staying in a touristic village high level in Calabria Ionian it can be a very interesting choice for those looking for a dream vacation. A wonderful sun and paradisiacal beaches are the main prerogatives of the area. Soverato, Capo Rizzuto, Marina of Cariati, Sybaris e Ciro are some of the best known places.

  • How to get to Ionian Calabria: once you land at Lamezia Terme Airport you can start your tour by car to discover the pearls of Ionian Calabria. Soverato is about an hour away by car: leave from here to start your adventure. Continue your journey reaching Cirò, with its 16 km of golden beaches, and go a little further north to get to Sibari: you won't regret it!
  • What to do in Ionian Calabria: in Soverato, relax by strolling along its splendid seafront perhaps after having made a trip to the Pietà del Gagini, located in the church of Maria Santissima Addolorata in Soverato. Cirò Marina is the seaside town par excellence, a privileged destination for Calabrian seaside tourism. But in addition to its sea of ​​undisputed beauty, do not miss a visit to the Saracen Markets in Madonna di Mare. It is a series of picturesque eighteenth-century stone buildings with an arched shape, now home to numerous cultural events. Once a very important city of Magna Graecia, today Sibari known for its magnificent Pollino National Park: before leaving, dedicate half your day immersing yourself in its uncontaminated nature.

2 - Tyrrhenian Calabria

If Ionian Calabria is full of charm, the Tyrrhenian Calabria certainly not far behind. presents a long series of opportunities on boundless coasts. Most vacationers favor destinations such as Tropea, Praia a Mare, Calabrian lace e Capo Vaticano, but the chances of finding unknown universes are manifold.

  • How to get to Tyrrhenian Calabria: after having made a stopover at Lamezia Airport it will not be difficult to reach the main cities of Tyrrhenian Calabria. By car you can move easily, Tropea for example is just 60 km away, while to get to Praia a Mare you have to travel 183 km.
  • What to do in Tyrrhenian Calabria: a good reason to visit Tropea is undoubtedly the Church of Sancta Maria De Insula De Tropea perched on a rock in one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Dino Island, in the beautiful Praia a Mare, is the perfect place for a regenerating bath. Crystal clear waters and a postcard scenery make this place one of the most beautiful in Tyrrhenian Calabria: for a few euros you can take a boat trip to discover the island.


In the list of destinations for tourist villages could not miss the Trinacria. Between white beaches and timeless places, you can spend your dream holidays. You can take a nice boat ride, get to know the various coves and bays, discover the delicious wines and typical dishes of the region. Not surprisingly, most international tourists choose to know it. Both the Western Sicily than that Orientale are full of interesting ideas.

1 - Western Sicily

Why choose a touristic village in Western Sicily? The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, combined with delicious dishes such as rice arancini, pasta alla norma and fish-based dishes, are among the strengths not to be missed. Palermo, Agrigento, Mazara del Vallo, Sciacca e Selinunte represent some suggestive proposals.

  • How to get to Western Sicily: Palermo airport could be the ideal base to easily reach the most beautiful places in this area of ​​Sicily. Palermo is only 40min by car, Sciacca is about 1h 20min away.
  • What to do in Western Sicily: Palermo is the beating heart of this corner of Sicily. There are many things not to be missed, but if you have little time available, visit the Palazzo dei Normanni, the Duomo i Monreale and the beautiful Cathedral of Palermo. And the fish market? Only for authentic gourmets!

2 - Eastern Sicily

Also the Eastern Sicily it's a great destination for resorts. THE'Etna it is undoubtedly the fulcrum of the entire area and can be the site of numerous highly suggestive excursions. Don't miss it either Catania, its historic center and its intoxicating granitas. Among other points of interest, they should be mentioned Ragusa, Taormina e Kamarina.

  • How to get to Eastern Sicily: from Catania airport you can reach Syracuse in just 45 minutes by car. To get to Ragusa, however, you will have to go further south taking about 1h 22min.
  • What to do in Eastern Sicily: Etna is a kaleidoscope of emotions and suggestions. We highly recommend a cable car tour to discover the crater areas of the most famous volcano in Italy. Are you a fan of the Inspector Montalbano series? Then a stop in Ragusa is a must. Here you can admire the Cathedral of San Giovanni and follow one of the most fascinating routes of the place along the Ibla stairs.


The last region to consider for a vacation in a touristic village it is an island that represents a world apart. The Mediterranean Sea takes on a wonderful color, with wild coasts and rocks that look like they have been carved with a hammer, however perfect they are. Olbia and Costa Smeralda they are among the most popular destinations.

1 - Olbia

Da Budoni al Golfo degli Aranci, from Orosei a San Teodoro, Via Cala Gonone and many other places nearby. Find a touristic village high level in these parts becomes much easier. Not only nuraghe, but also crystalline seas Olbia and surroundings.

  • How to get to Olbia: the best way to get to Olbia is to land at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, a few kilometers from the center of the city of the same name. From here, through a dense network of urban transport, it is possible to quickly reach other places such as Orosei and Cala Gonone.
  • What to do in Olbia: Olbia will delight lovers of nature and history, thanks to its numerous archaeological sites; precisely for this reason, a visit to its historic center is a must. Also visit one of the symbols of the city, the Basilica of San Semplicio. Finally, in the evening, you can enjoy the nightlife thanks to the numerous bars and pubs that animate its historic center.

2 - Costa Smeralda

Closes the ranking of on the magic Costa Smeralda. Most people know it for its fervent social life, but in reality the area can also be appreciated for its numerous hidden paradisiacal beauties. It includes the areas of La Maddalena, Porto Rotondo, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Arzachena e Baia Sardinia.

  • How to get to Costa Smeralda: taking the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport as the starting point, you can reach the splendid Baia Sardinia by car in about 40 min. Obviously, a visit to La Maddalena is a must: once you arrive at the port of Palau you will have to board a ferry that connects the island to Sardinia.
  • What to do in Costa Smeralda: in addition to the classic nightlife, the best way to fully enjoy the beauties of the Costa Smeralda is to make excursions along its beaches, such as that of Capriccioli and Piccolo Pevero, get to know Portocervo perhaps by visiting its characteristic market on Thursday morning and visit the archaeological settlement of Arzachena.

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