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Tomorrow May 1st is the day that many of you are waiting for, to continue chasing the American dream. From 18 pm Spanish time, it will be possible to check if your name appears among 50.000 lucky people eligible for the Green Card, which let us remember, gives the right to live and work in the United States indefinitely.

To check if you have been extracted, you need to go to the official website and enter the confirmation number obtained during registration (which closed in early November last year), surname and year of birth.

You will not receive any e-mail from the US State Department to inform you of the selection, so if you find an e-mail that tells you that you have won the Green Card and above all asks you to pay some sum, know that it is a he cons.

The only way to check is through the official website. In case you have been extracted, a notification will appear through the private area of ​​the Intrant Status Check site and if you reply, only from then will you receive communications from the State Department via e-mail, which will inform you that the private area is available. the details of the interview to be taken to obtain the Green Card.

It will be possible to check the status from tomorrow 1 May until 30 June 2014, while the Green Cards will be issued from 1st October 2013 until September 30, 2014, corresponding to the fiscal year of the United States Government.

If you have been selected, the "selectee confirmation page" will appear with information on the next steps to be taken, the first of which is to pay the fees for issuing the visa in person on the day of the interview, at the embassy or at the consulate.

It is good to specify that being extracted does not automatically entitle you to receive the Green Card, but paves the way for the procedure. In fact, before receiving it, you will have to undergo medical examinations and an interview, which is absolutely not a formality.

It will be necessary to prove that once in the United States you will not become a burden on the state and that you therefore have sufficient funds to live even if you do not find work right away, or evidence (via Form I-134) that someone in the United States takes load of you.

The interview and visits will take place in Naples, the only consulate in Spain to issue visas for immigrants. Medical examinations cost around € 170, while the cost required for issuing the visa is approximately € 270 (but it varies from year to year).

I just have to wish you the best of luck with your American Dream.

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