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Cape Town? It was the first stop on a journey along the southern coast of South Africa - the world famous Garden Route - before flying to Zimbabwe and Botswana, to the wonders of Victoria Falls and Chobe Park.
An eclectic, surprising journey immersed in nature, which started from the city? in which, without thinking for a moment, I would fly to live forever ...

1 day

The first day in this city, the emotions were immense and the desire to discover the most? possible it was a lot, why? I wanted this trip with all of myself.
Fortunately I had a well-researched and defined travel program, so? - although I was exhausted from the 11 hours of flight - I did not waste even a moment of the day and I managed to complete my battle plan! ;)
As a first stop, I flew to Table Mountain, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and undoubtedly the symbol of the city. There was a crazy wind, as usual, and luckily Aramis and I (my husband and my inseparable travel companion, as well as photojournalist of our adventures) managed to reach the top. Unfortunately, precisely because of the frequent strong wind, isn't it? always possible to take the cableway that leads to the top? and it may even happen that during the whole stay you can never climb Table Mountain.
For this reason, my advice? to plan this visit already? the first day, in order to try again later, if access is closed.
Once you get off, the second obligatory stop? Camps Bay, of which you are lucky enough to admire the panorama already? from above. It is a stretch of sea flanked by a road full of clubs, kids strolling with the surf at hand and one of the most popular shows. majestic to frame: the Twelve Apostles.
Self ? still early, you could think of making a jump on Signal Hill too, but for us it was late, cos? shower and Waterfront, the moving soul of Cape Town.
In Italy we would call them shopping centers, but in reality? L? ? a meeting place, where to shop, yes, but also where to walk, dine and enjoy a calm glimpse of the ocean, where perhaps even ancient boats are moored.

2 day

On the second day, always wake up early, but without losing the chance? to enjoy the excellent breakfast offered by our hotel, and a whole day dedicated to visiting the Cape Peninsula.
Actually, before embarking on the Chapman's Peak drive (or a scenic road with toll) that would take us to our destination, we made the first stop at Hout Bay, to set sail for Seal Island, the island of seals. just offshore in the ocean, surrounded by mountains and greenery, with hundreds of seals close at hand,? really impressive!
After that, a sprint to Simon's Town, to look closely at a colony of very nice penguins! Of course, you can not? approach, but along the way you can find them along your way and see them skip and play, before diving into the water.
But the day is not? still over, indeed! The panorama awaits us more? poignant perhaps of all Africa, the one that in years of school and history we have more? times imagined: the Cape of Good Hope.
Getting to Cape Point, climbing to the top and reaching the lighthouse to admire the landscape from above? an emotion that is priceless.

3 day

But Cape Town isn't? only nature and the moment of a cultural day arrives.
The third day, in fact,? reserved for visiting Robben Island, the maximum security prison where Nelson Mandela spent many years of his life.
This is a very popular excursion, and in fact we booked it from Italy; in this way, we showed up at the boarding point at the Waterfront already? equipped with a ticket, not risking cos? to find no place.
The navigation by boat lasts a little longer? of an hour and I have to tell the truth? just the best for those who suffer from seasickness, but once you get there, the show? surreal: although now it is only a tourist attraction, there is still sadness and not? It is difficult to see the signs of racism and apartheid along the deserted streets, of which one could say that the prison in? an emblem.
For this excursion you need to calculate an abundant half day, between navigation and guided tour of the island, but on the way back? It is still possible to stop at the Waterfront for the latest purchases or take a stroll through the streets of the center.
There would still be so much to live in Cape Town, but our journey continues ... however, my goodbyes to this unforgettable city, cannot? be that a goodbye!

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