Excursions to Formentera by catamaran: that's why it's worth it

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Catamaran trip to Formentera: how to visit the most beautiful beaches from the sea

Among the activities most loved by tourists in the Balearics, do aexcursion in catamaran to Formentera it is definitely one of the favorites. Aside from being a unique experience, it's a great way to comfortably visit its most beautiful beaches, even the most hidden ones.

In fact, there are some on the island beaches unreachable by land, like those of Spreader, the uninhabited (or almost) islet located a few meters from the northern tip of the island.

In this article we explain what are the advantages of taking a catamaran excursion to Formentera, how to book one and what to consider before leaving.

  1. The attractions of Formentera by catamaran
  2. Rent a catamaran in Formentera: how to choose the best option
    1. How much does a catamaran trip cost?
  3. What will you do during the catamaran excursion in Formentera?
  4. Advice before getting on board

The attractions of Formentera by catamaran

Among the various boat trips organized on the island, it is not surprising that the catamaran from Formentera to Espalmador is among the most requested, also because it is a trip suitable for everyone: this islet is one natural wonder with pristine beaches and crystal clear sea, truly wild and untouched.

Espalmador is inhabited solely by the owners. Yes, you got it right: it is a private island, whose lucky owners have granted access to the public. One more reason for respect the surrounding natural environment.

Important: since the distance between Formentera and Espalmador is very short, someone tries to swim to it o, in case of low tide, crossing the stretch of sea that separates them walking. Here you are, do not do it: not only is it forbidden, it is also very dangerous, due to the strong currents that are concentrated in this point.

On board a catamaran you can not only reach the beautiful and hidden beaches of Espalmador, but you can also take unforgettable baths off the coast. coves that have made Formentera famous all over the world. An example is Her Illetes, compared by all to the beaches of the Caribbean. Indeed, it would be difficult to find differences: fine white sand and crystal clear sea, between dunes and pine forests.

Nuoterete in turquoise waters with white sand bottoms, to snorkel, paddle surf or simply enjoy an unforgettable dive.

Rent a catamaran in Formentera: how to choose the best option

Unless your holiday in the Balearics does not already include the rental of a catamaran from Ibiza to Formentera, our advice is to evaluate the various options and spend at least a few hours to discover the island "by sea". Especially if you have a few days available, book a catamaran excursion to the coves of Formentera it can really make a difference.

You can choose between day trips or 3/4 hours outings. You may also be interested in renting a catamaran in Formentera for private use, perhaps for several days, but the discussion obviously changes, both in terms of costs and methods.

How much does a catamaran trip cost?

Usually the price of a catamaran excursion in Formentera si around € 50 per person for an outing of about 5 hours.

The cost may include, depending on the company you are sailing with:

  • guide on board
  • buffet or grilled lunch
  • open bar
  • use of the toilets on board
  • snorkeling masks

What will you do during the catamaran excursion in Formentera?

The part sensational baths in a very transparent sea and a thousand shades of celestial, you can have fun a snorkel away from the shore (and the crowds), enjoy an exquisite fish grill on board or try the incredible experience of enjoying a sunset directly from the sea, perhaps listening to relaxing music: an indescribable sensorial and chromatic show. If you are looking for relaxation, you can also stretch out on the special nets on the water and enjoy the sun soaking.

Moreover, seen from the sea, Formentera is even more fascinating: for example, you can admire the imposing Cap de Barbaria lighthouse from below, dominated by a rock wall where many seagulls fly and the silence is total, or notice that from the side of Punta Pedrera the island is completely "cut off".

In fact, being largely composed of Pietra Mares - widely used in the past for the construction of houses and churches in all the Balearics - the island in some places shows just that sharp cliff of the coast on the sea: it was men who took parts of this limestone to build. An almost surreal panorama: the island really seems cut with a giant knife!

Obviously, by renting a catamaran in Formentera you can also reach the islet of Espalmador, which we have already talked about.

Advice before getting on board

The moment you book your catamaran trip to Formentera, you will receive all the information on what to bring on board and how to best prepare for the trip. We still want to give you some advice, in case you are seriously considering the hypothesis of seeing Formentera by catamaran:

  • High protection sun creams
  • Sunglasses with quality lenses
  • pareo
  • Costume
  • A dry change
  • Avoid closed shoes

Also remember, when booking, to point out if you are vegetarian, celiac or if you have food intolerances.

For all the reasons we have listed, namely the color of the sea, the spectacle of Espalmador and the suggestive coast of the island, aexcursion to Formentera by catamaran is truly an experience recommended for everyone: romantics, adventurers, lovers of the sea and fun, foodies and lazy people!

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