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Nestled on a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, Venice is a wonderful city. Completely crossed by canals, among which the most famous is Canal Grande, it is a city to be explored aboard the typical gondolas.
The city is adorned with beautiful Renaissance and Gothic buildings and characteristic houses with roofs covered with red tiles. The most famous square is San Marco, where the Basilica and the bell tower of San Marco rise, enriched with Byzantine mosaics. But beyond Venice, there are many beauties not to be missed in the surroundings, let's discover them together!


  1. Chioggia
  2. Murano, Burano and Torcello
  3. Padova
  4. Treviso
  5. Park of the Belluno Dolomites
  6. Jesolo
  7. Verona
  8. Caorle
  9. Bassano del Grappa
  10. Vicenza
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1 - Chioggia

It is defined by many as "the little Venice" because of its historic center lying on small islands and crossed by canals.
Chioggia unravels its beauty among monuments such as Cathedral of Santa Maria dating back to the seventeenth century, the medieval one Tower of Sant'Andrea, which since 1389 has kept one of the oldest clocks in the world and is home to the clock museum; bridges over the lagoon like Vigo bridge which has become the symbol of the city; historical markets such as the fish store: an ancient and traditional fish market and traditional houses with characteristic red roofs.

In addition, the city is full of street artists, among which the decorators of bragossi stand out, the typical fishing boat. A truly unmissable lagoon city!

  • Range: 30 km
  • reachable in less than an hour by car and about two by public transport. We recommend Bus ACTV 11, from Santa Maria Elisabetta to Pellestrina Cimitero (from € 2,00), from there ferry to Chioggia P.tta Vigo, from € 8,00 - Get directions
  • cattedrale 8:00-18:00; museo dell'orologio 10:30-11:30/16:30-17:30
  • clock museum € 1,50; free cathedral

2 - Murano, Burano and Torcello

They are the most famous of the Venetian islands, known all over the world for their characteristic landscape, craftsmanship and history. To visit the three islands in one day, take part in a boat tour that allows you to move around in comfort!

Murano is famous for its historic glass manufacturing: one of the most ancient Venetian arts, which develops in many small shops located along the "Fondamenta dei Vetrai" road, one of the most important in the town. It is interesting to discover glass blowing techniques through a guided tour in one of the oldest factories. The Glass Museum exhibits artifacts and precious pieces dating back to the Middle Ages (all of course in glass). One of the oldest glassworks is the Ducal glassworks (9: 30-16: 45).

Burano is very colorful and picturesque, famous for one of the most ancient Venetian arts: the lace processing. This manufacturing tradition is handed down from generation to generation, the story is told and documented in detail in the Lace Museum, where wonderful lace and embroidered sheets are exhibited. Do not miss the opportunity to be able to witness the live making of lace through the guided tour that allows you to immerse yourself completely in the tradition of the island. Discover the beauties of the island by admiring the Burano Cathedral, famous for its leaning bell tower, 53 meters high. It will also be characteristic to take pictures at typical fishermen's houses, all colorful and don't forget to taste the Bussolà: a typical butter biscuit.

Torcello is a small island, in which the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, decorated with mosaics in the Venetian-Byzantine style, the Devil's Bridge, a bridge without a parapet that offers a beautiful view of nearby Burano; and the throne of Attila dating back to the th century.

  • Range: 5,1 km
  • to Murano ferry Actv 4.1 and 4.2 from F.te Nove B to Murano Colonna C, € 8,00; Burano and Torcello by Actv 12 ferry, € 8,00 - Get directions
  • glass museum: 10 am-00pm; lace museum 18: 00-10: 30 closed on Mondays; basilica of Torcello 17: 00-10: 30
  • glass museum € 10,00; lace museum € 5,00; Torcello basilica € 5,00
  • Tour from Venice to the islands of Murano and Burano

3 - Padua

It is located between Venice and Verona, in the heart of Veneto, and boasts a history of over three thousand years, which can be traced through numerous beauties. Among the things to see absolutely there is the unmissable Basilica of Sant'Antonio, a riot of architectural styles, the Palazzo del Bo where there is the famous chair of Galileo Galilei and the beautiful one Prato della Valle, 80 thousand square meters of square which has become a meeting place for locals.
And also an important university city, for this reason it frequently hosts a series of events throughout the year, ranging from cinema to theater, from music to art, from sport to folklore.

To not worry about getting around, take part in the comfortable guided tour that will take you to discover one of the most fascinating cities in the Veneto region and will make you visit all the must-see places in the city.

  • Range: 40,5 km
  • by direct train from Santa Lucia station in 27 min, € 4,45 - Get directions
  • for info on the timetables of the main attractions, consult our article
  • for info on the prices of the main attractions, consult our article
  • walking tour of the city and wine tasting

4 - Treviso

Very elegant Venetian city, crossed by the Sile river, which makes it suggestive and romantic.
His is very famous Piazza dei Signori, in which the Palace of the three hundred: so called because in ancient times the municipal assemblies made up of three hundred members met there.
Among the things to see absolutely, a visit to the Fish market (Seafood and raw fish): a small island on the river, where the traditional fish market takes place. Do not miss the Treviso Cathedral, inside which is kept "The Annunciation" by Titian. Finally, the most curious and famous Fountain of the Tits: a fountain embellished with a female sculpture, from whose breasts in ancient times, on the occasion of city celebrations, red and white wine flowed.
Do not miss the guided tour of Roncade Castle, the only Venetian villa still enclosed within the medieval walls and enjoy its ancient atmosphere with an excellent wine tasting.

  • Range: 29,6 km
  • direct train from Santa Lucia station in 30 min, € 3,60 - Get directions
  • for info on the timetables of the main attractions, consult our article
  • for info on the prices of the main attractions, consult our article
  • 2,5 hour private and guided walking tour

5 - Park of the Belluno Dolomites

The park is an excellent idea for an outing in contact with nature.
Paths, woods and via ferrata, on the shores of Lake Mis, immersed in mountain scenery, spectacular and unspoiled.
A walk will be regenerating on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback, between perfectly shaped crystals and centuries-old trees.

The park offers various thematic itineraries to discover certain aspects of the park (history, geomorphology ...) or naturalistic itineraries dedicated to hikers who want to know the flora and fauna of the park. Find the information of the various routes on the official website.

  • Range: 93,8 km
  • reachable in about 1 hour and 40 by car - Get directions
  • always accessible

6 - Jesolo

Famous seaside resort for its beautiful beaches, for its nightlife and for many water parks that attract young and old: Caribe Bay is among the most famous.
Do not miss the Sea Life, an aquarium with fish from the oceans, absolutely worth a visit Vidotto Military History Museum, which exhibits weapons and military equipment from the First World War.

  • Range: 32,6 km
  • in just over 40 minutes by car, 1 hour by train from Venice Mestre to S. Donà di Piave, from there bus Atvo 19a to Jesolo, fares from € 2,00. Alternatively with the direct bus transfer - Get directions
  • Sea Life 10:00-22:00; Caribe Bay 10:00-18:00; museo 10:00-12:30/15:30-19:00
  • Sea Life € 16,00, free (children up to 1m tall and disabled); Caribe bay € 34,00, € 30,00 (children up to 1.40 meters in height), free (children up to 1 meters in height); museum € 7,00, € 5,00 (from 6 to 14 years), free (0-5 years)

7 - Verona

Famous for being the city of the Shakespearean characters Romeo and Juliet, Verona is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy.
Start with a guided tour that allows you, in a short time, to discover all the treasures of the city.

The city is characterized by a medieval old town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and beautiful and important monuments, including: Juliet's House, a building dating back to the sixteenth century, characterized by the famous balcony overlooking a courtyard and which attracts thousands of visitors every day; the Arena di Verona, the oldest Roman amphitheater, to be discovered through a guided tour to get to know and fully appreciate its history; Piazza delle Erbe, the oldest square in Verona: an architectural marvel.
Do not miss the view from Torre dei Lamberti, 84 meters high, and a walk through alleys and historic Baroque palaces.

  • Range: 120 km
  • 1h by car. By train from Venezia S. Lucia to Verona Porta Nuova, 1 hour, from € 8,00. Alternatively, Flixbus 427, fares from € 5,00 - Get directions
  • for info on the timetables of the main attractions, consult our article
  • for info on the prices of the main attractions, consult our article
  • The classic and the unknown: the original tour of Verona by bike tour on foot and Arena without queuing

8 - Caorle

Located between the mouths of the Livenza and Limene rivers, this beautiful Venetian town is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the Upper Adriatic.
Picturesque views, golden beaches and a safe sea.
Not to be missed in Caorle a visit to cathedral, in Romanesque style dating back to the year 1.000, adjacent to which is the treasure museum of the Cathedral of Caorle, which exhibits ancient sacred furnishings and relics. The view from the cylindrical bell tower, 48 meters high and touching the visit to the Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo, which stands on a promontory overlooking the sea.
Also very interesting is a relaxing walk to discover the casoni of Caorle: typical houses in reeds, which in ancient times were the lagoon homes of fishermen.

  • Range: 56,3 km
  • 1h by car or Actv 4A bus, from Venice Piazzale Roma, fares from € 5,00 - Get directions
  • cathedral 7: 30-19: 30; museum 10: 00-12: 00 and 20: 00-22: 00 in summer. Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo open until 23pm in the summer months
  • bell tower and museum require reservations

9 - Bassano del Grappa

This small village is an excellent idea for a trip outside the gates of Venice. Famous for the Ponte degli Alpini, dating back to 1209, which offers breathtaking views over the Valsugana, between mountains crossed by the clear waters of the Brenta river.
Not to be missed in Bassano del Grappa the famous grappa distilleries (the very famous Nardini, one of the oldest in Italy), in which you absolutely must not miss the half and half: a cocktail based on Rhubarb and lemon zest.

A museum is also dedicated to grappa: the Poli Grappa Museum, located in the ancient Palazzo delle Teste, where more than 1.500 bottles of grappa are exhibited, coming from more than three hundred distilleries.
A visit to the Hemingway and Great War Museum: housed in a station where the Red Cross operated in 1918. Among the volunteers was Ernest Hemingway himself. The Museum exhibits detailed documentation on the war and a section entirely dedicated to the writer.

  • Range: 64,6 km
  • just over 1 hour by car. By train from Venice S. Lucia, € 4,00 - Get directions
  • Poli Grappa museum 9: 00-19: 30; Hemingway and Great War museum 10: 00-13: 00/15: 00-18: 00
  • free grappa museum (€ 3,00 tasting). Hemingway Museum € 5,00, reduced € 3,00

10 - Vicenza

Famous for its elegant buildings, the work of Palladio, Vicenza is one of the most beautiful Venetian cities, declared in 1994 UNESCO World Heritage.

It is an elegant and refined city, where the attractions to visit are really many. Among the most important: the Temple of San Lorenzo, in Gothic style and dating back to 1280; the Olympic Theatre, considered the oldest masonry covered temple in the world; the Chiericato Palace, again by Palladio, dating back to 1550, also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1855 it has housed the Civic Museum of Vicenza, the Salvi Gardens and the Loggia Valmarana, the Church of Santa Corona, the Archaeological-Naturalistic Museum, the Art Galleries of Palazzo Leone Montanari.
Monuments and museums of rare beauty, all to be discovered while strolling through the streets of this fascinating city. If you have little time to visit, we recommend a guided tour from Venice that will take you to discover the highlights of the city in the company of a local guide.

  • Range: 69,3 km
  • less than an hour by car. By train from Venice S. Lucia, € 5,00 - Get directions
  • for info on the timetables of the main attractions, consult our article
  • for info on the prices of the main attractions, consult our article
  • private walking tour with Olympic Theater private tour of Vicenza from Venice

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