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Trapani is nicknamed the "city of salt and sailing" and in addition to a beautiful historic center that has been revalued in recent years, possesses magnificent surroundings.
Islands not far from the coast, nature reserves, villages full of history and archaeological areas among the best preserved in the world.
Here are some of the most beautiful excursions to do starting from Trapani.


  1. Segesta and Selinunte
  2. Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo)
  3. Zingaro Nature Reserve
  4. San Vito Lo Capo
  5. castellammare del golfo and Scopello
  6. Erice
  7. Marsala, Mothia and the Stagnone Reserve
  8. Palermo and Monreale
  9. Salemi and Gibellina
  10. User questions and comments

1 - Segesta and Selinunte

Two cities once in struggle where today there are still well-preserved archaeological areas.
In Segesta it is possible to admire a beautiful Doric style temple and the Greek theater carved into the rock and overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare.

Moving 62 km you reach Selinunte, another one very important archaeological area of Trapani where the acropolis is located with the remains of Doric temples and fortifications overlooking the sea; do not miss the necropolis and the temple of Hera.

  • Range: 29,6 km
  • Segesta is 30 km away, can be reached by car along the Sp29 and the A29dir / E9333 Segesta exit (duration 28 minutes) - Get directions
    Selinunte is 92 km away (63 from Segesta), can be reached by car along the Sp29 and the A29dir / E933 exit mazara del vallo and then follow the signs (from Trapani about 1 hour and 10, from Segesta 40 minutes) - Get directions
    Alternatively we suggest a guided tour from Trapani
  • temple of Segesta: 27 October - 28 February 09: 00-17: 00, March and from 1 to 26 October 09: 00-18: 30; March 31 to September 30 09: 00-19: 30; Selinunte Temple: every day 9: 00-18: 00.
  • Segesta € 6,00; Selinunte € 6,00. Organized tours from € 250,00 - book online
  • Segesta and Selinunte: tour from Trapani

2 - Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo)

It is an archipelago not far from the coast of Trapani, reachable by hydrofoil in just 30 minutes.

Favignana is the largest of the archipelago, has beautiful coasts, unmissable cala Rossa, cala Azzurra, lido Burrone, cala Monaci and Marasolo.
A stop at the Tonnara Florio and a tour in the center to sit in a bar and enjoy a Sicilian coffee granita is a must. If you only have one day available, it is better to visit it by scooter to optimize time.

Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi, ideal to visit in a day both for its spectacular sea and for its internal territory characterized by splendid vegetation.
To visit by boat the "Faraglione", one of the most characteristic points with a pebble beach, the sea cave of the Buco and Cala Genovese, another very particular cave because inside Paleolithic graffiti and paintings are preserved.
If you prefer to walk, you can make an itinerary on foot, with easy trekking, which touches the following points: cala del Genovese, Capo Grosso, Capo Tramontana and Florio houses (an ancient disused farmhouse surrounded by vegetation).

Finally Marettimo, the most distant and wildest, is characterized by an extraordinary flora, a jagged coast with numerous caves and a sea with incredible depths. It can only be visited on foot, it is forbidden to drive, but the island is just over 1 km! In summer you can also participate in excursions with the donkey.

  • Range: Favignana 27,3 km
  • to Favignana from the port of Trapani by ferry (duration 45 minutes € 10,00) or hydrofoil (duration 20 minutes, € 20,00) - Get directions
    Alternatively, one-day mini cruises are organized that depart from the port of Trapani
  • ferries and hydrofoils every day from 6:30 to 19:45 (consult timetables according to the season). The tonnara is open July-September 10: 00-13: 30 (17: 00-23: 00). Organized tours depart in the morning and return at sunset
  • the entrance to the Tonnara is € 6,00, the bike rental of € 7,00 for the whole day. Tours € 60,00 - book online
  • Favignana and Levanzo: 1 day cruise from Trapani

3 - riserva dello zingaro

It is one of the almost untouched places that is worth visiting.
Here it is possible to take beautiful walks in the Mediterranean scrub and then make stops and dive into the beautiful crystal clear waters. Yes they can visit some small museums like that of the Manna and that of the Plot.

The reserve has two entrances, one near San Vito Lo Capo and one near Scopello / Castellammare del Golfo. Inside the reserve there are various paths and itineraries, from 6 to 8 km. Among the most beautiful beaches and coves we suggest Tonnarella dell'Uzzo, Cala Torre dell'Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Capreria.

  • Range: 36,2 km
  • the entrance to Scopello is 36,2 Km from Trapani, 50 minutes by car following the SS187 and then the SP63 - Get directions
    The entrance to San Vito Lo Capo is 49 km away, about 1 hour but the last stretch is dirt; follow the SS187 and then the SP16 and then follow the signs - Get directions
    Alternatively, the AST buses depart from Piazza Ciaccio Montalto in Trapani and arrive in Castellammare del Golfo (1 hour approximately € 6,80 return) from here another bus of the Russo company reaches the Riserva dello Zingaro (€ 1,20, 10 minutes)
  • open in summer 7: 00-19: 30; winter 8: 00-16: 00
  • € 5,00

4 - San Vito Lo Capo

Beautiful location with a crystal clear sea which in September also hosts the famous Cous Cous Festival.
During a trip we suggest you do not miss the visit of the beautiful square where the Sanctuary-Fortress is located which today houses the museum of Sacred Furniture, the abandoned tonnara with its ancient charm, the lighthouse with the adjacent Torrazzo, the Bay of Santa Margherita and the town beach.
For an unforgettable sunset, reach the Bue Marino beach in the hamlet of Macari!

  • Range: 33,5 km
  • it is 33,5 km from Trapani and can be reached by car along the SS187 and then the SP16 (about 1 hour) - Get directions
    Alternatively, the buses of the AST line connect the two locations in 1 hour and 30 minutes (approximately € 3,00)
  • always accessible
  • free

5 - Castellammare del Golfo and Scopello

Un pretty corner of Sicily to be discovered during the same excursion is the one where there are two wonderful places: Castellammare del Golfo and the small hamlet of Scopello.
The suggestion is to start visiting the historic center of Castellammare with the Palazzo dei Crociferi, the beautiful Piazza Madice where the Mother Church stands and the small museum of the sea.
Do not miss the Arab-Norman castle, the symbol of this town from which you can enjoy a wonderful view.
Then reach Scopello by car or bus where you can visit thefascinating trap overlooking the stacks.
If you don't have a lot of time, you can also combine these villages with a visit to the Riserva dello Zingaro which is right next to Scopello.

  • Range: 35,9 km
  • Castellamare del Golfo is 35,9 km away and can be reached by car along the SS187 and then the SP63 - Get directions, continuing another 12 km you will find Scopello - Get directions
    AST buses leave from piazza Ciaccio Montalto in Trapani and arrive in Castellammare del Golfo (1 hour around € 6,80 return); from here another bus of the Russo company reaches Scopello (€ 1,20, 10 minutes).
    There are also private tours that depart from Trapani and allow you to visit these locations
  • the castle is open Mon-Sat 9: 00-13: 00/15: 30-19: 30. Private tours depart early in the morning from Trapani and last 8 hours
  • the entrance to the castle is free; organized excursions cost € 300,00
  • Erice, Scopello and Castellammare Del Golfo: tour from Trapani

6 - Erice

Above the city of Trapani, perched 750 meters above sea level is this wonderful village.
We suggest you get lost among his narrow alleys and admire the fantastic panorama which ranges from the Gulf of Trapani, to the salt pans, to the Egadi islands.
Among the attractions not to be missed are the cathedral with the high bell tower, the castle of Venus, the Pepoli towers and the municipal villa Balio.
Do not leave Erice without having tasted the sweets of the historic pastry shop of Maria Grammatico!

  • Range: 6,9 km
  • it is 6,9 km from Trapani and can be reached by car in 28 minutes following the Sp31 towards Erice - Get directions
    Alternatively there is a comfortable cable car which takes 10 minutes (summer hours: Mon 13:00 pm-1:00am; Tue-Fri 8:05 am-1:00am; Sat-Sun 9:05 am-2:00am; winter hours Mon 13: 00-20: 00; Tue-Fri 8: 30-20: 00; Sat-Sun 9: 30-20: 30; single ticket € 5,50).
    There are also buses that connect Trapani to Erice in 40 minutes (€ 2,70)
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Erice: half day private tour

7 - Marsala, Mothia and the Stagnone Reserve

The Riserva dello Stagnone is a magical place out of time and from the classic tourist circuits, a lagoon with small islands near Marsala.
The main attraction is represented by salt flats where it is possible to visit the Infersa mill which houses the museum and the salt shop.
Also not to be missed the Phoenician city of Mozia on the tiny island of San Pantaleo, reachable in 15 minutes by ferry from the port of Marsala.
Here we recommend you take a walk and visit the Whitaker museum where you can learn more about the history of the island and admire some beautiful statues.

Finally, the beautiful city of Marsala, famous for the landing of the Thousand but even more for its typical fortified wine. Its historic center is characterized by medieval gates, pedestrian sections, ancient markets that turn into a nightlife area in the evening. Not to be missed is a visit to the Florio Cellars and the beaches, among all that of San Teodoro.

  • Range: 21,3 km
  • How to get to the Stagnone: it is 21,3 km from Trapani and can be reached by car in 30 minutes along the SS115 and A29 exit SP21 - Get directions
    For those who do not have a car, the alternative is to get to Marsala by bus from Trapani which takes 1 hour and then take another bus that leads to the Riserva dello Stagnone (detailed info at the bus station).
  • How to get to the island of Mozia: from the salt pans you can take a ferry (€ 9,00 ferry + museum; ferry only € 5,00). Alternatively, at low tide you can walk to the islet - Get directions
  • the salt museum of the Stagnone is open Mon-Sun 9: 30-19: 00. The Whitaker Museum is open Mon-Sun 9: 00-13: 00/14: 30-18: 30
  • entrance with guided tour of the Salt Museum is € 15; the ferry to the island of Mozia is € 3,00 round trip and the ferry + the Whitaker museum € 9,00

8 - Palermo and Monreale

Although Palermo deserves to be visited in several days, if you do not have much time available you can organize a day excursion with a half day tour that will allow you to discover the Sicilian capital and the nearby Monreale.
We suggest you do not miss the Zisa castle, the Norman palace, the nearby church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti and the cathedral of Palermo. Then discover one of the typical markets of the city such as Ballarò and finally reach Monreale with the magnificent and impressive cathedral.

  • Range: 91,6 km
  • How to get to Palermo: it is 91,6 km from Trapani and can be reached by car in 1 hour and 30 along the SP29, A29dir / E933 exit Palermo centro. Get directions;
    Monreale then is 15 Km away - Get directions
    We do not recommend traveling by public transport if you only have 1 day available, rather you can participate in an organized excursion that starts from Trapani (several collection points)
  • the organized tour starts early in the morning and lasts about 8 hours
  • private excursions cost approximately € 300,00
  • Palermo and Monreale: private trip from Trapani

9 - Salemi and Gibellina

They are two villages of the Belice Valley, counted among the most beautiful towns and villages in Sicily and Italy.
Salemi is an Arab-medieval city, it is located among the hills of vineyards and olive groves and rises around the Norman Castle, from whose terrace of the circular tower it is possible to see a vast panorama of western Sicily. The historic center is a collection of architectural treasures, from historic buildings made with the local campanella stone, to churches, the Jewish quarter of Giudecca and the Islamic quarter of Rabato. Salemi is also the "city of loaves", and every year there are events that celebrate the making of devotional loaves.

Gibellina is known for the famous Burri cretto or Grande Cretto, or the land art work created by Alberto Burri between 1984 and 1989, where the old city was destroyed by the earthquake. Burri took part in the initiative to relaunch the area, designing a gigantic monument that retraces the streets and alleys of the old city: it stands in the same place where once there was the rubble, now cemented by the work. From above, what is the largest contemporary work of art in the world, looks like a series of concrete fractures on the ground: each crack is two to three meters wide, while the blocks are about one meter high. sixty. Near the work it is also possible to visit the ruins of Gibellina.

  • Range: from Salemi about 36 km
  • How to get to Salemi: by car in about 40 minutes via SP29 or A29dir / E933 - Get directions
  • the villages and the Cretto di Burri can always be visited
  • Cretto di Burri for free

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