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Seville is the capital of the Andalusian region, south of Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Rich in buildings, cathedrals and monumental squares, the city retains all the influences of the peoples who have inhabited the region in past centuries, mixing Moorish art with European culture. If you plan to spend a couple of more days in Seville, we recommend that you plan a few day trips to the surrounding area, full of unforgettable places. Let's find out the excursions from Seville: the best day trips around.


  1. Doñana National Park
  2. Aracena and the Rio Tinto mines
  3. Ronda
  4. Cordoba
  5. Carmona
  6. Caminito del Rey
  7. Gibilterra
  8. Cadiz
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1 - Doñana National Park

It is a vast area south of Seville, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a protected area along the banks of the Guadalquivir river. The park covers an area of ​​543 square km, between the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Huelva, and it hosts many species of animals in danger of extinction, a great variety of vegetation and a varied landscape: from the lagoon to the sand dunes to the long pristine beaches. Here you can see lynxes, flamingos, golden eagles and many other animals.

It is possible to go up to the various visitor centers located in various parts of the park, and from there proceed for some walking trails of different lengths, or with guided tours with jeep, in small groups. There are, in fact, some areas that are also forbidden to independent excursions. You can choose between organized excursions departing from the park and also departing from Seville, through private tours - book the tour online

  • Range: 34,3 km
  • 34,3 km away, 1 hour by car, reach the Jose Antonio Valverde entrance in Marisma de Aznalcazar, 60 km via the A-8058 road - Get directions
    There is no public transport, alternatively choose one of the proposed tours
  • open every day from October to May from 10:00 to 18:00, until 20:00 in the other months
  • free autonomous excursions, guided tours from Seville start at € 80,00 - book online
  • From Seville: 4x4 tour to Doñana National Park

2 - Aracena and the Rio Tinto mines

This city north of Seville, together with the surrounding area, offers a unique landscape in the world. The Rio Tinto runs through the mining fields, from where gold, silver and copper have been mined for more than 2000 years. Exploitation has turned this place into a lunar landscape, even used by NASA to do its research. The waters of the river carry with them the metallic minerals that make the water reddish and transform it into an inhospitable environment for life.

In the area you can visit the Dehesas, the wooded pastures of the Sierra Morena, which constitute a natural reserve through which Iberian bulls and pigs live free. You can't miss visiting the city of Aracena, where you can enter the Cave of Wonders, almost 2 km long. Here the limpid water fills the limestone cavity giving a bright and breathtaking view. The magnificent castle in Aracena is also worth visiting.

  • Range: 85 km
  • Aracena is 85km north of Seville, an hour and 20 minute drive via the A-66. There is a Damas line bus that leaves at 09:30 from plaza de Armas, takes over an hour, € 8,00 each way - Get directions
    The mining fields can only be reached independently, located 30 km south of Aracena, about 30 minutes - Get directions
  • the Rio Tinto mining park is open from 10:30 to 15:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00 every day
  • mines € 7,00
  • Aracena and Rio Tinto Mines: Full-Day Tour from Seville From Seville: Aracena and Cave of Wonders Full Day

3 - Ronda

Splendid city south of Seville, it rises on a gorge called El Tajo, which divides the old town, in Moorish style, from the new one dating back to the th century. The two parts are connected by a stone bridge, symbol of the city, from which you can witness a breathtaking view of the gorge below.

Walking around the city you will discover the most famous places: La Ciudad, Arab quarter; the Mondragon palace with its sumptuous garden; the Duqueza de percent plaza which houses two churches and two convents; the Almocabar, the Arab gate of the th century, and then the Arab baths and, of course, the Plaza de Toros, one of the most important Spanish arenas for modern bullfighting. Inside the complex it is also possible to visit the Bullfighting Museum. In the surroundings of this city there are beautiful white villages, so called for their perched buildings and shining white.

  • Range: 123 km
  • 123 km away, 2 hours drive via the A-375 and A-374. The means are not comfortable, the train from Santa Justa station towards Malaga (1 hour and a half), stops in Santa Ana, to continue towards Algeciras (1 hour), € 44,00 - Get directions
  • the bullring is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Plaza de Toros € 8,00
  • Pueblos Blancos and Ronda: Day Tour from Seville Seville: Ronda and White Villages Tour White Cities of Andalusia and Ronda: Tour from Seville

4 - Cordoba

This city preserves a very ancient history inside. It was even a Roman city, and then it has become the main center of Islam in Europe. Today, thanks to these multiple influences, it gives the visitor a unique aspect in the world. Its multicultural spirit is beautifully expressed in the Cordoba Cathedral, once the Great Mosque, which inside presents both Moorish architecture, perfectly preserved, and Gothic-Renaissance architecture. A visit you will not easily forget.

Another attraction is theAlcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, a Moorish palace from the 1300s with beautiful gardens, as in the best Islamic traditions, and also the Roman bridge, dating back to the st century BC The Jewish quartermoreover, it transports you to another era, with its narrow alleys and ancient atmosphere. A city that offers so many cultures in a single glance.

  • Range: 133 km
  • 133 km away, 1 hour 46 min by car, via the A-4. There are trains every hour from Santa Justa station to Cordoba in 42 minutes with prices ranging from € 14,00 to € 22,00 each way - Get directions
  • the cathedral is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00; Sunday from 08:30 to 11:30 and from 15:30 to 19:00
  • the cathedral, without a guide, has a cost of € 10,00 for adults, € 5,00 reduced. If you enter from 08:30 to 09:30, every day except Sunday, it's free - book your guided tour online
  • Cordoba: Guided Tour of the Cathedral Mosque Cordoba: Guided tour of the Jewish ghetto and mosque-cathedral

5 - Carmona

This town is located just 35 km from Seville, easily reachable also by bus, his visit can be combined with that of Cordoba. Called the Morning Star of Europe, it has a very ancient history, in fact man made his first appearance here 5.000 years ago.

Moorish town located in the plain of the Guadalquivir river, which also passes through Seville, is perched on a small mountain, a rock overlooking the plain. Presents many attractions to visit: the Alcazar de la Puerta in Seville, a beautiful and well preserved castle, numerous churches including that of San Pedro and that of San Bartolomé, the Playa del Mercado de Abastos, and again the necropolis with the Roman amphitheater.

  • Range: 35,5 km
  • 35,5 km away, 36 min by car via the A-4; both Alsa and Socibus buses leave from plaza de Armas, towards Madrid or Cordoba, at 08:00, 09:00, 14:30 and 15:30. It takes half an hour, € 3,00 - Get directions
  • the Alcazar is open on Mondays from 11:00 to 14:00, the other days from 11:00 to 19.00
  • the Alcazar € 2,50
  • From Seville: Cordoba and Carmona Full-Day Tour Carmona: Guided Tour from Seville

6 - Caminito del Rey

It is a recently renovated route that goes through an incredible gorge, from the name Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. The gorge is located 139 km south of Seville, near the town of Ardales but, if you have an extra day and especially want to walk, this is the right excursion. The wooden walkways, all made safe and equipped with protective anti-fall nets, they cross the gorge for 7 km and donate a stunning views of the Guadalhorce River and on the rock formations that surround the route. There is also a suspension bridge to cross, so this is an excursion suitable for the bravest, but obviously everything takes place in absolute safety.

The excursion takes about 2,5 / 3 hours and, if you do not want to repeat the route to go back, it is ideal to book a tour with transfer which, at the end of your route, will pick you up directly in El Chorro, the final destination.

  • Range: 139 km
  • Ardales can be reached in almost 2 hours by car via the A-92. Transportation is not recommended (the routes are very long). Instead, we recommend one of the tours with transfers - Get directions
  • it is open every day except Monday, from 09:30 to 17:00, departures every half hour
  • € 10,00 for the independent excursion, children under 8 cannot enter. Tours start from € 50,00 - book online
  • Caminito del Rey: 1 day excursion from Seville

7 - Gibraltar

Famous English colony, has always been considered a sort of border with the new world, or rather, with a world unknown until a few centuries ago. From its wild nature it is possible to see the coasts of Africa, and the meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It has a historic center with a beautiful Moorish fortress; the main road, Main Street, with small shops and markets, but do not miss the nature reserve, from which you can access the columns of Hercules and the homonymous strait. It is possible to arrive until Caves of San Michele, in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve (Peñon) and make friends with the famous Barbary apes, an iconic attraction of the English colony, who play here among the rocks. It is not possible to enter the reserve by car, in fact it is advisable to leave the car at the Spanish border and then take the means, which lead to the city, and then the cable car that leads up to the rock overlooking the bay.

  • Range: 190 km
  • it is 190 km from Seville, 2 hours and 20 minutes via the AP-4 and A-381. There is the train to Malaga (from € 23,37) from there take the Portillo bus (€ 13,13) for another 135km, but the journey takes more than 5 hours - Get directions
  • the nature reserve is open every day from 09:30 to 19:15
  • the reserve ticket costs £ 13,00 (€ 14,74) which gives access to all attractions. The World War II tunnel, which can be visited, costs separately £ 8,00 (€ 9,00)
  • Gibraltar: Dolphin Watching and Cable Car Ride Gibraltar: Full Day Tour Rock of Gibraltar Historical Tour

8 - Cadiz

City overlooking the homonymous coast, it is a very suggestive seaside resort and not far from Seville. You can spend a few hours on the long beach of La Caleta, if time permits, on the shores of the Altantico ocean, and then visit the ancient and historic streets of the city.

You will not be able to lose the cathedral, a superb white building overlooking the sea; also worth visiting is the Torre Tavira, from 1700, on which it is possible to climb and admire the splendid panorama. Naturally, the city being overlooking the tumultuous ocean and exposed to external attacks, could not fail to have an imposing fortress to protect the city, the Santa Catalina Castle, dating back to 1600, whose mighty walls are still well preserved and dominate the coast entering the oceanic waters. If you are driving, a stop is also recommended Jerez de la Frontera, if only for a final aperitif in one of the splendid bodegas that offer Andalusian wines.

  • Range: 122 km
  • it is 122 km from Seville, 1 hour and a half by car via AP-4. There is a train every hour that leaves from Santa Justa station and takes you to Cadiz in 1 hour and 40 minutes, at a variable cost of € 17,00 / € 20,00 each way - Get directions
  • the Tavira tower can be visited from 10:00 to 20:00 every day; the castle of Santa Catalina from 11:00 to 19:00
  • the tower costs € 6,00; the castle of Santa Catalina for free
  • Cadiz full day guided excursion from Seville Jerez Cadiz and Andalusian horses: tour from Seville From Seville: Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera tour

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