Excursions from Salamanca: the best day trips around Salamanca

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Salamanca is a beautiful city in the north west of Spain, within the region of Castile and Leon. The city, of Celtic origin, is famous for its splendid palaces and it is located within a vast area very rich in places to visit, historical and natural. So why not dedicate a few days to excursions to discover the region!
Let's see together the best day trips around Salamanca.


  1. Ávila
  2. Arribes del Duero Natural Park
  3. Toledo
  4. Valladolid
  5. Segovia
  6. Zamora
  7. Sierra of France - La Alberca
  8. Béjar and Sierra de Candelario
  9. Miranda del Castañar
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1 - Ávila

It is the capital of the province of the same name and is located an hour's drive from Salamanca, within a hilly region north of the capital Madrid.
The city is famous for its perfectly maintained medieval walls over the centuries, which give it a unique charm. In addition to the walls, the city presents 80 lacy towers and nine city gates, the most beautiful "El Alcazar", is located in the eastern part of the city.

The best way to visit this city is to walk along the narrow cobbled streets of medieval origin, and let yourself be transported to another era. You will thus discover small hidden squares, architectural jewels such as the church of Santa Teresa, the cathedral of Ávila and the synagogue of Belforad. Here, in fact, the Jewish community was very active during the Middle Ages.

  • Range: 100 km
  • it is about 100 km from Salamanca, an hour's drive via the A-50. Or by train from Salamanca Central Station in one hour (€ 12,70 each way). There are rides every two hours or so - Get directions
  • the city is always accessible
  • free
  • Walls of Avila and Segovia: full-day tour

2 - Arribes del Duero Natural Park

The park it forms a long natural strip as the border between Spain and Portugal, created by the erosion of rocks and soil along the course of the millennia by the rivers Duero and Agueda. The area is truly beautiful, just a short distance from Salamanca, and worth a trip for a day in nature.
It is also possible choose from various activities within the park: there are river cruises, which take you to admire the rock walls that descend almost vertically on the water, horse riding across the river, and of course visits to the small villages of the park, for example Aldeadavila de la Ribeira Arribes del Duero himself, to discover traditions, craftsmanship and gastronomy. Finally, do not miss the visit to Pozo Airon, a waterfall that falls from above with impetus into the river bed below.

  • Range: 86,1 km
  • Arribes del Duero is approximately 86,1 km away, 1 hour and 20 minutes by car via the SA-300 road. There are no suitable connections between Salamanca and the natural park, only private tours - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free or according to the tour chosen

3 - Toledo

It is a little further away from the other locations, it is the capital of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, and is famous for its architectural beauties who, over the centuries, have been able to integrate completely distant cultures and religions with grace and magnificence: Christian, Arab, Jewish buildings they coexist side by side and make the landscape unique.

To visit absolutely, in fact, the cathedral of Santa Maria di Toledo, the museum and the former synagogue of Santa Marìa la Blanca, which is believed to be one of the oldest in Europe. Also worth visiting is the military museum inside the ancient Alcazar fortress of Toledo. Inside the Jewish quarter there is a museum dedicated to the Mannerist painter El Greco who lived and carried on his artistic activity here in Toledo.

  • Range: 227 km
  • it is 227 km, almost 3 hours by car via the A-50 road. By train from Salamanca station, go to Madrid and from there change to Toledo, € 29,00 each way - Get directions
  • always accessible; The Alcazar is open from 11:00 to 17:00
  • free; the entrance to the Alcazar costs € 5,00
  • Toledo: El Greco Discovery Tour from Madrid Toledo Full Day Tour

4 - Valladolid

The city is located about 116 km northwest of Salamanca.
Throughout history it has hosted many very important characters, Christopher Columbus in fact lived here for some time as well as Miguel de Cervantes.

The historic center is characteristic and full of churches and historic buildings, the most beautiful and important museum is the National Sculpture Museum.
It is a university city with a very intense nightlife, and it will be very pleasant to walk on the banks of the Duero River that runs through the city. Cultural life is also really rich: once a year, in May, the Theater and Street Art Festival is held, which attracts visitors from all over Europe, and is just one of the many artistic and cultural events that distinguish the city.

  • Range: 116 km
  • it is located 116 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes via the A-62 road. From the bus station there is the Avanza line every two hours starting at 06:30, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes for € 10,00 each way - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

5 - Segovia

La città it is located on the Camino de Santiago and has a truly unique antique charm. L'imposing Roman aqueduct it has 160 arches and is the undisputed protagonist of the central square of the city, Plaza Azoguejo.

The city has undergone, over the centuries, numerous dominations starting with the Romans, and this troubled history has left it the characteristic and rich aspect it has today. Not only well-preserved Roman remains, then, but also the medieval walls, the former royal palace, some basilicas and the Gothic-style cathedral, located on plaza Mayor. As in most Spanish cities, here too is the Alcazar, the imposing defensive fortress. Segovia has a great culinary and wine tradition, therefore a stop in the numerous restaurants for a tasting of typical products is strongly recommended.

  • Range: 143 km
  • it is 143 km away, about 2 hours by car via the A-50 road. The means are not very comfortable, the fastest is a regional train that takes you to Villalba, towards Madrid. From here it is possible to change to Segovia. (lasts 4 hours, carried out twice a day, € 2 each way) - Get directions
  • always accessible; the Alcazar is open from 10:00 to 20:00 in summer, until 18:00 in winter.
  • free; the ticket for the complete visit to the Alcazar costs € 8,00
  • Segovia and Toledo: Alcázar and Optional Cathedral Tour Segovia: Hot Air Balloon Tour and Guided City Tour

6 - Zamora

The Duero River is the undisputed master of this beautiful region and also runs through the city of Zamora, capital of the province of the same name, 62,6 km north of Salamanca. The city is particularly known for its numerous Romanesque churches, it counts 24.

Of great interest is the Romanesque cathedral with visibly Byzantine influences. The celebrations of Semana Santa, very much felt throughout Spain, were declared of international tourist and cultural interest. Holy Week is characterized by a rigor and a silence that falls on the city that touches the deepest chords of spirituality. Indeed, the event is very popular in the city and the celebrations are truly impressive. On Holy Wednesday the Procesiòn del Silencio is held, really touching.

  • Range: 62,6 km
  • by car it takes approximately 46 minutes via the A-66. There are two trips on the Alsa bus line, they take less than an hour, about € 10,00 each way. Trains, on the other hand, are not direct - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

7 - Sierra of France - La Alberca

South of Salamanca there is a splendid natural park characterized by this splendid mountain range. Here the green valleys are interspersed with rocky peaks and gorges carved by waterways. Inside this park, full of hiking trails, it is possible to visit a ancient village, La Alberca the first to be declared a national historic monument.

The village is characterized by very characteristic old rural buildings and small ancient streets that wind around Piazza Mayor and the center. The square is characterized by a colonnade, and the most representative building is certainly the parish church of the Assumption, inside which there is a granite pulpit from the th century. Here you will find the house of the Las Batuecas Sierra de France natural park, where you can find all the information on the nature trails in the surroundings.

  • Range: 76,3 km
  • La Alberca is about 76,3 km away, an hour's drive via the SA210-SA201 roads. From the Salamanca bus station, the Cosme line leaves at 13pm and 30pm every day, it takes 18 hour and 00 at a cost of € 1 each way. The return, however, is only at 15:5,00 pm or on Sundays at 15:20 pm - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

8 - Béjar and Sierra de Candelario

It is a mountain resort south of Salamanca, not far from the Sierra de Béjar "La Covatilla" ski resort. This small town nestled in the mountains, has a great history behind it and numerous characteristic buildings and constructions to visit. All around the city is surrounded by a suggestive wall, and inside you can visit the El Bosque historical artistic garden, small but very characteristic, with a pond and large trees.

Among the attractions to visit there is the Ducal palace on the playa Mayor de Maldonado, preceded by a splendid staircase that makes the place truly evocative, then the historic moss sculptures right in front of the city park and also various museums, including the textile one and the Hebrew one. From the village it is also possible to leave for abicycle excursion through the cycle path which retraces the old railway and heads south following the river. Just outside the show opens Sierra de Candelario, wonderful village on the mountains that surround the area. Here, in winter, it is also possible to practice winter sports.

  • Range: 73,3 km
  • Béjar is 73,3 km away, less than an hour's drive via the A-66. From Salamanca bus station, the Alsa line runs every hour towards Seville, stopping in Béjar after an hour of travel (€ 10,00 each way) - Get directions
    Candelario can be reached by car, 4,5 km from Béjar - Get directions
  • always accessible; the jardin historico is open from 10:00 to 13:00 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. From 19:00 to 22:00 on other days
  • free; the guide to the jardin historico requires a contribution of € 1,50 for the tour

9 - Miranda del Castañar

It is one of the villages within the vast territory of the Sierra de France. Its plaza de Toros is the oldest square in Spain, and of course the village has been declared a national historical monument. Inside the square there is the medieval castle, a defensive stronghold dating back to the fourteenth century, around its moat the historic square and the inhabited center were founded. From here you can then proceed through the small streets of the village, full of ancient, characteristic buildings. Given the landscape and naturalistic richness of the village, it is also possible to leave from here unforgettable excursions in contact with the rugged and wild nature of the Sierra de Francia.

  • Range: 74,3 km
  • it is about 74,3 km, just over an hour via the CL-512 and SA-205. Buses are infrequent, about 3 times a week at a cost of € 8,00 each way, but only go as far as Villanueva del Conde or Las Casas del Conde, from here you need to take a taxi for the last 10 km, so the car is recommended - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free!

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