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Rimini is among the most famous italian seaside resorts, therefore visited especially in summer for beach life. However, if your intention is to give up a few days under the umbrella to move around then you must know that Rimini is surrounded by different alternatives such as cities, castles, amusement parks and natural parks, excellent for going and coming back in the day.
Here are what they are the best day trips around Rimini!


  1. Boat tour of the Romagna Riviera
  2. Ravenna
  3. mirabilandia
  4. Bologna
  5. Italia in Miniatura
  6. Park of the Salina of Cervia
  7. San Marino
  8. Montebello Castle
  9. Aquarium of Cattolica
  10. Ferrara
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1 - Boat tour of the Romagna Riviera

One of the most popular day trips to Rimini is the boat tour of the Romagna Riviera, a tour that allows you to enjoy a wider view of the coast and the various locations that follow one another observing them from another perspective.

From Rimini, head south towards Riccione and Cattolica until you reach the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park and admire its long stretch of clear cliffs overlooking the sea, a rare detail for the Adriatic coast. Lunch is usually included in this type of tour and is eaten at board with tasting of typical Romagna products or in a restaurant, always typical local, in one of the villages on the coast that is previously agreed. After the lunch break, the rest of the day is dedicated to sailing offshore where you can take a quiet swim, sunbathe or dive into the open sea!

  • Range: 15,5 km
  • Tours depart from the port of Rimini, which can be reached along the Lungomare Claudio Tintori or Via Destra del Porto - Get directions
  • this type of tour departs at 9:00 in the morning and returns around 18:00
  • the cost starts from € 100,00

2 - Ravenna

A beautiful city to visit around Rimini is Ravenna, less than an hour away.
Ravenna is a place with a long history behind it, just think that it was capital of the Roman, Ostrogothic and Byzantine empires. In fact, today it is known above all for the series of historical and religious buildings inherited from various eras and for the many Byzantine mosaics kept inside them. The complex of buildings was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.

The main places of interest in which to observe these extraordinary mosaics are the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuova, the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe, the Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Neonian Baptistery and the Basilica of San Vitale. In short, a day trip to Ravenna is a great way to dive into the past and into art! And after visiting the city and its facilities, there is no shortage of green areas, tree-lined avenues and public gardens to relax and enjoy a peaceful stroll.

  • Range: 54,1 km
  • 54,1 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via the Statale 16, by train from Rimini station (€ 4,00 each way) or by the Comazzi company bus starting from the San Giuliano stop (€ 4,00 each way) - Get directions
  • city ​​tours last around 3 hours
  • tours start from € 30,00
  • Ravenna: private guided tour with access to monuments Ravenna: Byzantine mosaics and local flavors tour Ravenna: Sant'Apollinare in Classe Basilica private tour

3 - Mirabilandia

In the surroundings of Rimini, you can also go to Ravenna for another reason: Mirabilandia! Just outside the city and 40 minutes from Rimini, what better way to spend a whole day than in the largest amusement park in Italy? Mirabilandia is very famous so you probably already know that it is a theme and water park with countless rides, attractions, pools and slides as well as funny mascots that run around the area.

Between a roller coaster and a dip in the pool, there are also several shows offered within the park in the various thematic areas and always strictly themed. Just to name a few, you can come across dinosaurs in the Dinoland area or cowboys in Far West Valley, take your little ones to Bimbopoli or even enjoy adventurous rides in Adventureland. In short, whether you are a group of friends, a family with children or a couple, fun is guaranteed for everyone!

  • Range: 40,3 km
  • 40,3 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via the Statale 16, with the Bonelli bus that works with the park and leaves from Piazzale Marvelli (€ 6,00 round trip) or by train to Ravenna from Rimini station (€ 4,00 each way) and then continues by taxi about 20 minutes - Get directions
  • open every day with variable hours according to the season and the days, however the most common time is from 10:00 to 18:00; to stay up to date it is advisable to visit the official website.
  • € 37,90 full, € 29,90 reduced, € 17,90 only in the evening, online tickets starting from € 24,90, people with disabilities enter for free

4 - Bologna

The capital of emilia-romagna is not to be missed if you are in Rimini, agreat destination to spend a whole day, especially for its short distance of just an hour.
Bologna is a city always full of life with streets that are teeming with people in every season, in fact every period is good to visit it! Being disappointed in Bologna, both for its monuments and for its vitality and tourist offers, is practically impossible.

Its large Piazza Maggiore, the Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda, the Basilica of Santo Stefano, the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro, the Palazzo Re Enzo and the Municipal Library are just some of the spectacular places that await you in the capital, as well as street artists, music in every corner, clubs, shops and typical restaurants. To visit Bologna, you can reach it independently finding a city tour to join once you arrive. The choice is truly vast and most include an inevitable tasting of the many traditional products of Bolognese cuisine.

  • Range: 113 km
  • 113 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via the E45 road, by train from Rimini station (€ 7,00 each way), or by the Marino Autolinee bus that passes from Rimini station and stops in Bologna Centrale - Get directions
  • tours last from 2 to 5 hours
  • tours start from € 15,00
  • Bologna: Walking Tour of the Center Bologna: 3-Hour Secret Food Tour Bologna: Red Bus City Tour and Tasting of Local Products Bologna: Tour with Wine Tasting in an Old Inn

5 - Italy in Miniature

If you liked the idea of ​​Mirabilandia and would like to visit another theme park as well, Italia in Miniatura is an excellent choice to spend an interesting and pleasant day, above all in just 10 minutes away from Rimini.

Italia in Miniatura is one scale representation of the most famous and representative monuments, churches and squares of our beautiful country such as the Colosseum, the Duomo of Milan, the Rialto Bridge and the Tower of Pisa, just to name a few. But inside this curious park there are 270 reproductions because nothing is really missing! Even seas, railways, lakes, rivers, mountains and hills have even been built, while along the entire route, between one building and another, there are models of over 5000 trees to represent the varied Italian flora. But it's not over yet! At the end of the tour of the Italian miniatures there is even one space dedicated to Europe consisting of 20 monuments that refer to the 13 countries of the European Union. Impossible not to be struck by the precision with which everything was built. A really meticulous and well done job that will amaze you!

  • Range: 6,2 km
  • 6,2 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via the Statale 16 or by bus 8 which passes in front of the Rimini station (€ 1,30 each way) - Get directions
  • open every day with variable hours depending on the season and the days, however the most common time is from 9:30 to 16:30, to stay up to date visit the official website
  • prices vary according to the period and start from € 11,00 full price and € 8,00 reduced, instead children under one meter in height always enter for free
  • Rimini: entrance ticket to Italy in Miniature

6 - Park of the Salina di Cervia

To vary from city and theme parks, here is a very interesting natural park: the Park of the Salina di Cervia. Located half an hour away from Rimini, is another great alternative to spend a whole day.

It is a natural reserve of 827 hectares which, thanks to its position south of the Delta del po 'and the short distance from the sea, allows the nesting of many species of birds, especially pink flamingos. The salt pan consists of over 50 basins crossed by a 16-kilometer canal which allows the entry and exit of sea water which obviously helps in the formation of salt.
The collection takes place strictly by hand in the large tanks so as not to lose the artisan traditions inherited from ancient times. In this park several tons of "Sweet Salt of Cervia" are collected every year with particular organoleptic characteristics and a pink color due to a water algae. Inside there is an inevitable point of sale to buy bags of pure or flavored salt, as well as wellness products for body care. The visit of the park can be done on foot but for the lazy even by bike or train!

  • Range: 30,2 km
  • 30,2 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via the Statale 16, by train from Rimini station to Cervia station (€ 2,00 each way) then continuing on foot or by taxi, or by Comazzi bus from the San Giuliano stop to Cervia station (€ 3,00, each way) and also in this case continue on foot or by taxi to the park - Get directions
  • Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:00, Saturdays from 08:30 to 12:30, Sunday from 8:30 to 19:30
  • prices start from € 2,00 and vary according to the type of visit (train, bike, walk, with or without a guide)

7 - San Marino

Have you ever thought that from Rimini in a short time you can move to another state? We are talking about the Serenissima Republic of San Marino, the small country in itself in the middle of Italy reachable in just 30 minutes from the infamous seaside resort.

Visiting San Marino means catapulting into the past in a fairy-tale place made up of castles, narrow streets full of craft shops, medieval towers, orange and blue uniforms of the guards, sabers and feathered hats, immersed in a breathtaking landscape. Not for nothing has it been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site as evidence of the continuity of a free republic. San Marino is in fact the Oldest republic and also the smallest in the world! The city is very characteristic, located on a hill with a beautiful view from all four sides. Do not miss the Cathedral, Piazza della Libertà, the Three Towers, the Passo delle Streghe and the interesting and curious State, Torture and Wax museums.

  • Range: 19,1 km
  • 19,1 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via Statale 72 or by Bonelli bus from the Arco d'Augusto stop to Borgo Portici (€ 4,00 each way) - Get directions

8 - Montebello Castle

The Montebello Castle is a particular attraction half an hour from Rimini surrounded by mystery, history and a legend for which he became famous. The legend of Azzurrina tells of the daughter of a feudal lord who died prematurely and remained wandering inside the castle between one room and another, an ancient and sad story that today attracts many curious visitors.

The castle dates back to Roman times when a simple tower was built as a defense post on which a real fortress was built in the Middle Ages, or the current structure. Today the castle it houses a history museum where weapons, objects of various kinds, furniture and clothing of the time are exhibited, but also a small honey shop as it is the typical product of Montebello. After the visit of the castle, we suggest a tour through the streets of the village of Montebello whose historic center is fortified by walls and is accessible through a door. Inside you can visit the Church of San Pietro Apostolo or shop at the historic craft shops.

  • Range: 22 km
  • 22 kilometers from Rimini; reachable by car via Statale 9 or by bus 160 of the Start Romagna company from the Fornaci stop (€ 3,00 each way) - Get directions
  • the hours vary between summer and winter and between day and night. It is advisable to consult the official website
  • Full € 8,00, reduced € 4,00, children up to 5 years free

9 - Aquarium of Cattolica

Cattolica is one of the main towns on the Romagna Riviera, just 25 minutes away from Rimini. After visiting cities, theme parks and doing boat rides and beach life, Cattolica is also worth a visit to discover the its huge aquarium, the largest of the entire Riviera and the Adriatic Coast, a trip suitable for everyone!

The path inside is divided by colors, each of which is dedicated to various species including fish, caimans, reptiles, amphibians, sharks, penguins and turtles. THE The main protagonists of this attraction are however the great bull sharks 3 meters long. In their tank it is possible to immerse yourself using a special cage! Other interesting species encountered in the Cattolica Aquarium are nurse sharks, black tip sharks, Cuvier's dwarf caimans, Humboldt penguins and piranhas.

  • Range: 17,8 km
  • by car via Statale 16 or by Bonelli Bus from Rimini Bagno 57 to Cattolica Corso Italia (€ 4,00 each way) - Get directions
  • open every day with variable hours depending on the season and day, however the most common time is from 10:00 to 21:30. More info on the official website
  • full € 21,00 - reduced € 17,00
  • Cattolica Aquarium entrance ticket

10 - Ferrara

And to round off your holiday in Rimini in style, a visit to the beautiful city of Ferrara, less than two hours away, cannot be missed among the day trips.
Ferrara is known for the elegant Renaissance structures built by the Este, the lords of the city.

The Estense Castle with its luxurious rooms, the Baroque-style Palazzo dei Diamanti which houses the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Ferrara, the Ferrara Cathedral in marble and Romanesque style, are just some of the things that will amaze you in this fascinating city.
Do not miss the Casa Romei Museum, the Schifanoia Palace, the Town Hall and the Certosa di Ferrara. And above all, walking in its historic center it is impossible not to be enchanted by the canals crossed by small bridges that are very reminiscent of the atmosphere of Venice but in a more peaceful way.

  • Range: 124 km
  • by car via the E45 road and the A13 motorway or by train, changing in Bologna (€ 15,00 each way) - Get directions
  • tours last approximately 2 hours
  • tour starting from € 60,00
  • Ferrara: 2-hour walking tour of the city center - Segway tour in Ferrara - Ferrara: guided walking tour among the treasures of the city

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