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Umbria is a region very rich in history, art and architecture, you are spoiled for choice among all characteristic villages that meet one after the other and each one different from the previous one. Not to be overlooked too the lakes and the beautiful hilly landscapes and mountainous, as well as culinary and wine traditions. Much of this can be explored easily by setting your base in Perugia, the capital and undisputed home of chocolate, which is just a few minutes or a few hours away by car from various historical and natural attractions. Here the best day trips around Perugia!


  1. Assisi and the Basilica of San Francesco
  2. Passignano and Lake Trasimeno
  3. Orvieto and Todi
  4. Gubbio
  5. Montefalco and Bevagna
  6. Cascia and Norcia
  7. Waterfall marmore
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1 - Assisi and the Basilica of San Francesco

Just 21 minutes away, this is a very popular destination. This city is mainly known for being the place where San Francesco and Santa Chiara were born and lived, so it will be a day mainly dedicated to historical and cult places. There are many medieval and gothic churches scattered among the ancient and characteristic streets, between one church and another, there are also the Roman theater, the temple of Minerva and the Rocca Maggiore. However, the basilica of San Francesco remains the main attraction of Assisi, a real artistic masterpiece in Italian Gothic style. The basilica consists of three superimposed rooms or the crypt, the lower church and the upper church, and is complete with an external bell tower. The interiors instead leave you speechless with their frescoes and decorations.

  • Range: 21,6 km
  • it is 21,6 km, 30 min by car via the state road 75 or by the direct bus E007 of the Busitalia Sita Nord company (€ 2,00) from the Viale Roma stop - Get directions
  • every day from 8: 30 to 18: 00
  • admission to the basilica costs € 2,00 - tours start from € 100,00 - book online
  • Assisi: 3-hour private walking tour

2 - Passignano and Lake Trasimeno

The village is perched on a promontory overlooking the shores of the lake, a natural attraction less than half an hour from Perugia.
This hamlet it is classified among the most beautiful in Italy, visiting the historic center enclosed within the medieval walls you can admire buildings of artistic value such as the church of San Cristoforo, the Antica Pieve, the church of San Rocco, the church of San Bernardino and the oratory of San Rocco. Do not miss the Rocca in which the Museum of Boats has been set up to exhibit ancient boats from Lake Trasimeno.

The lake and its clear waters are to be discovered with a nice ferry ride that takes you offshore to visit the three natural islands of the lake: Polvese, Maggiore and Minore.

  • Range: 28,1 km
  • 28,1 km away, 27 min by car via the Provincial 313, by train from Perugia Silvestrini station (€ 4,00 each way) or by bus E017 Busitalia Sita Nord from the Fontivegge stop (€ 3,00 each way) - Get directions
  • San Rocco church: Sun 10: 00-17: 30; the museum is open from 10.00-12.30 - from 15.30-19.00 from Tuesday to Sunday
  • the church of San Rocco contribution of € 3,00; museum: € 2,00
  • Perugia, Assisi, Lake Trasimeno: 1 day tour in Umbria

3 - Orvieto and Todi

Respectively 67 and 41 kilometers away from Perugia, these are two destinations often merged into a single day visit as they are on the same route.

Orvieto, the town known for its location on a tuff cliff and for the beautiful and particular cathedral in Romanesque-Gothic style from the external facade which is a real work of art.

Todi, a characteristic town enclosed by three complexes of city walls (Etruscan, Roman and medieval). Here the main points of interest are Piazza del Popolo, the beating heart of the town, the Civic Museum, the Lapidary Museum, the Consolation Church and the Church of San Fortunato.

  • Range: 67,3 km
  • Orvieto is 167 km away - 1 hour 16 min by car via the Statale 448 while the E45 road leads to Todi at 59,0 km, 41 min by car from Perugia. By train there is a change in Terontola Cortona (€ 10,00), then continue to Todi with buses E643 and E641 from Piazza Cahen with change in Morre (€ 5,00), and finally return to Perugia with buses F209 and E620 from V. Cortesi changing at Pian di Porto (€ 5,00) - Get directions
  • the Cathedral of Orvieto is open every weekday from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 17:00, however on holidays only afternoon opening
  • cathedral costs € 5,00 and also includes the chapel of San Brizio and the Diocesan museum. Tours start from € 30,00 - book online
  • Orvieto: Underground Tour and Light Lunch at Cantine Foresi Guided walking tour of Orvieto

4 - Gubbio

An interesting city for history and art lovers about 45 minutes by car from Perugia, a splendid town with a Roman and medieval imprint which offers many architectural attractions and several museums to visit. There is Piazza Grande, the Doge's palace, the cathedral, the basilica of Sant'Ubaldo, the Roman theater and the fountain of the Matti whose tradition has it that three laps of running around it are made to be declared crazy!

The museums to visit to learn more about the history of the village are the Diocesan museum, the Palazzo Ducale museum, the Ceri museum, the Balestra museum and the antiquarium of the Roman theater.

This city it is renowned for its ceramics, truffles and finally for the Eugubine Tables, seven bronze plates discovered in the fifteenth century and written half in Latin and half in Umbrian kept in the museum of Palazzo Consoli. In short, if all this is among your interests, in Gubbio it will be impossible to get bored!

  • Range: 38,9 km
  • it is 38,9 km away, 45 minutes by car along the SS 219 and 3. By bus, the E001 bus line of Busitalia Sita Nord starting from V. Perugina (€ 3,00 each way) - Get directions
  • Schedule: Palazzo Ducale 8: 30/19: 30 - Roman theater and Antiquarium 10: 00/19: 30 - Diocesan museum Tue / Sun 10: 00/18: 00 - Palazzo Ducale museum Tue / Sun 8: 30/19: 30 - Museo dei Ceri Thu / Sun 9: 30/13: 00 and 15: 30/19: 30 - Museo della Balestra 8: 30/19: 30
  • Doge's Palace € 5,00 / € 2,00 - Roman theater and Antiquarium € 3,00 / € 1,50 - Diocesan museum € 6,00 / € 3,00 - Palazzo Ducale museum € 5,00 / € 2,00, 4,00 - Ceri museum € 3,00 / € 6,00 - Crossbow museum € 3,00 / €

5 - Montefalco and Bevagna

They are two villages included in the ranking of the most beautiful in Italy, both 40 minutes from Perugia and renowned producers of oil and wine, often combined in a single day dedicated to food and wine among vineyards, olive groves and tastings.

In Montefalco Sagrantino and Montefalco Rosso are produced in a truly suggestive hilly area that rises on the plain of the Topino and Clitunno rivers, creating a favorable position for both vines and olive trees. Hence also the nickname "railing of Umbria"!
The center of the village instead encloses a series of medieval buildings within its walls like the municipal one.

A few minutes away instead is Bevagna, another charming town where you can discover the Gaite market with medieval arts and crafts and a historic center which, unlike the usual villages, is all on the plain. Do not forget to include in your day a visit to an oil mill and a cellar, completing everything with a tasting of oils and wines paired with the exquisite Umbrian products.

  • Range: 37,9 km
  • by car through the Provincial 403 you reach both destinations. With the E422 and E411 buses from Fontivegge with change in Foligno (€ 4,00) to Montefalco, with the E411 bus (€ 2,00) to Bevagna and finally to return to Perugia the E422 bus (€ 3,00) - Get indications
  • tours last from 2 to 8 hours
  • tour prices start from € 50,00 - book online
  • Montefalco wine and olive grove tours and tastings

6 - Cascia and Norcia

Two Umbrian towns ideal for an eno-gastronomic tour as well as historical and cultural, once again merged into a single tour but at an hour and a half distance from Perugia.
Both countries they are located in a truly fabulous natural setting, in the Valnerina and near the Sibillini Mountains, and are renowned above all for the production of Umbrian wines and cheeses, as well as for the presence of black truffles.

Cascia appears first along the way, the ancient Roman and medieval town that hosted the nun Santa Rita where in fact the main attractions are the basilica and the monastery dedicated to it.

Norcia is the birthplace of San Benedetto, which amazes with the gothic basilica of San Benedetto and the Castellina museum. Between one visit and another, don't forget to stop and savor and taste the best local products!

  • Range: 94 km
  • for this tour it is preferable to travel by car and take State Roads 3 and 685 to both destinations, otherwise you need to change different buses and buses with journeys lasting several hours. To Cascia, train from Perugia to Spoleto (€ 4,00) + bus E401 and E405 from Piazza Vittoria with change in Serravalle (€ 3,00), then to Norcia from Roccaporena bus E405 (€ 1,00) and finally to Perugia bus E401 from Porta Ascolana to Palombara + bus E423 and E422 with change at Foligno Stazione (€ 8,00) - Get directions
  • basilica and monastery of Santa Rita every day from 6:45 am to 18:00 pm - basilica of San Benedetto every day from 8:20 am to 20:15 pm - Tours last about 8 hours
  • the prices of private tours and complete with everything are around € 200,00
  • Tour in Umbria: Cascia, Norcia and Marmore Falls

7 - Marmore Falls

Also in Valnerina and an hour's drive from Perugia, there is this waterfall, a natural place of undisputed beauty.
E' considered the main green lung of Umbria, and is also among the highest in Europe with its 165 meters. There are three jumps, one more beautiful than the other with the classic spectacular effect that only moving water can create! Bring appropriate shoes and comfortable clothes to enjoy a day in the outdoors. Lovers of birdwatching they will find their paradise where they can observe many rare species of birds wandering among the typical Mediterranean flora.

  • Range: 84,7 km
  • 84,7 km away, 1 hour 8 min by car via the E45 road and the Statale 3 bis or with the E620 and E621 buses from Porta Conca, changing in Terni (€ 6,00 each way) - Get directions
  • every day from 11:00 to 17:00 - Tours last approximately 8 hours
  • the entrance to the park costs € 10,00 full and € 7,00 reduced - The prices of the tours are around € 200,00
  • Tour in Umbria: Cascia, Norcia and Marmore Falls

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