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Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a city to discover. Situated between the fjords, in the Norwegian landscape rich in nature, the capital is an example of the perfect combination of modernity and ecology, industrialization and green spaces. Going on a trip to Oslo, though, and not to visit the surroundings, it would be a shame. There are beautiful villages and interesting attractions to devote a day to. Let's start together to discover the best day trips around Oslo.


  1. Drøbak and the Oscarborg fortress
  2. Cruise on Lake Mjøsa with the Skibladner
  3. Tusenfryd Amusement Park
  4. Hadeland Glassverk
  5. Blaafarveværket
  6. The historic center of Fredrikstad
  7. Fetsund Lenser, timber museum
  8. Henie Onstad Art Center
  9. The Kongsberg Silver Mines
  10. Bærums Verk
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Drøbak and the Oscarborg fortress

South of the Oslo Fjord, forty minutes from the capital, is the charming village of Drøbak, which it will catch your attention especially if you are a Christmas addict. In the center, in fact, there is the Tregaarden house, with the post office: here you can write your postcards and stamp them with the special Santa Claus stamp. You will also be able to visit the largest Norwegian collection for Christmas. At the Drøbak pier you will find the only museum in the world dedicated to the lutefisk, cod typical of the Nordic countries marinated in soda.

From the square you can take the ferry, in summer one every hour, to Oscarborg fortress, the journey takes 5-10 minutes and costs NOK 106,00 (€ 11,00). The entrance to the fortress is free. Oscarborg is famous for sinking the German ship Blücher during the Second World War. In the height of summer, however, you can also reach Oscarborg from Oslo by ferry, being right in the center of the capital's fjord.

  • Range: 37,1 km
  • Drøbak is about 37,1 km from Oslo by car, forty minutes. By public transport, you can take bus 500 which leaves the Oslo bus terminal every half hour and takes less than an hour to get to Drøbak, at a cost of NOK 59,00 (€ 6,00). route - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

2 - Cruise on Lake Mjøsa with the Skibladner

On vacation in Olso do not miss a ride on the oldest steam boat in the world, still in service: the Skibladner. This elegant boat, white and with gold-colored finishes, has been restored to its former glory, in the nineteenth-century style: it is 150 years old. Its cruises are held only in the summer, from mid-April to mid-September, on Lake Mjøsa, north of Oslo. The boat is really delightful and the journey very comfortable and interesting, we tour the various towns on the banks of the lake from Gjøvik to Lillehammer. Inside the boat there is a first-class restaurant, so that you can also choose the cruise with lunch or dinner, jazz concerts are also held, and on Sundays the cruise with live music.

  • Range: 112 km
  • you can reach Gjøvik and from there leave for the cruise. Oslo is 112 km away, almost two hours by car. By public transport, from the central station you can take the R30x train to Gjøvik, it runs every hour, or every two hours in the evening, and it takes two hours and costs NOK 300,00 (€ 31,00) each way - Get directions
  • in the height of summer, two different tours depart from Gjøvik at 09:30, the last ride back at 20:00, but other trips can be taken, for example at 12:45 and 17:30, every day except Mondays.
  • depends on the itinerary and additional services, from 150,00 to 350,00 NOK (€ 15,00- € 36,00).

3 - Tusenfryd Amusement Park

Tusenfryd Amusement Park is Oslo's amusement park, located about twenty kilometers from the city, and can be compared to a huge amusement park with the most varied rides and sections dedicated to all tastes. There is the BadenFryd, a water park within the amusement park; the SpeedMonster, a truly adrenaline-pumping roller coaster that goes from 0 to 90 km / h in just two seconds, imitating car racing: an experience for the most daring. Then there is the space with the rides dedicated to the little ones, therefore more peaceful, in short, a day out of Oslo definitely suitable for families or those traveling with friends and want some fun and carefree.

  • Range: 112 km
  • by car it takes about 20 minutes from the center of Oslo, by public transport, you can take bus 505 which leaves every 10 minutes from Oslo Bussterminal, direction Drøbak via Tusenfryd, takes about 25 minutes at a cost of NOK 59,00 ( € 6,00) each way - Get directions
  • open from the end of June to the end of October. Until September, Monday to Friday from 10am to 30pm, Saturday and Sunday until 18pm, in October from 00am to 19pm.
  • for children under one meter in height it is free. For children up to 1,20 meters, the ticket costs NOK 329,00 (€ 34,00) while for adults NOK 399,00 (€ 41,00). 20% discount with the Oslo card

4 - Hadeland Glassverk

The art and production of glass play a fundamental role in the history and culture of Norway, for this reasonè very interesting to go for a visit to Hadeland Glassverk, about an hour from Oslo. It is actually a real village, with shops, museum, glassware, play area for the little ones and a restaurant area. The glassware was Founded in 1752 and it is the oldest industrial organization still in operation. Inside there is the largest glass museum in the Scandinavian peninsula, with the exhibition of some artifacts made even 250 years ago. There are some workshops for visitors where adults and children can try their hand at blowing glass and making nice jars for honey, which, in summer, they can fill with the honey production that operates inside the structure. The village is surrounded by nature, making it a very pleasant destination for a day out of Oslo.

  • Range: 53,2 km
  • located 53,2 km north of Oslo, it takes an hour by car, or by public transport you can take the bus 200 every hour from Bussterminal towards Hønefoss, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. From here take bus 221 direction Jevnaker and get off at Hadeland Glassverk stop after 20 minutes. Prices are to be checked on the official website or at the station - Get directions
  • open all year round, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, Saturdays closes at 17:00 and Sundays from 11:00 to 18:00
  • admission is free, there are also variable tickets to enter any temporary exhibitions or concerts.

5 - Blaafarveværket

This unpronounceable name belongs to a huge and really interesting site: the old mines for the extraction of cobalt about an hour from Oslo. This substance was used for the production of cobalt blue, particularly requested by the production of glass and ceramics in the country. The mining company was founded in 1773, while today the mines, now disused, have become a museum that winds along 8 km through the history and culture of this country. In the opening season, i.e. during the summer, a few days in October and during the Christmas markets, it is possible to take guided tours inside the mines every day. Inside you will see a suspension bridge and a movable glass floor. In the structure there is also the museum of mines, numerous restaurants, a farm for children and many shops where to buy souvenirs.

  • Range: 80 km
  • it is 80 km from Oslo, just over an hour by car. By public transport you can take the bus 200 every hour from Bussterminal towards Hønefoss. From here you change and take the 100 to Åmot, up to here it took you two hours in all. Finally, from Åmot, 7 minutes by bus 105 to Blaafarveværket. Prices are to be checked on the official website or at the station - Get directions
  • from June to August open from 10:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Sunday. From August to September from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00.
  • the guided tour of the mine costs 195,00 NOK (€ 20,00). There are separate tickets for the museum (NOK 60,00, € 6,00) and for the cobalt laboratory (NOK 110,00, € 11,00).

6 - The historic center of Fredrikstad

It is the best preserved fortress in the entire Scandinavian peninsula, consisting of various central buildings dating back to 1700 and the surrounding walls to 1600, to constitute the historic center of Fredrikstad, a place to really visit. The city is very lively, there are historic buildings, clubs, craft shops and local gastronomy. In the historic center there is also a very interesting museum that tells the history of this place, we advise you to plan your trip to Fredrikstad on a Saturday, because, in addition to visiting the old city, you can stroll among the stalls of the flea market, really characteristic. There are also many art galleries to visit.

  • Range: 93 km
  • it is located 93 km south of Oslo, on the fjords, 1 hour 40 by car. By public transport you can take the VY3 bus every hour from Bussterminal and get to the Sarpsborg terminus in 1 hour and 30. From here you can take bus 2 to Fredrikstad Nygata, it takes half an hour. Tickets cost NOK 229,00 (€ 24,00) one way - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

7 - Fetsund Lenser, timber museum

Another important trade that distinguishes the history of this country is certainly that of timber, thanks to the wealth of forests. Fetsund Lenser is therefore a real national monument, where you can learn more about the history of his sawmill on the Glomma River and the characteristic and interesting process of transporting logs on the river.The sawmill was opened in 1861 and closed in 1985, it was then a few years later that it was decided to turn it into a museum and in an information and exhibition center. The area is full of naturalistic areas, inside the museum you can find information to visit them and an exhibition on the nature of the place. You will also have the opportunity to touch the logs and have them travel on the river. Inside there is a coffee for refreshment.

  • Range: 28,1 km
  • it is 28,1 km from Oslo, half an hour by car. From the central station you can take the L14 train, one every hour, direction Kongsvinger, and get off after 15 minutes at Nerdrum. From here, Fetsund Lenser is about 750 meters on foot. Train ticket costs NOK 82,00 (€ 8,50) one way - Get directions
  • open only in summer from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00, closed on Saturday. On Sundays it is open all year from 12:00 to 16:00.
  • admission to the timber museum costs NOK 40,00 (€ 4,00). The remaining areas are free.

8 - Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

This very important art center for Norway it is located in a beautiful area from a naturalistic point of view, right on the Oslo fjord. The building, characterized by modern architecture, cuts itself against the green meadows and waters of the Norwegian sea. Inside, a vast collection of contemporary art, not only Norwegian but also international. There is a permanent exhibition, the Henie Onstad collection, but also temporary and traveling exhibitions. You can request a guided tour if you wish, but you must book it in advance. Within the complex there is an outdoor sculpture park, beach, restaurant and brasserie, perfect for a day trip outside Oslo.

  • Range: 28,1 km
  • It is 28,1 km from the center of Oslo, 20 minutes by car. From Bussterminal you can take bus 160 every twenty minutes, direction Rykkin, and get off after 26 minutes at Høvikodden. The entrance to the art center is 600 meters away. Tickets cost NOK 59,00 (€ 6,00) one way - Get directions
  • open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00
  • 120,00 NOK (€ 6,00), free entry under 18 and with the Oslo card

9 - The Kongsberg silver mines

Just outside the town of Kongsberg are the silver mines, which remained in operation until 1958. Now, on the site, there is a museum and it is possible to visit the mines, the bottom of which reaches a depth of 1.000 meters. Very nice is the little train that takes visitors along the 2 km of the route. There are numerous activities that you can do together with the whole family: visit the mine with a guided tour, take the elevator, the first one that brought the miners to a depth of 300 meters, mint your own silver coin, search for silver with a sieve, play a treasure hunt ... It is a really interesting place, which tells an important part of the history of Norway and offers a great opportunity for fun and entertainment for all.

  • Range: 81,5 km
  • the mines are located 81,5 km west of Oslo, over an hour's drive. From the train station you can take train 1 towards Stavanger every 2 hours, it takes you 50 hour and 1 minutes to Kongsberg. From there the entrance to the mine is 10 meters away. Tickets cost NOK 800 (€ 216,00) one way - Get directions
  • open from May to August from 11:00 to 17:00 every day, the rest of the year from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00
  • 160,00 NOK (€ 16,00)

10 - Bærums Verk

Here is a great shopping day on your trip to Oslo. Bærums Verk is a really interesting site, it is an ancient factory, dating back to 1610, which has now become a large open-air shopping center, formed by many small wooden houses in pastel colors, in the characteristic Norwegian landscape. Here you will find shops, artisan shops selling glass, wooden products, knitwear, and then again restaurants where you can taste the typical cuisine and a park full of sculptures where you can regenerate in the green. Inside the complex you can also see the old workers' houses and visit the museum which tells the story of the glorious Bærums Verk factory.

  • Range: 17,3 km
  • it is 17,3 km from the center of Oslo, by car half an hour. From Bussterminal you can take the 150 towards Gulhaug and get off at the Bærums Verk stop after 45 minutes. Tickets cost NOK 59,00 (€ 6,00) one way - Get directions
  • open from June to December, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Saturdays closes at 18:00, Sunday open from 12:00 to 16:00
  • free, on request you can take a guided tour for a fee

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