Excursions from Monte Carlo: the best day trips around the Principality of Monaco

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Monaco is a very small principality located on the Mediterranean coast of France, whose history began in the th century.
It is famous for the Belle Epoque style casino that animate the Monte Carlo district, for its gardens and marvelous landscapes from the cliffs overlooking the sea, for the port in which luxurious yachts and prominent personalities dock every day, finally for theelegance of narrow streets and royal palaces, among which the Palais Princier stands out, which attracts thousands of tourists to witness the changing of the guard at 11:55 every day.

But also the surroundings of Munich are full of wonders not to be missed. Which? Let's find out together! Here are the best day trips around the Principality of Monaco.


  1. Cannes and Santa Margherita Island
  2. Capo d'Aglio
  3. Saint Tropez
  4. Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat
  5. La turbie
  6. Eze
  7. Roquebrune-Cap Martin
  8. Cagnes sur Mer
  9. Saint Paul de Vence
  10. Grasse
  11. Nice
  12. Menton
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1 - Cannes and Santa Margherita Island

Famous for its International Film Festival and for its luxury boutique on Boulevard de la Croisette, it is impossible to be in Monaco and not visit Cannes. Characterized by the turquoise of the sea and the luxury of its buildings, it has a historic center located on the upper part, which offers magnificent views of the harbor and the city itself.

The center hosts some of the most important attractions, such as Tour du masque: a tower dating back to the th century, in which legend has it that the man with the iron mask hid, after escaping from the island of Santa Margherita. The island itself can be visited, it can be reached by one of the many ferries available (it is only 2 km away). Here you can enjoy a walk with the scent of eucalyptus and a visit to the Fort Royal, where the man was imprisoned.

Cannes is also famous for Marché Forville: an ancient market dating back to 1934, where everything is sold: from fruit, vegetables and cheeses up to rare antiques.

  • Range: 49 km
  • Cannes is about 47 kilometers from Monaco (one hour by car and an hour and twenty by train) and can be reached by train Ter (86033 - 86039 - 86043 - 86045 - 86047 - 86049 - 86053 - 86055 - 86057 - 81121 ), from Gare de Monaco, with departures every thirty minutes and fares starting from € 7,00. Get directions
  • Always visitable. For the attractions it is advisable to visit the official sites.
  • Ferry to the island € 15,00; Fort Royal € 6,00 (adults); Tour du masque: Free; Marché Forville: Free.
  • Return ferry from Cannes to the island of Santa Margherita

2 - Capo d'Aglio

Situated on a rocky promontory, just five kilometers away from Monaco, it is a small pearl of the French Riviera, perfect for a trip to the sea and long, green walks, with the scent of Mediterranean aromatic herbs.
Capo d'Aglio is dotted with wonderful coves and small beaches connected to each other by a path that runs along the entire coast. Among the most famous beaches certainly: Plage Mala, wild and unspoiled.

  • Range: 3,2 km
  • Capo d'Aglio is only 3,2 km from Monaco (which can be reached in just ten minutes by car and about fifteen minutes by bus). We recommend Bus 100x Lignes D'Azur (guaranteed departure five times a day), from Monaco Fontvielle to Cap d'Ail Bautugan; at a cost of € 2,00 single ride. Get directions
  • Always visitable.
  • French Riviera: 4-hour private cruise

3 - Saint Tropez

Pastel colored town located less than two hours away from Munich. Famous for its worldly nightlife and to be a favorite destination for VIPs, Sain Tropez is a romantic village that is full of alleys and cheerful markets.

Characteristic is the district of La Ponche, an ancient fishing village, where it is still possible to see old fishing boats; or still unmissable: L'Eglise de Saint Tropez, a Baroque building visible from every point of the city; the Chapelle de la Misericorde, with its beautiful polychrome dome; the Musée de l'Annonciade, which contains works by the master Signac; the seventeenth-century citadel and La Maison de papillons, in which over 4.500 specimens of butterflies are visible. The beaches are also wonderful, tongues of sand bathed by dream water. The most famous: Plage de Tahiti, Plage de Pampelonne, Plage des Salins.

  • Range: 108 km
  • Saint Tropez is 108 km from Monaco (around two hours by car and just over four by public transport). It is advisable to reach it by a combination of Train, Bus and Ferry. Details below:
    Train (TER, EC, TGV) from Monaco Monte Carlo to St Raphael Valescure Gare Routiere, from there Bus 7601 or 7702 to Sainte Maxime; from there Ferry to Saint Tropez. Combined rates starting from € 28,00. For greater convenience, we recommend a guided tour with transfer included. Get directions
  • Always visitable. To visit museums and attractions, consider an indicative time between 10:00 and 18:00 (check the sites of the individual attractions).
  • the main attractions have prices between € 4,00 and € 8,00
  • Saint Tropez and Port Grimaud: Full-Day Tour

4 - Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat

An ancient fishing village, located in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, between Monaco and Nice, it offers wonderful views that open from the cliff to the open sea. A green oasis, which shines in the sun for about 300 days a year.

Characteristic for its wonderful beaches, among the most important: Cros dei Pin (the port beach, the largest of all), Les Fossettes, wilder and more appreciated for its incredible seabed, so much so that from this beach begins an underwater path 200 meters long and three deep which allows the exploration of the seabed; Les Fosses, considered the most beautiful; and Paloma Beach and Passable, equally beautiful private beaches.

The village also offers some beautiful Belle Epoque style villas. Among the most famous is the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, now belonging to the Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Range: 15 km
  • It is about 15 km from Monaco (about thirty minutes by car and a little more by train). We recommend the train (81754 - 86066- 81124 - 86068 - 81128 - 86072 - 81756 - 86074 - 81132 - 86076), which leaves from Munich train station every 5,00 minutes. Rates starting from € 81. Alternatively, train to Villefranche sur Mer, BusLignes d'Azur 2,00, to Port de Saint Jean. Bus cost: € ; frequency: thirty minutes. Get directions
  • the beaches are open approximately between 10:00 and 00:00; Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • Paloma Beach: € 27,00; Passable: € 45,00; Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild: € 14,00 (adult)

5 - La Turbie

A small village set in the rock, just above Monte Carlo, crossed by medieval cobbled paths
A Provencal landscape that will leave you breathless, that it hosts the Trophy of Augustus, built by the Romans about 2000 years ago, on the occasion of their victory against the rebel tribes of the Alps, today used as a museum. The baroque is also wonderful Church of Saint Michelle, dating from the th century.

  • Range: 3,4 km
  • It is just over 3,4 km away and can be reached by car in just 17 minutes and by bus in just 25. We recommend Bus 100x Lignes d'Azur, from Monaco Fontvielle to La Turbie Mairie, with guaranteed departure five times a day. at a cost of € 2,00. Get directions
  • Always visitable. The Augusto Trophy Museum is open from 9:00 to 18:00 from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Trofeo d'Augusto Museum: € 6,00; Church of Saint Michelle: Free.

6 - Eze

Located between Monaco and Nice, the village of Eze is located on a peak 429 meters above sea level from where you can admire a splendid panorama.
The village, of medieval origins, in the past also bewitched the philosopher Nietzsche who was fascinated by the sunny alleys full of flowers.

Once here you will see the house of the Riquier, Castle of the Golden Goat el 'former residence of Prince William of Sweden.

  • Range: 8 km
  • Eze is 8 km from Montecarlo and can be reached by car in 20 minutes following the D6007 to the N7 Nice / Eze exit. Alternatively you can take a train to Gare de Eze sur Mer and then bus 83 which leads to Plateau Justice in the heart of Eze. There are also several organized tours that depart from Montecarlo and allow you to visit this small village. Get directions
  • Organized excursions usually start in the morning and last 4-5 hours
  • organized tours cost around € 60,00
  • Monaco, Eze, and La Turbie: Excursion

7 - Roquebrune-Cap Martin

The ancient medieval village of Roquebrune-Cap Martin sits overlooking the sea and is characterized by beautiful colorful alleys and vaulted passages. The town is dominated byancient castle which is worth a visit because in addition to being in a panoramic position it is an example of th century architecture.

  • Range: 5,4 km
  • Roquebrune-Cap Martin is 5,4 km from Montecarlo and can be reached in 15 minutes by car following the coastal road heading east towards Menton. A train connects the two towns in 25 minutes or you can participate in an organized excursion that includes a visit to several villages on the Côte d'Azur. Get directions
  • the castle is open October-January 10:00 - 12:30; 14:00 to 17:00: February-May 10: 00-12: 30 and 14:00 to 18:00; June-September 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:30 - 19:00.
  • the entrance to the castle costs € 5,00
  • Day tour on the French Riviera

8 - Cagnes sur Mer

In this small town in Provence, not too far from Monte Carlo, Renoir lived his last 12 years.
The country is divided into Haute de Cagne, the oldest and most medieval part which is located in the hills with picturesque streets and marvelous views. Cagnes Villeinstead, which is the modern and new district and finally The Cros de Cagne, the area of ​​the old fishing port. In this town you will certainly not be bored: you can visit the Renoir museum, the Chateaux Grimaldi and savor the typical Provencal atmosphere.

  • Range: 30 km
  • Cagnes sur Mer is 30 km from Montecarlo and can be reached in 45 minutes by car following the A8 towards Nice and then taking exit 48. By train it takes about 1 hour from Gare de Monaco to Gare de Cagnes sur Mer.
  • Bike tours from Nice to Antibes via Cagnes sur Mer depart in the morning and last 6 hours
  • the bike tour costs € 70,00
  • Nice to Antibes: 6-hour guided tour with E-Bike

9 - Saint Paul de Vence

Romantic and medieval village perched on a mountain Saint Paul de Vence is characterized by cobbled alleys, ancient walls, pretty squares, numerous artisan shops and ateliers of artists who have decided to live here.
The suggestion is to stroll through the alleys of the village, visit some art galleries and admire the works exhibited at the Maeght Foundation which preserves excellent works by famous artists such as Mirò, Chagall and Matisse.

  • Range: 34,7 km
  • Saint Paul de Vence is 34,7 km from Montecarlo; by car it takes about 1 hour following the A8 and then the M336. Or you can join organized tours that include several locations on the French Riviera and Provence. Get directions
  • The Maeght Foundation is open September-June 10: 00-18: 00; July and August 10 am-00pm.
    Organized excursions start in the morning and last around 4-5 hours
  • entrance to the foundation costs € 16,00; organized tours cost around € 59,00
  • French Riviera: Cannes, Antibes and Saint-Paul-de-Vence

10 - Grasse

Considered for 400 years "the capital of perfumes" because here the first perfumers made their fortune at the French court using the essences of the flowers of the area, Grasse is a town that appears a bit decadent and shabby.
However the various perfumeries are worth a visit who sell natural fragrances and factories like Galimard, Molinard and Fragonard which show the fundamental steps in the production of these elixirs.
Here you can also create your own essence!

  • Range: 51,9 km
  • Grasse is 51,9 km from Montecarlo and can be reached by car in 1 hour and 15 minutes following the A8 to the Grasse exit and then following the signs. There are also trains that connect the two cities in 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    Alternatively, some organized excursions also include a stop in Grasse. Get directions
  • factories are usually open every day from October to March 9: 00-12: 00 and 14: 00-18.00; April-June and September 9: 00-18: 00; July and August 9:00 to 18:30.
  • the visit to the factories is free; Organized tours that include visits to various locations in Provence cost around € 110,00
  • Grasse, Valbonne, Gourdon: 1-day tour with Grasse tasting: create your own fragrance in a perfume factory

11 - Nice

Another famous place, not far from Montecarlo, to visit in a day is Nice, the capital of the department of the Alpes-Maritimes, lying on a long pebble beach and considered the capital of the French Riviera.

The old town is characterized by pastel-colored alleys, ancient buildings, squares where colorful markets are held and the Jewish ghetto.
Then they deserve a visit on Parc du Chateau reachable with a lift from where you can enjoy a fantastic view; the Matisse Museum, That of Chagall and Promenade des Anglasi where to stroll at sunset.

  • Range: 19,2 km
  • Nice is 21 km from Montecarlo and can be reached in 35 minutes by car following the A8. There are also trains that connect the two cities in 36 minutes, Nice ferries: return ferry to the Principality of Monaco or you can visit it by participating in a guided excursion. Get directions
  • tours to visit nice start in the morning and last around 3 hours
  • the cost for a tour of the city accompanied by expert guides is € 25,00
  • Nice and Castle Hill: guided historical walking tour

12 - Menton

Considered "the city of lemons" par excellence, Menton near the Italian border is famous not only for the lemon festival that takes place in February, but also for numerous tropical gardens and its long seaside promenade that runs alongside the beach.
Also worth seeing is the old town with squares and narrow streets overlooking the sea, the Basilica of San Michele Arcangelo and the houses with the typical colored shutters. Every then there is a famous market that is popular with tourists and locals.

  • Range: 8,4 km
  • Menton is 8,4 km from Montecarlo and can be reached in 30 minutes by car following the D6007 state road towards Ventimiglia or by train in 25 minutes. Get directions
  • tours that often include Monaco and Monte Carlo depart in the morning and last 5 hours
  • organized excursions cost around € 64,00
  • 5-hour tour to Menton, Monaco and Monte-Carlo

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