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Lausanne is a beautiful Swiss town on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the middle of Europe, surrounded by slopes planted with vines and high alpine peaks that stand out if you lift your head.
In addition to offeringdifferent attractions ideal for a weekend or a real vacation, also has very suggestive surroundings.
From Lausanne, in fact, it is possible to make several day trips to discover small villages, mountain villages and much more.
Here's what not to miss!


  1. Lavaux region
  2. Les Diablerets
  3. Montreaux and Chateaux de Chillon
  4. Gruyeres
  5. Yverdon les Bains
  6. Interlaken
  7. Geneva
  8. Chamonix Mont Blanc
  9. Freiburg
  10. Bern
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Lavaux region

Considered the largest wine-growing area in Switzerland with its 800 hectares of vineyards, the Lavaux has also been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. During an excursion to these places you can admire the cultivated terraces that gently slope down to the lake while snow-capped peaks rise on the bottom.
Absolutely to visit the cellars to taste the production of fragrant whites.
A special way to discover the area is on board the "Train des vignes" which in twelve minutes connects Vevey to Puidoux-Chebres and in the small hamlets you can taste the excellent yellow nectar.

  • Range: 11,4 km
  • it is 11,4 km from Lausanne and can be reached by car in about 25 minutes or by train that connects Lausanne to Grandvaux in 10 minutes and then on foot for 950 m - Get directions. Alternatively, from Place du Vieux port - Ouchy, in front of the Lausanne tourist office, private organized tours depart which allow you to visit the beautiful countryside and some wineries.
    The train des vignes leaves every hour from Vevey station and arrives in Puidoux-Chebres (€ 5,37)
  • Tours depart in the morning and last a full day
  • an organized excursion costs around € 70,00
  • Riviera Line in Montreux, Lavaux Sightseeing

2 - Les Diablerets

In the heart of Switzerland, between the Bernese Alps and Lake Geneva, at 1.200 meters above sea level, is the village of Les Diableretes, which dominates the mountain range full of rivers, streams, glaciers and perennial snows. In winter it is a true paradise for sportsmen who practice skiing and snowboarding e in summer it is the ideal place for trekking lovers, walks or routes to discover by bike.
The advice, once here is to go up with the cable car that connects Col du Pilon to Mount Glacier 3000 where you can experience strong emotions walking on the suspension bridges.
In the vicinity of LEs Diablerets there are also the Musee des Ormonts with exhibitions dedicated to the mountain train and the salt mines of Bex which can be visited following an underground route.

  • Range: 58,7 km
  • it is 58,7 km from Lausanne; it can be reached by car in 1 hour following the A9 / road 11 or in 1 hour and 40 by train changing in Aigle - Get directions. The organized excursions departing from Lausanne and allowing you to visit the glacier and the surroundings of Les Diablerets are interesting.
  • The cable car is open from November to May 9: 00-16: 30 Mon-Sun (runs every 20 minutes); May-October 9: 00-16: 50 every day (runs every 20 minutes). Organized tours depart from Lausanne in the morning and last 10 hours.
  • Cable car € 80,00 round trip full price. Tours from Lausanne cost approximately € 80,00
  • From Lausanne: Glacier 3000 experience and Montreux Riviera Col du Pillon and Glacier 3000: full day tour

3 - Montreaux and Chateaux de Chillon

Located on a rocky island connected to the mainland by a covered bridge, is the Château de Chillon, built around the year 1000.
What helped make the fortress famous is the panoramic position and it is also possible to visit each room, the frescoed halls, the prisons and the ramparts.
Not far from the castle is located Montreaux a beautiful town on Lake Geneva with a characteristic village surrounded by vineyards and mountains.
We suggest you take a walk along the lake and visit the historic center with the beautiful church of San Vincenzo.

  • Range: 25,5 km
  • it is 25,5 km from Lausanne and can be reached by car in half an hour following the S1 / A9 exit 15 Montreaux. The direct train takes 20 minutes and connects the stations of the two cities - Get directions. Those who don't have much time can join tours that combine a visit to Montreaux, the Castle and Lake Geneva departing from Lausanne.
  • The castle is open April-September Mon-Sun 9: 00-19: 00; October 9: 30-18: 00; November-February 10: 00-17: 00; March 9:30 - 18:00. Organized tours depart in the morning and last around 10 hours
  • Admission to the castle is 12,50 full tickets (€ 11,00) and 6 CHF (€ 5,20) reduced tickets. Organized tours cost approximately € 137,00
  • From Lausanne: Swiss Riviera Tour; Travel by bus from Lausanne to Montreux

4 - Gruyeres

Another interesting excursion, especially recommended for gourmands and cheese lovers it is the one in the GRuyeres area where there is also the homonymous town that gave its name to the famous cheese.
If you reach that location you certainly cannot miss the visit to the dairy "La maison du GRuyere" where you can watch the processing and production of this product with final tasting.
Near the company there is also the Castle of St. Germain with a large courtyard, a beautiful fountain and perfectly preserved interiors, which we recommend to visit with a guided tour.

  • Range: 43,5 km
  • Gruyeres is 43,5 km from Lausanne and can be reached by car in 45 minutes along S1 / A9E27 / A12 exit 4 Bulle - Get directions. Alternatively, you can take an organized excursion starting from the Lausanne harbor square.
  • The castle is open from November to March 10: 00-16: 30; April-October 9: 00-18: 00. Organized tours depart in the morning and last around 10 hours.
  • Admission to the castle is 10 CHF full (€ 9,00) and 8,5 CHF reduced (€ 7,20). Organized tours cost approximately € 190,00
  • Lausanne: Gruyères tour with cheese and chocolate tastings;

5 - Yverdon les Bains

Considered to be the most important spa resort in western Switzerland and known since Roman times, Yverdon les Bains is located on Lake Neuchatel. In addition to the thermal waters with beneficial and curative properties thanks to the presence of magnesium, the town has a rich historical heritage. To see the complex of 45 Neolithic Menhirs and the medieval castle of the th century which dominates the city and today houses some museum itineraries.

  • Range: 31,1 km
  • The spa is 31,1 km from Lausanne and can be reached in half an hour by car; the direct train instead takes 35 minutes - Get directions
  • The castle is open Tue-Sun June-September 11: 00-17: 00; October-May 13: 00-17: 00
  • Entrance to the castle costs 10 CHF (€ 9,00)

6 - Interlaken

Interlaken is a Swiss town in the middle of a flood plain between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun and is surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Usually the town, in addition to having a beautiful historic center full of shops, it is the starting point for various excursions to both nearby lakes and mountains. In winter you can devote yourself to sports such as skiing and snowboarding while in summer there are several paths to discover with trekking and walks. In any season, however, we advise you to take the Harder Kulm cable car which in 10 minutes will take you to high peaks from which you can admire a magnificent panorama.

  • Range: 119 km
  • it is 119 km from Lausanne; it can be reached by car in 1 hour and 50 minutes following the A9 / E25 / E27 / A1 and then take the A6 Interlaken exit. The train takes 2 hours with a change in Bern - Get directions
  • The cable car is open from June to October Mon-Sun 9: 10-21: 40 every 30 minutes
  • The cost is 32 CHF a / r (€ 30,00); 16 CHF reduced (€ 15,00)
  • Interlaken: Harderkulm funicular ticket Interlaken: 1-hour boat cruise on Lake Brienz

7 - Geneva

On the shores of the homonymous lake, at the foot of the Swiss Alps is Geneva, famosa for the auto show which usually takes place in March, but also for being a lovable citizen with a nice old town and several attractions. During a day trip you should not miss a visit to the Cathedral of San Pietro, the Palace of Nations, the Water Games and the Museum of Modern Contemporary Art (MAMCO). Those who want to relax can take a boat trip on the lake, stroll through the streets of the center or enjoy the greenery of the city parks. The ideal if you don't have much time is to take part in some city tour that allows you to see the main attractions in a few hours.

  • Range: 59,7 km
  • it is 59,7 km from Lausanne; by car it can be reached in 1 hour following the E23 / E25 / E62 towards Geneva; the direct train, on the other hand, takes 36 minutes - Get directions
  • tours organized to visit the city usually start in the morning and last from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 5/6
  • the organized visits have a cost starting from about € 23,00
  • Geneva: international districts and old town Geneva: city tour and boat cruise

8 - Chamonix Mont Blanc

Famous French tourist center located at the foot of Mont Blanc, Chamonix is a mountain village that offers the possibility of practicing various sports activities and to relax in modern wellness centers.
The center is also full of shops that allow you to go shopping. During a day trip we suggest you take the "Aiguille du Midi" glacier cable car which connects the center of Chamonix with the 20 m peak in 3.842 minutes.
Once at the top you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Alps and going up with an elevator you will reach the terrace with a view of Mont Blanc. If you come between late July and early August don't miss the Cosmojazz Festival!

  • Range: 109 km
  • it is 109 km from Lausanne; by car it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes along the D1506- E62 / E27 - Get directions
  • The cable car is open at varying times, generally from 8:00 to 17:00 with runs every 15 minutes. We recommend visiting the official website for more info.
  • The return trip by cable car costs € 50,00; children aged 5 to 14 and over 60 pay € 42,50.
  • Chamonix: hike with a view of Mont Blanc Acrobatic paragliding over Chamonix and the Mont Blanc Range

9 - Freiburg

Another excursion to do if you are staying in Lausanne is to the Swiss town of Friborg with its characteristic architectural heritage and where two languages ​​are spoken (French and German).
Worth seeing are the Gothic-style St. Nicholas Cathedral, the ancient city dating back to the th century, the "Espace Jean Tinguely-Niki de Saint Phalle" Museum, the Museum of Art and History and the "Historisches Kaufhaus" Commerce Palace.
In addition, this location is perfect for tasting traditional Swiss cuisine!

  • Range: 58,4 km
  • it is 58,4 km from Lausanne and can be reached by car in 1 hour or by direct train in 40 minutes - Get directions
  • To visit the town in a short time, the ideal is to participate in organized tours that allow you to see the main attractions in a few hours and depart at 9:00 or 12:00
  • organized tours cost around € 68,00
  • Friborg: Savor the self-guided food tour of the Swiss city

10 - Bern

For a day trip from Lausanne too Bern, the capital of Switzerland, offers several attractions. The historic center, of medieval origins, is characterized by red roofs, arcades, fountains and towers and boasts 6 km of arcades that allow you to stroll peacefully even when it rains.

Don't miss the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Prison Tower, the Bundesplatz Square with the parliament building and the 26 representative fountains of the cantons and the beautiful Clock Tower on the Theaterplatz. Museum lovers can spend time at the Einstein Museum of Fine Arts, while families with children will have fun at the Botanical Garden, the Bear Park and the Zoological Garden.

  • Range: 89,6 km
  • Bern is 89,6 km from Lausanne. Get directions and can be reached in 1 hour and 20 by car following the A9 / E27 / A12 Bern / Friborg. There are also direct trains that connect the two cities in 1 hour.
  • Tours organized to visit the city start at 9 or 12 and last 4/5 hours
  • the costs of an organized tour start from around € 22,00
  • Bern: Old Town Walking Tour; Bern: 1-hour private express tour

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