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Granada, in southern Spain, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the Andalusian region. With its Moorish appearance it expresses all the influence of the Arabs who settled in this region centuries ago.
The city is splendid to visit, however, in the surroundings you can visit the most varied landscapes, from the mountains, natural parks, villages carved into the stone to the Gorafe desert.
So let's see together the best day trips around Granada.


  1. Sierra Nevada and Pico Veleta
  2. Gorafe Desert
  3. Almeria
  4. Guadix
  5. Sierra de Baza Natural Park
  6. Jaen
  7. Salobreña
  8. Alpujarra Granadina
  9. Alhama of Granada
  10. Sierra de Cazorla
  11. Ubeda
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1 - Sierra Nevada and Pico Veleta

Less than an hour's drive is the stunning Sierra Nevada mountain range. In such a warm and Mediterranean region, these beautiful mountains become a special place where to spend a cool day and go hiking. It is possible to reach La Hoya de la Mora by public transport up to 2.500 meters, here you can leave your car and continue by bicycle or on foot to reach the Pico Veleta along the highest road in Europe, at 3.300 meters high .
Once you get to the top, the show cannot leave you indifferent: the Mediterranean Sea and Africa stand out along the horizon, and, behind you, Andalusia with its deserts and magical places.

  • Range: 71,5 km
  • it is 71,5 km, less than an hour's drive along the A-395 road. From the Paseo de Los Basilios stop, bus line 40 leaves every 390 minutes and takes you to the terminus, Guejar in 40 minutes (€ 1,30 each way), however it is not recommended because Hoya de la Mora is 14 km more. The last bus ride to Granada is at 21:40 from Guejar - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free. Tours start from € 58,00 per person - book online
  • Sierra Nevada: 4x4 safari tour from Granada Granada to Veleta Peak: the highest bike ride in Europe

2 - Gorafe Desert

Just an hour's drive from the city you can have a magnificent desert experience, a harsh and wild territory. The inhabited center of the town of Gorafe has only 552 inhabitants, and, all around, there are tall, barren rocks without vegetation that stand out against the blue of the sky giving this territory a very special aspect. Along its valleys you are left speechless, these views have little to envy to the Grand Canyon. In addition, outside the town, you can visit the Megaliths park, inside which some dolmens from the primitive era are preserved outdoors.
It is possible to reach it only by car, however organized tours take care of the transfer, you can make excursions, especially by bicycle.
Be careful, in any case, to carefully choose the coolest hours and to leave equipped and organized: we are still in a desert!

  • Range: 81,5 km
  • it is 81,5 km, about 1 hour by car along the A-92 road. There is no public transport - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • From Granada: E-Bike Tour of Guadix and the Gorafe Desert

3 - Almeria

The Andalusian coast is less than 158km away and is home to this beautiful city, overlooking the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is one of the most important trading ports in Spain, one very old city and still very lively, dedicated to trade and tourism. Here you can visit the ancient fortress called Alcazaba, dating back to the eighth century, of which there are still the walls to protect the city. Below the Alcazaba it is also present a beautiful Moorish style neighborhood formed by white buildings. Do not forget to take a tour of the port and taste the local specialties in the typical restaurants.

  • Range: 158 km
  • it is 158 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes by car along the A-92 road. From the bus station, in Via Juan Pablo II, the Alsa company makes trips every hour to Almeria (€ 15,00 each way), it takes 2 hours. The first bus leaves at 06:35, the last one from Almeria is at 20:30 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Almeria Like a Local: Personalized Private Tour

4 - Guadix

It is a town of about 18.000 inhabitants to the north east, located next to the Gorafe desert.
Territory characterized by imposing desert rocks and the landscape is very fascinating. In addition, you can visit really interesting monuments, such as the cathedral, a splendid Baroque example from the 1500s. Do not miss the Barrio de Cuevas district, too. a cluster of houses carved into the rock on a hill overlooking the city giving you a beautiful view even on the walls of the local fortress, the Alcazaba.

Outside Guadix, about 6 km away, there is also a unique naturalistic place: the Mirador del Fin del Mundo, whose name already says a lot. It is about a panoramic terrace, also reachable by car through a slightly narrow but passable road, from which you can witness, especially at sunset, a breathtaking view of the canyon below.

  • Range: 54,4 km
  • 54,4 km away, 45 minutes by car via the A-92 road. From the bus station the Alsa company runs every hour and a half (€ 6,00 each way), it takes 1 hour. The last ride back is at 20:30, the first at 06:30 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • From Granada: E-Bike Tour of Guadix and the Gorafe Desert

5 - Sierra de Baza Natural Park

This park is another naturalistic place that distinguishes the landscape of this region. It is located about 112 km from the city, heading east. It is possible to make numerous excursions, both on foot and by bicycle, in short: relax a bit and disconnect from the hectic and sparkling life of Granada.

The park it is formed by a mountain massif a little lower than the Sierra Nevada, which hosts, within it, plateaus, suggestive and deep valleys, vertiginous slopes. If you plan an excursion inside its woods you can admire beautiful green landscapes, Mediterranean pines, but also numerous animals such as the wild cat, the badger, the golden eagle. It will then be interesting to take a tour in the small inhabited centers and refresh yourself with mountain cuisine.
Next to the park, the town of Baza with its is also very characteristic to visit houses carved into the stone.

  • Range: 112 km
  • it is about 112 km, 1 hour and a few minutes by car via the A-92 road. From the bus station, buses of the Alsa line leave for Baza, it takes 1 hour and 30 min, € 11,00 each way, then you need to reach the park territory, a few kilometers outside the city - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

6 - Jaen

The city is surrounded by the Sierra Morena mountains and the Cerro de Santa Catalina, within a valley surrounded by olive groves, which make it a truly characteristic city. Inside you can visit the cathedral of Santa Iglesia, which blends Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance elements, and the castle of Santa Catalina, built in the thirteenth century as a protection against the siege of the Moors. Both buildings overlook the city from small hills, no higher than 800 meters, and this gives the places particular charm: from here you can admire the whole city. Also worth seeing is the singular Renaissance palace of Villardompardo, inside which there are also the Arab baths.

  • Range: 95,2 km
  • it is 95,2 km from Granada, about 1 hour drive along the A-44 road. From the bus station, buses of the Alsa lines leave approximately every 45 minutes, from 7 in the morning until 21:45, it takes approximately 1 hour, € 10,00 each way. The last ride back departs at 21:30 pm - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • 2,5 hour tour of Jaén: Cathedral, Arab baths and old town

7 - Salobreña

This is a quaint town on the tropical south coast. Here you can spend a pleasant day on the beach, temperatures in Andalusia allow it already in spring or again in autumn, e the city, with its small flowered and characteristic streets, is really beautiful.

Don't forget to visit the Salobreña Castle, a historic building that is located right above the sea. A beautiful panorama can also be enjoyed from the Mirador Enrique Morente, after having climbed the narrow stone streets of the historic center to the viewpoint. At the end of the day, before resuming your journey to Granada, don't forget to stop at one of the tapas bars along the seafront.

  • Range: 69,9 km
  • it is 69,9 km away, about 50 minutes by car along the A-44 road. From the bus station, the Alsa line, offers frequent trips throughout the day even if not regular which take about 1 hour, € 4,00 each way. The first part at 07:00, the last to return is at 21:15 - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Costa Tropical and Nerja Caves Day Tour from Granada

8 - Alpujarra Granadina

This it is a fascinating mountainous region in the southern sector of the Sierra Nevada. The landscape is really interesting as well characterized by green valleys and steep slopes which, from the peaks of the mountain range, descend towards the regions below. The small perched villages are splendid to visit, and this is one of the most protected areas in Europe, both from a natural and historical point of view.

The most important city, to be taken as reference point for the departure of excursions is Lanjaron, where it is also possible to visit the ruins of the ancient castle and the thermal baths. It is also really close to Granada. But there are also other cities more internal to the region, such as Orgiva, Paterna del Rio and Trevelez which, with its 1.476 meters above sea level, is the highest municipality in Spain.

  • Range: 104 km
  • Lanjaron is 104 km from Granada, which can be reached in 45 minutes via the A-44. The ALSA bus leaves every hour from Granada bus station towards Orgiva, takes about 1 hour (€ 5,26 each way) - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • From Granada: Day Trip Through Alpujarra Alpujarra Experience: Historic Mountain Villages

9 - Alhama de Granada

Not to be confused with the Alhambra, this small town southwest of Granada was, in the days of Arab domination, a very important nerve center for trade and for the administration of the area. Today it has just over 6.000 inhabitants and yet still retains unique testimonies as well as a truly magnificent natural landscape. The country, in fact, is located on the slopes of a vast valley open to the panorama from the Sierra de Tejeda and in particular it overlooks a very suggestive rocky gorge, remembering Ronda, another fantastic Andalusian city.
Absolutely not to be missed is a visit to the Arab quarter in the city and the Mazmorras, underground Moorish buildings used both as prisons and as silos for storing cereals. It is possible to visit them and explore the really characteristic tunnels.

  • Range: 47,6 km
  • it is 47,6 km from Granada, one hour via the A-92 road. The Alsa line leaves from Granada bus station at 11:45 am and takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes at a cost of € 6,00 each way. Unfortunately, however, it is not very convenient as the last return trip is at 15pm - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

10 - Sierra de Cazorla

All of Andalusia is full of mountainous and natural areas of inestimable value. This chain together with the Sierra de Segura forms a large natural park. The tourist activity here is of greater impact than in the other Andalusian natural parks and, although there are few small urban centers, the road network is well maintained and connects the entire immense territory.

The landscape is mainly covered with lush forests and rocky reliefs, suitable for hiking. The other major feature that distinguishes the park is water, for example the Rio Borosa river. There is a splendid path, equipped and well maintained, which runs along the course of this fresh mountain river, but it is challenging, because it has a vertical drop of almost 600 meters. It passes through tunnels and hydroelectric power stations for the entire length of almost 12 km, with various types of natural landscapes: green, rock, lagoon. An adventure immersed in nature!

  • Range: 119 km
  • The town of Cazorla is 119 km from Granada, almost 2 hours drive via the A-401 road. Bus connections depart in the afternoon and require a change in Baeza, taking more than 4 hours in all, so they are not recommended - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free

11 - Úbeda

At the entrance of the Sierra de Cazorla there is this beautiful town. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the city is known for its historical monuments and for urban conformation of Renaissance style. As in many other Spanish cities, here too you can admire the ancient Jewish quarter and the synagogue of Agua.

Furthermore, there are buildings dating back to the heyday of Úbeda, inspired by Italian Humanism such as the Sagra Capilla del Salvador, a Renaissance chapel dating back to 1500, the Vazquez de Molina palace and Vela de Los Cobos. But in the city there are many other churches and historic buildings: the best way to appreciate it is to walk through its characteristic streets. Very impressive in the city is the period, a bit like in all Spain, of the Semana Santa, when the 17 Confraternities of Úbeda parade.

Just outside the city you can visit a dolmen that seems to date back to the third millennium BC, all around there are numerous archaeological excavations, evidence of how the area was intensely lived in ancient times.

  • Range: 114 km
  • it is 114 km from Granada, 1 hour and a half via the A-44 road. Starting at 07:45 and then every two hours, an ALSA line bus leaves from the bus station, reaching Úbeda in 1 hour and 45 minutes at a cost of approximately € 8,45 each way - Get directions
  • always accessible
  • free
  • Úbeda, Baeza and Sabiote: 7-day tourist pass

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