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Frankfurt is located on the banks of the River Main, is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe and is the seat of the European Central Bank.
Between skyscrapers and ancient alleys, it is a tiny German town waiting to be discovered. Surrounded by fairytale castles and breathtaking landscapes, is an excellent starting point to rediscover an authentic and characteristic Germany, explore the way in which the surroundings and the identity of a place change, remaining fascinated.
Here are the best day trips that will take you discovering the beautiful surroundings of Frankfurt.


  1. Mainz
  2. Wiesbaden
  3. Heidelberg
  4. Hochst
  5. Cruise in the Rhine Valley
  6. Rothenburg
  7. Baden-Baden
  8. Limburg
  9. Aschaffenburg
  10. Kassel
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1 - Mainz

Picturesque and charming, this city lies just a few kilometers away from Frankfurt.
Full of alleys and half-timbered houses with Renaissance rococo facades, it winds around the Marketplace, where the popular market is still held, in the shadow of which stands the beautiful cathedral, with Romanesque architecture, where the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were once crowned.
Unmissable and characteristic is the street that leads to the church of Santo Stefano, dotted with shop windows designed by Marc Chagall.

  • Range: 38 km
  • it is 38 km - 43 min by car, slightly less by public transport. The Deutsche Bahn train 35872, 35874, 35870 or regional Deutsche Bahn, departs from Frankfurt Hbf and reaches Mainz Roemisches Theater (€ 6,00) - Get directions
  • Duomo: from March to October 9: 00-18: 30, Saturday: 9: 00-16: 00, Sunday: 12: 45-15: 00/16: 00-18: 30, from April to October 9: 00- 17:00, Saturday: 9: 00-15: 00, Sunday: 12: 45-15: 00/16: 00-17: 00. The popular weekly market is held on Saturday mornings
  • the cathedral is free. Tours start at € 18,00 - book online
  • Mainz: full-day tour from Frankfurt

2 - Wiesbaden

Enriched by tree-lined avenues and ancient churches, this town is certainly a small pearl to visit.
His is beautiful Marktkirche, a Lutheran church that was built between 1853 and 1862, characterized by 98-meter high towers making it the tallest building in the city. Do not miss the city ​​castle Stadtschloss (now the seat of the parliament of the region of Hesse), dating back to the early nineteenth century, where William II used to spend his stays, and the Warmer Damm park: an enchanting English-style garden dating back to the th century, embellished with a pond, animals and thick vegetation.

  • Range: 34,6 km
  • it is 34,6 km - 37 min by car or just over 50 by public transport. We recommend train Deutsche Bahn 35104, 35972, 35974, from Frankfurt Hauptwache to Wiesbaden Hbf, fares from € 15,00 - Get directions
  • marktkirche: 14:00-18:00; stadtschloss: 10:30-21:00
  • marktkirche: free admission; stadtschloss: € 37,00 (family consisting of 2 adults + 2 children), € 14,00 (adult); € 7,00 (students aged 7 to 17); € 5,00 (children aged 3 to 6); free (children under 3 years)

3 - Heidelberg

Characterized by a medieval old town, cobbled streets and surrounding green hills, this town is charming. In its now dilapidated castle there is the largest barrel in the world, which could even contain up to 221 liters of wine.
The Pharmacy Museum is very interesting. The University of the city is also one of the oldest German universities.

  • Range: 84,3 km
  • 84,3 km away - 1 hour 4 min by car. It can be reached by Deutsche Bahn EC, ICE, IC or regional Duetsche Bahn (€ 16,00). Or Flixbus 110, 122 or 117, from Frankfurt central, fares from € 4,00 - Get directions
  • castle: 8: 00-18: 00; pharmaceutical museum: 10: 00-18: 00 (1 April - 31 October), 10: 00-17: 30 (1 November - 31 March). The castle and museum are closed on 24 (afternoon), 25 (full day) and 31 (afternoon) December
  • castle: € 7,00 (full); € 4,00 (reduced); pharmaceutical museum: € 5,00 (full), € 2,50 (reduced), € 12,50 (families), € 4,60 (groups of 20 or more)
  • Heidelberg: 6-hour tour from Frankfurt

4 - Hochst

It is a suburb characteristic for its ancient cobbled streets and for its colorful houses. It is very famous for its porcelain manufacture and its fairytale castle, which was the residence of the archbishops of Mainz.
Since 1957, every year in mid-June for four weeks, the Festa del Castello has been held, during which numerous and cheerful events take place, a jazz festival and colorful fireworks.

  • Range: 10,4 km
  • it is only 10,4 km away, which can be covered in about twenty minutes by car or just over 10 by public transport. Accessible via Deutsche Bahn train 35130, 35142, 35140 or regional Duetsche Bahn, fares from € 2,00 - Get directions
  • the castle is closed to the public, however the gardens can be freely visited

5 - Cruise in the Rhine Valley

Koblenz is an ancient town of 2.000 years, still characterized today by courtyards and stately buildings, narrow streets, alleys and castles, from here you can embark on one of the many ships departing from the city pier for a very romantic trip to discover the Rhine Valley.
La Rhine Valley it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the most suggestive places near Frankfurt. Perfect for exploring by boat, is a continuous succession of medieval cities, countryside landscapes rich in vineyards (in that area Riesling wine is produced) and fairytale castles.
The Rocca di Loreley will be suggestive (name deriving from a legendary figure of Germany): a slate fortress, 132 meters high, located in the middle-upper Rhine valley, at the height of the town of St. Goarshausen, offering an impressive view of it.

  • Range: 83,8 km
  • it is 83,8 km - 1 hour 25 min by car and a little further by public transport. Accessible by Deutsche Bahn ICE, IC or regional Duetsche Bahn train (€ 23,00). Alternatively Flixbus 028, from Frankfurt central, € 7,00 - Get directions
  • boats leave at 9:00 am, 14:00 pm and 18:10 pm from the dock
  • starting from € 27,00

6 - Rothenburg

The city is full of charm and medieval art, is one of the most beautiful in Bavaria.
Founded in the 1945th century, it was partially destroyed by bombing in and rebuilt after the end of the Second World War.
Do not miss its Marktplatz (market square), which it overlooks the Rathaus, or the town hall building, which has the curious characteristic of having been built following two different architectural styles: Gothic and Renaissance.
Very interesting the Baumeisterhaus: former residence of the city architect, dating back to 1596 e the Jakobskirche (church of San Giacomo): in late Gothic style, consecrated in 1448.
Original will be a walk through Herrngasse (via dei gentlemen): a typical Bavarian boulevard, with shops and colorful houses full of flowers.

  • Range: 156 km
  • it is 156 km away, which can be covered in about two hours by car or public transport. The Deutsche Bahn Regional train takes over two and a half hours, with two changes (from € 21,90) - Get directions
  • Jakobskirche: 9:00-12:00; Baumeisterhaus: 10:00-21:00
  • Jakobskirche: free admission
  • Rothenburg: day trip from Frankfurt

7 - Baden-Baden

A very elegant town, famous for being the place where "The Player", one of Dostoevsky's most beautiful novels, is set.
Characterized by an ancient and famous Casino, dating back to 1838 and even defined as "the most beautiful casino in the world", is full of parks and gardens, the most important of which is the Rosengarten: a beautiful garden of fragrant roses.
Do not miss the visit to Brahmshaus (the museum dedicated to the composer Brahms) and the Russian Orthodox church, dating back to 1882 and entirely decorated in Byzantine style.

  • Range: 169 km
  • it is 169 km - 1 hour 52 min by car or more than two hours by public transport. Also reachable by Deutsche Bahn train ICE, IC or EC (from € 20,00) - Get directions
  • Brahmshaus: 15: 00-17: 00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday); 10: 00-13: 00 (Sunday). Closed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Russian Orthodox Church: 10 am-00pm (18 February to 00 December)
  • Brahmshaus and church: free admission
  • From Frankfurt: Heidelberg and Baden-Baden full-day tour

8 - Limburg

One of the most beautiful towns in Hesse, characterized by ancient half-timbered houses with gable roofs and alleys and lanes leading to the wonderful cathedral, which towers over the entire city.
Do not miss the Diocesan Museum, which exhibits objects of sacred art, a th-century deposition and a reliquary from Constantinople and the Alte Schiftsvikarie and Haus Bruckengasse, two of the oldest houses in the city. On the facade of the second, a suggestive representation of the seven deadly sins. Obviously you should not miss the aforementioned Cathedral, an artistic masterpiece of the transition period between Romanesque and Gothic dating back to the thirteenth century.

  • Range: 61,2 km
  • 61,2 km - 57 min by car or public transport. Duetsche Bahn regional train (€ 11,00). With Flixbus from the station, area B, there are direct trips of 1 hour and 35 min, € 6,99 - Get directions
  • city ​​always accessible, the cathedral from Tuesday to Friday: 11: 00/15: 00, every day at 10:15 there is the Holy Mass
  • the cathedral: € 3,00, free up to 16 years
  • Full day tour to Cologne and Limburg

9 - Aschaffenburg

It stands on the right bank of the River Main and is considered the Nice of Bavaria. It is a town full of art and culture; his famous Pompejanum: dating back to 1849 and inspired by the house of Castor and Pollux in Pompeii.
enchanting the castles of the city: Johannisburg, a Renaissance masterpiece and symbol of the same, houses a precious library containing incunabula, engravings and paintings and Schonbusch Castle: dating back to the eighteenth century and surrounded by a wonderful English garden, it was the summer residence of the Prince-Bishop.

  • Range: 40,3 km
  • it is 40,3 km from Frankfurt and can be reached in about 37 minutes by car. Deutsche Bahn IC or ICE train takes about 48 min (€ 13,50) - Get directions
  • Pompejanum: 9: 00-18: 00, closed on Mondays. Johannisburg Castle: 9: 00-18: 00, closed on Mondays. Schonbush Castle: 9: 00-18: 00, closed on Mondays
  • Pompejanum: € 5,50 (standard), € 4,50 (reduced), free (under 18); Johannisburg castle: € 3,50 (full), € 2,50 (reduced); Schonbush castle combined with Pompejanum: € 7,00 (full), € 5,00 (reduced)

10 - Kassel

Located on the banks of the Fulda river in northern Hesse, Kassel is a wonderful "fairytale" town, so much so that it hosts the Brothers Grimm Museum, who have lived here for thirty years of their life.
His is precious Wilhelmshohe castle which, immersed in an enchanting hilly landscape, houses one of the most important collections of paintings by Rembrandt and the famous Apollo of Kassel.
Do not miss the ruins of the fortress of Lowenburg: a Gothic building from the 800s the statue of Hercules: a copper statue, which has become a symbol of the city.

  • Range: 163 km
  • 163 km away - 2 hours 11 minutes by car. The Deutsche Bahn ICE, IC train takes about 1 hour and 58 min to reach it, the route costs € 27,90. Alternatively, arrive by bus Eurolines DE, from Frankfurt am Main, the route costs € 35,00 - Get directions
  • Grimm museum: 10 am-00pm closed on Mondays. Wilhelmshohe Castle: 18 am-00pm, closed on Mondays. Lowenburg: 10 am-00pm
  • Grimm museum: € 5,00 (full), € 3,00 (reduced), € 12,00 (families); Wilhelmshohe castle: € 3,00 (full), free (under 18). Lowenburg: € 2,00 (full), € 1,00 (reduced), free (under 18)

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