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Burgas is a major city on the Black Sea as well renowned tourist resort in Bulgaria, a good place to base yourself to discover the places in the surroundings. A mix of fun, sea, nature, history and culture awaits you in the vicinity of Burgas, so that any type of visitor can find satisfaction for their interests among lakes, beaches, natural parks, churches, museums and archaeological sites. Here the best day trips around Burgas.


  1. Sunny Beach
  2. Burgas Lake
  3. Sozopol
  4. Nesebar
  5. Pomorie
  6. Strandzha Natural Park
  7. Plovdiv
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1 - Sunny Beach

Whether you are in Burgas for beach tourism or simply to explore the area, a day in Sunny Beach cannot be missed! Sunny Beach is the number one seaside resort on the Black Sea, the largest and most popular, located just 33 kilometers away from Burgas. You have probably already heard of it, but with the names Ibiza of the East or Ibiza low cost because of its beautiful beach but above all of the entertainment that it offers at much more competitive prices than in the Mediterranean. Its beach is made up of golden sand bathed by deep blue waters that create a beautiful contrast, and on it there are hotels, restaurants, bathing establishments, discos and pubs with live music and famous DJs, as well as many proposals such as water sports, beach volleyball, diving and boat parties that start in the morning. Sunny Beach itself does not have many inhabitants as it is not a residential place but every year it welcomes thousands of tourists coming mostly from Russia and Germany even if it has now become a favorite destination for many Italians too.

  • Range: 33,9 km
  • Eurolines buses leave from Burgas and reach Sunny Beach in about an hour. The connections between the two destinations are intensified during the summer season - Get directions
  • the cost of the bus to get there and back in the day is € 6,00, guided tours instead start from € 15,00
  • Sunny Beach: Black Sea Catamaran Cruise Sunny Beach: Fluorescent Paint Party Sunny Beach: Black Sea Half Day Boat Party

2 - Lake of Burgas

Although Burgas overlooks the sea, a beautiful alternative to the beaches is Lake Burgas, another excursion that cannot be missed during your stay in the city. Located just 6 kilometers away from the center, this lake is the largest in Bulgaria, 27 sq km wide and with little salty waters which therefore attract many varieties of fish and birds. There are 300 different species! Lake Burgas is therefore a real natural oasis, ideal for discovering and observing the local flora and fauna, but also for practicing sports such as jogging and trekking or to relax, take long walks or characteristic bike rides.

  • Range: 5,9 km
  • the best and fastest way to reach the lake is by car or taxi in case you don't have your own vehicle, reachable in 7 minutes from the center of Burgas - Get directions
  • access to the lake is obviously free as it is not a park or a nature reserve, while the taxi to get there usually costs less than € 5,00

3 - Sozopol

Just 32 kilometers south of Burgas it is located the oldest city on the Bulgarian coast, originally called Apollonia, today a renowned historical, religious and seaside destination. The first settlement in the town dates back to the fourth millennium BC revealed by some archaeological research that from the waters of the port have brought to light the foundations of the first houses together with anchors from the same period and others ceramic and stone objects dated to the Bronze Age and later during which the city was in the hands of Greeks, Byzantines, Turks and Ottomans. The influences of these peoples are clearly visible in the stone alleys of the historic center as well as to be discovered between the museum and the archaeological area. Also in Sozopol the relics of San Giovanni Battista were found in a vase found by chance under the paving of the main church, today kept in the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, much visited by believers from all over the world. And after visiting the city, you can find well-deserved relaxation and great fun among the Central Beach, Chauffeurs' Beach and Chernomorets Beach!

  • Range: 32,8 km
  • there are several buses of the company Burgasbus that reach Sozopol every day in 30 minutes - Get directions
  • the return bus ticket costs € 6,00
  • Sozopol: Strandzha Mountains Safari & Boat Trip

4 - Nesebar

Nesebar is located 33 kilometers from Burgas, which is a great destination for a day trip especially for those who love the history and charm of ancient cities, definitely a place not to be missed during a trip to Bulgaria and the fact that it has been included assures you of it on the UNESCO lists because of its architectural structures.

Initially known as Mesembria, Nesebar it is among the very first Bulgarian villages with a rich history behind it, another town that has known the domination of various peoples such as Byzantines, Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. To testify are the Greek fortifications located on the north side of the city, its ruins enclosed in an archaeological area that includes the acropolis, the agora and the temple of Apollo, and finally the archaeological museum where mainly gold, bronze and silver coins are exhibited. But all the peoples who passed through Nesebar also left many as a legacy characteristics Churches in the streets of its historic center, details and each with its own style different from the others. The main and most beautiful are undoubtedly the Church of Christ Pantocrator, the Church of San Giovanni Aliturgetos and the Church of San Giovanni Battista.

  • Range: 33,3 km
  • there are several buses of the Burgasbus company that reach Nesebar every day in about 33,3 minutes or by car in about 38 minutes - Get directions
  • the return bus costs € 4,00, while guided tours start at € 25,00
  • Nessebar: Old Town Walking Tour

5 - Pomorie

Pomorie is located just 20 minutes away from Burgas and it is a good option for everyone because it can offer culture, nature and fun. Also in this case it is one of the oldest towns in the district, in fact it dates back to the times of the Greeks who founded it with the name of Anchialos, and here too various populations, empires and different cultures followed one another over the years.

Its story is well told in the Historical Museum, while the most characteristic and historical building remains the St George Church As for nature, Pomorie enjoys a huge lake and several kilometers of coastline, among other things still little frequented by mass tourism. This allows you to fully and calmly admire the evocative landscapes offered by the beaches and the vegetation that surrounds the shores of the lake. And speaking of the sea, we want to suggest you the Salt Museum with its explanations on salt, from extraction to processing, where you can also buy it at a good price knowing that you are buying an authentic local product. But if this is not in your interest so far, a good choice is the Sunset Waterpark, one of the best water parks in the area.

  • Range: 17,8 km
  • with buses from various companies such as Burgasbus, Travel Ekspres Oodm-Bus and Avtoekspres reaching Pomorie in 20 minutes - Get directions
  • return buses cost between € 2,00 and € 4,00 depending on the company

6 - Strandzha Natural Park

Strandzha Nature Park is located in the mountainous area on the southeastern border between Bulgaria and Turkey, 80 kilometers from Burgas. This park is the largest protected area in the country with its 1.161 square km, established in 1995 including 121 natural habitats to host its fauna and mountains, forests, woods, caves, caves and trails, ideal for a full day of trekking.

The park has a great biodiversity composed of 600 species of invertebrates, 41 species of freshwater fish, 10 species of amphibians, 20 species of reptiles, over 130 species of birds and more than 60 species of mammals, but during the hiking day you will also encounter various historical sites as the remains of the oldest Bulgarian settlements dating back to the Neolithic, then 6.000 years BC

  • Range: 80,4 km
  • you must first go to Stoilovo, preferably by taxi or car given the poor connections with Burgas, finally to Stoilovo take a bus of the company M-Bus - Get directions
  • the taxi costs around € 15,00 per ride, while the return bus costs € 10,00, finally the guided tours start from € 60,00
  • Sun Beach: Safari and Boating in the Strandzha Mountains

7 - Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second most important city in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia. It is two and a half hours by car from Burgas and almost three and a half hours by train or bus, but walking all this way will not disappoint you! Plovdiv is also one ancient city rich in history, which has always been a point of reference that has hosted different cultures and religions, in fact in its picturesque and colorful old town, Baroque and other Renaissance buildings alternate, Byzantine churches and Arab mosques, Roman sites and interesting historical themed museums. The main points of interest of the city are the Roman ones such as the theater, the forum and the hippodrome, followed by the Cathedral of St. Louis of the French completely in Baroque style, by the Bačkovo Monastery very important in terms of history and art for its frescoes Byzantine, from the colorful Church of St. Constantine and Helena, and finally from the Regional Archaeological Museum with its collection of over 100.000 artifacts representing the great cultural heritage of Plovdiv.

  • Range: 261 km
  • it is connected to Burgas by direct trains and buses, operated by Bulgarian Railways and Razpisanie respectively - Get directions
  • to go and back by train costs € 14,00, with the bus € 16,00, instead tours start from € 15,00
  • Plovdiv: 2-Hour Plovdiv City Walking Tour, Asen's Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery

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