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Although Puglia is mainly a summer destination and boasts many naturalistic beauties, we assure you that its cities and villages are not far behind and make it ideal for a trip at any time of the year! For example, if you are in Bari, when you have finished visiting the city, in the surroundings you will find many characteristic villages and many UNESCO sites less than an hour away. Find out what they are the best day trips around Bari!


  1. Alberobello
  2. Barletta
  3. Polignano a Mare
  4. Matera
  5. Castel del Monte
  6. San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant'Angelo
  7. Castellana Grotte
  8. Trani
  9. Ostuni
  10. Monopoli
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1 - Alberobello

It is undoubtedly the first excursion to do if you are in Bari! An unmissable place characterized by the famous trulli, the white stone and cone-shaped buildings, now become an Apulian icon as well as a World Heritage Site from 1996.

Being a highly sought after location, the tour offer is really wide and, since it is only 55 minutes from the capital, why not take the opportunity to discover this characteristic village? With a local guide you can best discover Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola, the two districts with the greatest concentration of trulli, learn about the history of these farm houses and also have the opportunity to enter inside. And at the end of the guided tour, allow yourself some free time to wander through the streets of the town where there are many souvenir shops and typical products set between one trullo and another in the splendid white color of the village!

  • Range: 52,3 km
  • by car via the Statale 100, by bus with the Marozzi company from the "Bari" stop in front of the railway station (€ 3,00 each way), or by one of the many trains departing from Bari Centrale (€ 4,30 each way ) - Get directions
  • tours usually last 5 or 6 hours
  • Full tours from Bari cost around € 100,00 - book online
  • Trulli of Alberobello: Guided Walking Tour Alberobello: 2 hour walking tour

2 - Barletta

It is ideal for a day trip. Again it is a journey of only 50 minutes that will take you in a charming town with white tones, made up of buildings, churches and streets full of life.
This city can be reached and visited in total autonomy, but for an accurate and detailed visit, once on the spot you can meet a local guide who will take you to discover the cathedral, the Swabian castle, the Civic museum, the church of San Giacomo and the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher.

In the streets there are also a series of elegant Baroque palaces such as Palazzo della Marra and Villa Bonelli with its garden, as well as of course souvenir shops and typical products, without forgetting the seafront and the gastronomic proposal based on fresh fish in each restaurant present there.

  • Range: 57,5 km
  • by car via Statale 16, with the SITA Sud bus departing from the "Bari" stop in Via Capruzzi (€ 6,00 each way) or by train from Bari Centrale (€ 4,00 each way) - Get directions
  • tours last from 2 to 4 hours
  • tours start from € 25,00 - book online
  • Barletta: guided walking tour

3 - Polignano a Mare

Certainly a town more suitable for the summer months for its beaches worthy of the Apulian standard and the dozen caves along the coast, but this location can actually surprise you in any other period.
Is situated just 40 minutes from Bari, here beautiful churches and the characteristic alleys of the village await you among ancient houses, shops and restaurants. In this regard, we remember the most suggestive restaurant in Polignano a Mare: Grotta Palazzese, inside the rock!
Not to be missed are the monument to Domenico Modugno located on the beautiful promenade of the same name, the Pino Pascali Museum of Contemporary Art, the Matrice Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo church, the church of Purgatory and Piazza dell'Orologio.

But if you visit it in the summer then let yourself be enchanted by its rugged coast full of caves and coves such as Lama Monachile Cala Porto, Grotta Piana, Grotta delle Rondinelle and Grotta Stampagnata, and don't forget to go up to the Largo Ardito viewpoint that offers an excellent and crazy view on both sides of the coast!

  • Range: 34 km
  • by car via Statale 16, with the Marozzi bus from the "Bari" stop in front of the railway station (€ 10,00 each way) or by train from Bari Centrale (€ 2,50 each way) - Get directions
  • the tours of the country last about 2 hours, the rest of the day is left free for shopping, staying on the beach or returning
  • tours start from € 25,00 - book online
  • Polignano a Mare: guided walking tour

4 - Matera

This fascinating and particular city it is an hour away by car from the Apulian capital and we are sure it will leave you speechless.

It is famous for its "Sassi" declared a World Heritage Site in 1993, namely the two districts Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano composed of rock buildings similar to caves, dug into the rock and inhabited since prehistoric times. Not surprisingly this city it is considered one of the most suggestive and characteristic cities of Italy and for 2019 it was also chosen as the European capital of culture. The Sassi were evacuated in 1952, but today they house interesting museums such as the Casa Grotta with antiques and various handicrafts. Do not miss a tour of the historic center where the cathedral of Matera and the church of Santa Maria Idris are located, as well as of course many shops and shops where you can buy souvenirs and local delicacies.

  • Range: 61,8 km
  • by car via Statale 96 or by Flixbus buses departing from the stop in front of Bari Centrale in Via Capruzzi (€ 6,00 each way) - Get directions
  • tours departing from Bari last around 8 hours
  • tours from Bari are around € 120,00 while tours in Matera start at € 15,00 - book online
  • Bari: day trip to Matera Matera: 1-hour guided tour of the Sassi

5 - Castel del Monte

This castle belonging to the World Heritage Site, is ideal for a day visit, located less than an hour from Bari, in the municipality of Andria.

It is a fortress dating back to the thirteenth century perched on a hill and built at the behest of Frederick II during the Holy Roman Empire. Initially the role of the castle was to host noble parties, but in the following years it was used as a prison. This fortress is characterized by its particular octagonal shape which in each corner has an octagonal tower. Outside it is surrounded by a large courtyard while inside there are two floors which house a succession of rooms, all rigorously in stone and with reddish tones. Along the way you will encounter several sculptures carved directly into the walls, and what is amazing is the perfect state of conservation of each of them!

  • Range: 55,2 km
  • by car via the provincial 231 or by train from Bari Centrale to Andria station (€ 3,40) continuing with the urban bus 6 which passes in front of the station (€ 1,20) - Get directions
  • open every day from 9:00 to 18:30 in winter and from 10:15 to 19:45 in summer
  • admission costs € 10,00 full and € 3,50 reduced, instead the tours from Bari start at € 120,00 - book online
  • Castel del Monte: 2-hour guided tour Castel del Monte: tour from Bari

6 - San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant'Angelo

They are two villages belonging to the Gargano National Park, but this day trip can be considered primarily a religious excursion. The two countries they are about an hour and 45 minutes from Bari and are often merged into the same tour due to their proximity, whether it is a guided tour, or in the case of a self-guided tour.

A complete tour, however, will allow you, thanks to an expert local guide, to learn about the history of both countries and their main sites, leaving you room for a walk through the characteristic stone streets of the historic centers. Between the two, Monte Sant'Angelo is considered the most characteristic town of the Gargano, another UNESCO site, famous for the Sanctuary of San Michele which every year attracts many faithful Christians on pilgrimage.
San Giovanni Rotondo instead is known for the presence of the remains of San Pio from Pietralcina and for the hospital wanted by the Saint, called Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza.

  • Range: 132 km
  • by car via the A14 motorway or by the direct SITA Sud bus departing from the "Bari" stop in Via Capruzzi (€ 15,00 each way) - Get directions
  • the sanctuary is open every day from 07:30 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 19:00
  • the entrance to the sanctuary costs € 4,00, a complete tour starts from € 160,00 - book online
  • Bari: tour to Monte Sant'Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo

7 - Caves of Castellana

Impossible not to have ever heard of these caves they are a complex of underground cavities of great speleological and obviously tourist interest, 50 minutes from Bari.

The caves extend for 3 kilometers and visiting them will take you up to 2 and a half hours, in addition to the fact that the speleological museum is also part of the complex to complete and deepen the visit to the caves. In short, a great way to spend another day near Bari!

Inside you will observe many extraordinary limestone rock formations and stalactites, formed over millions of years even if their discovery took place only in 1938. The path starts from the natural entrance called the Grave, a deep chasm of sixty meters, and then continues through a scenario made up of caves to which they were given purely fictional names such as the Black cave, the Capitoline Wolf, the cave of the Owl, the corridor of the Serpent, the Little Paradise and the corridor of the Desert or a sort of underground Grand Canyon with reddish streets.

  • Range: 39,4 km
  • by car via the state roads 100 and 172, with the Sud Est company bus from Bari Largo Sorrentino station (€ 2,00 each way) or by train from Bari Centrale (€ 4,00 each way) - Get directions
  • open every day from 9:00 to 18:00 (times vary according to the season) with guided tours every hour
  • admission costs € 12,00 for the partial itinerary, € 16,00 for the complete itinerary, free under 5 years

8 - Trani

50 minutes further north of the capital, this town has always been a tourist destination much chosen by visitors, and also there are two main productions in the town: Muscat wine and white marble which constitutes most of the historic buildings present.

The historic center is indeed mastered by structures of a very light color that creates a beautiful contrast with the blue of the sea. The most interesting monuments that you can visit are the Swabian castle, the Romanesque cathedral, the Scolanova synagogue, the Palazzo delle Arti and the Diocesan museum.
As for Muscat wine, there are several tour proposals that will take you around the main wineries to taste the famous sweet wine, paired with typical Apulian products.

  • Range: 45,3 km
  • by car via the Statale 16, by train from Bari Centrale (€ 4,00 each way) or by the STP bus from Piazza Eroi del Mare (€ 3,00 each way) - Get directions
  • the tours last from 2 to 4 hours based on the choice of visiting only the city or even the wineries
  • Trani tours start from € 25,00 - book online
  • Private walking tour in Trani with Moscato Trani wine tasting: rickshaw tour and tasting

9 - Ostuni

Trani is one of the cities with white buildings, but this is the city of white par excellence, whose second name is "White City" due to the characteristic historic center entirely painted with lime.

This city it is located 79,4 kilometers from Bari (1 hour 9 min by car), it is really worth visiting to be enchanted by its white streets surrounded by equally white houses, monuments and historic buildings.
The central area is enclosed in a small area which is accessed through the elegant San Demetrio gate. Once inside, don't miss the cathedral, piazza della Libertà, the church of San Vito Martire and the panoramic point on top of the city to observe the whiteness of Ostuni in all its beauty from above.

  • Range: 79,4 km
  • by car via the E55 road, with the Marozzi company bus from the "Bari" stop in front of the railway station (€ 12,00 each way) or by train from Bari Centrale (€ 5,00 each way)
  • tours last approximately 2 hours
  • tours start from € 25,00 - book online
  • Ostuni: walking tour and ice cream tasting

10 - Monopoly

It is located 40 minutes from Bari and it is one of the main and most popular Apulian ports, after the capital of course.

The historic center is truly characteristic, it is a city with a medieval imprint that was born on the remains of an ancient Messapian village. Medieval Monopoli has bequeathed to the modern city some extraordinary buildings such as the co-cathedral basilica of Maria Santissima della Madia, the castle of Monopoli, the Palmieri palace and the castle of Santo Stefano.
You cannot miss the Romanesque Crypt Archaeological Museum, with Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance finds and sculptures. Also, last but not least, the stunning beaches that stretch along the rugged coastline. Porto Nero, Porto Rosso, Porto Verde, Cala Cozze, Cala Paradiso and Cala Portavecchia are just some of the picturesque seaside resorts that you will find in this beautiful town.

  • Range: 42,4 km
  • by car via Statale 16, by train from Bari Centrale (€ 3,00 each way) or by the Marozzi bus from the "Bari" stop in front of the railway station (€ 10,00 each way) - Get directions
  • the duration of the tours is around 2 hours
  • private city tours cost around € 180,00
  • Monopoli: city walking tour

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