Everest is, and will forever be, the highest mountain in the world

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Beautiful, magnificent and mighty, it is he, Mount Everest, with its 8848 meters, it is by far the highest mountain in the world. A surprising record considering that it is, from a geological point of view, a young mountain.

Located in the Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and Tibet, the monutoso massif is considered sacred by the populations of the surrounding territories, who respect and venerate him as if he were a divinity.

In Tibetan Everest is called Chomolungma, which translated means Mother Goddess of the snow, the Nepali name instead corresponds to Sagarmatha, which means god of heaven.

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As the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest has always been a sacred destination for climbers from all over the world. The mission of 8 May 2008 is historic, the year in which a group of Chinese mountaineers lit the Olympic torch on the summit of the mountain.

Since 1953, the year of the first ascent of Everest to the summit, to date the summit has been reached more than 7000 times by about 4000 people, many of whom have climbed several times; some unfortunately lost their lives in the titanic enterprise.

Around the summit of Everest, there are four peaks that exceed 8000 meters in height and they are, respectively, the Makarluh, Gosanthain, Cho Oyu and Shishabanma mountains; 14 other peaks that exceed 7000 meters surround all around. The view from the Base Camp, as well as the one along the way to reach it, is breathtaking.

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Mountain enthusiasts can admire the peaks "from below", reaching the Base Camp on foot, enjoying an incredible spectacle at 5200 meters high.

In the past, a group of researchers from the French Research Institute for Development has questioned the primacy of the Asian mountain, however, following extensive research, the international community has stated that it is still Everest. the highest mountain on the planet, without any doubt.

And it will probably be forever, this is because the Deodungha, or Sacred Mountain, does not seem to have reached its maximum height yet; geologists, in fact, have confirmed that every year Everest rises about 4mm.

All the fault, or merit, of its origins: the Himalayas, in fact, were formed following the collision of two plates of the earth's crust, the Indian and the Eurasian. Frequent seismic movements show that the plates are still in motion today, so the rise is the consequence of the pressure of the two tectonic plates.

How far Everest will go? This is not known, what is certain, however, is that the mountain will keep the record for a long time.

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