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Recently, along the lines of what has already happened for years for the USA with the ESA, also for enter Canada the requirement to apply for an electronic travel authorization, before boarding a plane bound for Canada, has been introduced.

The obligation to have an eTA (electronic travel authorization) will come into force starting from 29 September 2016, although we recommend that you make the request anyway, to avoid subsequent problems when you are already in Canada.

The cost is Canadian $ 7 (approximately € 5) and is payable by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or even by prepaid card such as eg. the Poste Pay.

It is not possible to make group requests. So if you need to do the eTA for a family, you will need to fill out the form three times.

If you enter Canada by land, such as it could be in the case of a visit to Niagara Falls, it is not necessary to apply for an eTA but it is sufficient to have a valid passport.

Validity of the eTA

Once the eTA is approved it has a validity of 5 years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

Where to fill in the eTA

The authorization can be requested through the official website.

How to fill in the eTA

As a preliminary question, to make sure you need an eTA, you will be asked what your citizenship is, if you arrive in Canada by air, if you already have a visa and if you are completing the eTA on behalf of someone else (Are you a representative or a parent / guardian applying on behalf of an eTA applicant?). In the latter case, it is necessary to select “yes” if you fill it in on behalf of a minor.

On the next screen you will be asked for your personal data:

Surname(s): (surname or surnames), write exactly as reported in the passport
Given name(s): name or name.
Date of birth: date of birth
Country/territory of birth: country of birth
City of birth: City of Birth
Additional citizenships: to be completed only if you have dual citizenship.
Gender: enter gender
Have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada?: Have you made any other requests in the past to enter or stay in Canada?
Funds available for travel to Canada. From the list, select the dollar amount (in Canadian dollars) of cash or credit you will have for your trip to Canada: Funds available for travel to Canada. Select from the list the amount in Canadian dollars (use the converter) that you will have in cash and on your credit card (select the limit of your card).

passport number: passport number
Passport number (re-enter): enter the number again
Country/territory of issue: Country where it was issued
Date of issue: issuing date
Date of expiry: Expiration date
Contact details. Preferred language to contact you: select if you prefer to speak in English or French
Email address (required): email address
Residential address Enter the address where you live. Do not enter a post office box: inserire l’indirizzo in cui si vive.

After that you are done and just proceed to the payment screen. In most cases, you will get an answer within a few minutes.

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