Error Fare: What they are and how to find them!

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Hours and hours on the internet looking for super convenient Last Minute or Last Second for the travel destination you have in mind and then in a second everything changes and ... with a few tens of euros you can go to the other side of the world! But why should such a thing happen? What are we talking about?
Travel and internet enthusiasts, hold on tight: you know that a Sometimes airlines are wrong in publishing ticket prices, and if you are fast you can travel from Europe to New York for € 150 without any recrimination? This is the so-called phenomenon of "Error Fare", which we are now going to deepen.


  1. What are Error Fare Flights?
  2. Where to find them and how to exploit them
  3. User questions and comments

What are Error Fare Flights?

You read that right: sometimes airlines or travel portals (Expedia, Opodo, etc) make a mistake in publishing the fare for a flight, offering a air travel at a price never seen before! This is called "Error Fare"literally"Wrong rate"... the name says it all.
How is it possible? Aren't airline portals run by electronic brains? Yes, exactly, but often behind it is the work of a person who can make the mistake, or the brain goes haywire forgetting taxes or the price of diesel, or assigning the price of a short route to a much longer one.
The result does not change: the user who is booking a flight will receive an absolutely unmissable price, and if the purchase is quick and the ticket is delivered ... the flight is yours!

Where to find them and how to exploit them

We said: the flight is yours ... unless the companion notices and decides that it is appropriate to cancel the ticket and return the money. However, it is difficult for this to happen: no operator would risk getting bad publicity, so even if he notices an error, let it go for a few purchases. We always recommend pay with credit card: if money has to be returned to you, this way the procedure is much faster.
But how to find the Error Fare? Unfortunately, there is no universally valid answer: as errors, Error Fare can appear on any airline ticket site, for any route, without warning or logic. To find the Error Fare therefore you need one good dose of luck, because it is not certain that if you spend 10 hours a day on booking portals you will be able to pick up a wrong rate.
There are some tips we feel we can give you to increase your chances of finding Error Fare: some sites have specialized in reporting Error Fare, and among these we remember Fly4free, Travel Pirates and Pirati in Viaggio. One solution to be alerted immediately is tosubscribe to the newsletter of these websites: to grab any offer you must always have your phone or computer at hand. Once you have found the offer of the century, book your ticket and ... get ready to go!

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