Epiphany 2021: where to go for the Befana Bridge in Italy

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In Italy January 6 is the feast of the Befana. Her broom and her nose, extremely horrible, make her unforgettable to most.
The Befana is celebrated for several reasons. First of all, because it is a party, and we Italians of parties, modestly, understand each other. Then because it is the most frequent appellation with which we have labeled classmates every time they did not pass us the task.
And finally because his stocking, andeternal candy / coal dilemma, has ruined the childhood of millions of children. But armies of ex-infants claim revenge.
For this reason, every damned year they celebrate the Befana in the most constructive way possible. Here 10 places to spend the epiphany.

1 - Rome: In Piazza Navona between markets and celebratory songs

In Rome, the epiphany is a heartfelt holiday. As a tradition also this year in the main streets you may happen to attend the puppet theater or buy something inside the famous markets, or simply listen to gospel celebrations. If you are among the lucky ones, in Piazza Navona you can find socks up to 1 meter long, filled with delicious sweets, or attend the choral music show.

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2 - Urbania: the national feast of the Befana

There is no doubt that the Italian Befana is resident in Urbania, a village in the province of Pesaro, in the Marche region. Here, from 4 to 6 January, the Befana rises to National holiday. The country is all in turmoil: markets, fairs and exhibitions cheer this town for three days. The traveling show begins on the morning of January 6 and takes visitors to the most fascinating ravines of the city, in a rich intertwining of tradition and folklore.

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3 - Turin: Candies at will

For the city that never sleeps, the Befana represents the rediscovery of popular culture. The procession in costume that crosses part of the center of Turin is loved by all the Turinese and by visitors to the city. In the afternoon the Befana, riding her broom, meets the children and he will distribute them socks full of delicious candies.

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4 - Bologna: between workshops for children and "ugliness contests"

The children of Bologna, and their parents, can rest assured, the Befana by bicycle will enliven the evening near Piazza Maggiore. Don't miss the workshops for children from 5 to 10 years. Considerable success is enjoying the ugliness contest. The latter is dedicated to all grandmothers.

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5 - Milan: the befana arrives from the canals

On January 6, this year too Milan will not remain idle. The Befana that arrives from the canals, following fireworks, is expected by the Milanese at least as much as the Inter Scudetto and the AC Milan Champions. In the area there will be no shortage of sweets distributed for free, which for Milan remains the real delight.

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6 - Florence: The cavalcade of the Magi

In Florence there will be many events with the Befana protagonist. There distribution of roasted chestnuts and typical sweets, are marked among the things to do on January 6th. Attending the note parade in Renaissance costumes Cavalcade of the Magi, and to the Historical Parade of the Florentine Republic, accompanied by the flag-bearers of the Uffizi, is a privilege. The adults have fun, the little ones more.

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7 - Venice: the Befana Regatta

For the Befana in Venice a regatta takes place, with one rowing challenge on the Grand Canal between Befane and Santas. Su starts from San Tomà and the finish will be at the Rialto Bridge, for a race of about 15 minutes. Even if you are not fond of rowing, the opportunity is certainly not to be missed to visit the floating city and appreciate its always romantic and festive appeal. Pay attention to the prices, book early!

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8 - Montescaglioso (Matera): the Night of the "Cucibocca"

Basilicata is one of the richest regions in folklore, and on this occasion it offers the best of itself, recalling the tradition of the "Cucibocca". These are characters who, according to one ancient tradition, they walked around the city with chains tied to their feet, begging for food from door to door. In reality, it was all a story told to the children to get them to go to bed early and allow the "witches" to fill their socks with sweets. Or coal ...
Even today this folkloric reenactment is revived on the streets of the village of Montescaglioso in the province of Matera.

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9 - Pergine Valsugana (Trento): the Enchanted Valley

A train of the Christmas holidays, in Pergine Valsugana, a charming Trentino village, for the whole period from Christmas to the Befana the valley is transformed into the scenario of "Perzenland and the Enchanted Valley", a fantasy themed village inhabited by fairies, gnomes, elves and goblins! Do you know a better way to make your children smile? Added to this are the inevitable stalls selling sweets, handicrafts and local specialties.

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10 - Faenza (Ravenna): the Night of 'Bisò

It is already celebrated on the night of January 5th, on the occasion of the end of Palio del Niballo. The Niballo, a puppet about 3 meters high, is pulled on a cart in the central square of the town, and here given to the stake. Symbolically, this represents deliverance from last year's misfortunes and catastrophes, and the square is thus illuminated by the fire of the stake to give new "light" to the year that has just arrived. That of the fires is a rather common rite in the center north, but what differentiates this anniversary in Faenza, is the entry on the scene of the "Bisò", mulled wine of the area which, we are sure, will warm the participants even more than the stake!

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