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Our adventure starts early, since our destination is at heights where temperatures drop quickly enough, also it was October and it didn't help at all! ??

Our tour included: departure from Varese, passage through the Gotthard Pass, Furka Pass, the Rhone glacier and Simplonpass. For a total of about 400km. If you are not a motorcyclist and want to reach the glacier for a trekking excursion with friends or family, no problem.
You will be able to do it more? fast using the Swiss motorway which requires the purchase of a special vignette to be applied on the car's windshield and being able to use all the Swiss motorways for the whole year. For this 2020? the cost of the sticker? equal to 40CHF about 38 ?.

1 day

From here the road continues through beautiful typical landscapes and inviting curves!

This time I was ap? unfortunate, the day was windy and I was not very experienced in driving in "particular" conditions I did not feel very comfortable. At each bend I felt very insecure, the gusts of wind were strong, leading me to be more? rigid than necessary. But you have to learn and the beauty of this context repays any effort!

The Furka pass, or Furkapass,? a Swiss Alpine pass at 2.436 m asl, and from which you can reach the canton of Uri and the canton of Valais. A particular point as the watershed between the Rhine and Rhone basins, and between the Lepontine Alps and the Bernese Alps.

Known as one of the European mountaineering destinations, with classic high mountain climbs and important approaches and wild environments.
To get to the sign for the usual photo, go along a beautiful serpentine that overlooks the valley and the snow-capped mountains at the top. The road in some places? particularly narrow, so be careful why? ? also busy! There are no walls or guardrails and this honestly always scares me ap ?!

ATTENTION: Access to the pass? allowed from May to October as we are in the most? snowy country.

Having taken the photo, we continue along the Valais side until we reach the historic Hotel B? Lv? Dere, about 3km below the Furka Pass. From here the view opens on the valley below but above all on the Rhone Glacier.

Do not deprive yourself of this opportunity why? it is really worth making at least one stop at this place.

Obviously, for reasons of clothing and time, we limited ourselves to accessing the cave and did not undertake challenging walks around the glacier for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, the Rhone glacier has lost some of its spectacular grandeur? due to the warming of the climate. Towards the middle? of 1800 the river of ice was still going a lot more? already, while today the glacier tongue stops at the parking lot in front of the Hotel Belv? d? re. Can't you? avoid pausing to make a comparison with the photos on display of what that place was like and how? today.

Little curiosity. Did you know that in 1964 the Furkapass? also entered the history of cinema? That's right, some scenes from James Bond's Goldfinger movie, played by Sean Connery, were shot here, in front of the Rhone glacier!

We arrive at the Belv? D? Re Hotel and park our motorcycles, no other road in Europe runs like this? close to a glacier like this. If you move in high season, know that the parking is not? proportionate to the number of people who reach it. This problem does not arise if you decide to travel by bus or by the historic Furka steam train. The 18km route goes from Realp to Oberwald and takes about 2h. Remember that? Seat reservation required.

Access to the glacier is from the souvenir shop where an old lady will do you? pay a ticket equal to 9CHF per person. If you don't have Swiss francs, bring the counted money, why? the rest will be? in francs and you may not have the opportunity to use them later and pay with the card has commission costs that if possible? best to avoid!

After passing the turnstiles, will you be face to face with this majesty? of ice!

You will make a small path of about 200m created in the context then on a bottom of stones and sand; pay attention to the shoes you will go with!

You will continue passing near the lake that is created during the summer and looking straight in the face at the tongue of ice that descends from the mountain until you reach the cave!

Has the blue grotto been recreated every year and at the beginning of the season since 1870? longer more? of 100 meters, but during the summer they lose more? of 30 m.?

How can you see the context from the photos and images of the video? really fascinating, even pleasant in summer !!!

It was now time for lunch and found a quiet place we dedicated ourselves to our packed lunch! This ? our option for every time we go to Switzerland and? the one that I always recommend given the costs that are found!

Finished eating and made ap? of photos we started to go back home reaching the Simplon Pass (article soon on this blog).

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any other info or updates about it, don't hesitate to write it in the comments!

See you soon,


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