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Prague? certainly the ideal destination for those who want to breathe the city air? fairytale without necessarily having more? two days as well as a capital!

1 day

For the first day in Prague, an ideal starting point? the enchanting Starom? stsk? Nam? Sti. It is here that Prague life seems to concentrate, between the chimes of the famous astronomical clock, the street artists who cheer the hours, the houses of the past, the fairy-tale spiers of the Church of Santa Maria T? N, the crowded shops where buy souvenirs or goodies? typical.
Through the crowded lanes not? difficult to reach the Jewish Quarter, where the synagogues are concentrated, each with its own peculiarity.
In the attic of the Old New Synagogue, small as you would not expect, hangs the legend of the Golem which, it is said, was apparently created by Rabbi Lőw.
The Pinkas Synagogue exhibits some of the drawings of the children of Terezin, the concentration camp known for the high concentration of innocent children who were deprived of their freedom here.
The Old Jewish Cemetery collects more? of ten thousand tombstones piled one on top of the other.
Not far from the Spanish Synagogue you will notice the statue of Kafka, who lived in Prague, represented on the shoulders of a father of exaggerated size, with characteristics that make him anonymous.
Time passes slowly in Prague, probably because of the relaxed atmosphere that pervades you.
On the other side of the city? Vecchia, following the path of the Czechoslovakian river backwards, you will arrive at the Citt? New, the neighborhood where you can take photographs of the famous dancing building. It is in this district that you can stop by U Flek?, The old Prague brewery founded in 1459.
Wenceslas Square stretches in length. Its points of interest are the facade of the State Opera, the pi? important opera house in all of Prague, the National Museum and ... yes, all the shops where you can go shopping! In the meantime you will do? evening.

2 day

For the second day in Prague, take the time to discover the other side of the Vltava, starting with the Castle District. The Changing of the Guard, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of San Vito, rich in legends as much as the narrow and small alley of the Golden Lane where Kafka, who lived here for a short time, wrote "A country doctor". Going down already? from the Castle along Via Nerudova, you will notice the signs on the facades of the houses: the art that reveals the trades and peculiarities? of the families who lived there.
Kampa Island? silent, romantic and peaceful, in the true sense of the word. Yes, why? ? here you will find the wall painted to celebrate John Lennon, under the ambition of "The war is over". A wall that doesn't? born to divide but to unite in the shared hope of a future that is not under the shadow of wars.
Enjoy the walk between the Mill, the Museum of Modern Art, the Kafka Museum before returning to the Charles Bridge, so beautiful it seems painted.
And you inside that painting are you dealing with the fact that you visit Prague? even over.
Small, all in all simple, unforgettable. And you? What emotions will it arouse? in you Prague?

3 day

The third day? I took the bus from the Holesovice metro station and went to Terezin, far from the city? about 60 kilometers. Forget the romantic air of Prague. Here c'? only to reflect in a silence that hurts a lot.

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