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    Eastern Shore: between fishing villages and rural landscapes

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    The United States of America is a real mine of hidden pearls and today I would like to tell you about an itinerary that has allowed me to discover many of them: it is the splendid Eastern Shore Peninsula, an area of ​​the East Coast definitely unknown to us Italian tourists, but certainly not to the Americans in the area, who use it both to spend their holidays and to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

    Not surprisingly, I went there on the advice of a Spanish friend transplanted to America (thanks again Lorenzo without you I would have missed an authentic pearl!).

    The peninsula, divided from the continental part (Western Shore) by the Chesapeake Bay, belongs to 3 states of the Mid Atlantic: Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, but the best way to reach it is from the first, passing through Annapolis and crossing the impressive Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a long bridge with 5 lanes and almost 7 km long, which for many years held the supremacy of the largest steel structure above the sea.

    Photo of the Bay Bridge: the majestic entrance to the Eastern Shore

    Traveling by car over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was an experience I still vividly remember. The fascination of the futuristic structure suspended above the water, the end of the bridge that is lost in the distant fog, the sea that seems to extend indefinitely and the numerous seagulls that fly over the passage of cars, almost welcoming us to another world.

    And it is indeed so. As soon as you enter the Eastern Shore the landscape changes and you are suddenly catapulted into rural landscapes full of farms, wooden churches and post boxes so far from their homes that a car is required to reach them.

    In short, the feeling you get is that of having suddenly landed in a film on the road set in the deep South of the United States, yet we are taking a trip to the East Coast, an hour from Washington!

    Photos from a weekend on the road in the charming rural countryside of the Eastern Shore

    If we continue through the rural countryside to the coast we will find another typical feature of the Eastern Shore: the fishing villages that have remained almost authentic. On the west bank, don't miss the graceful ones St. Michaels e Oxford and, while in the East there is to be amazed by the charm of the islands of Chincoteague e Assateague, with their beaches facing the ocean.

    Pictures of the villages of Oxford and St. Michaels

    The island of Chincoteague is a picturesque fishing village, but immersed in an unspoiled natural context. The road leading to the island (Chincoteague Road) is very suggestive to cross by car, as it stands on a large swamp in the wild, with birds and seagulls that, at the opposite end of the island, seem to have come once again to bring you their greeting (perhaps even with too much enthusiasm, at a certain moment I thought that a seagull would crash into the car so close it flew!).

    Three photos taken in Chincoteague

    The road to Chincoteague
    Eastern Shore: an itinerary full of rural beauties and fishing villages
    Chincoteague Ponds

    Assateague Island instead it is a real natural reserve, where man does not seem to have set foot yet and the landscape retains its wildest aspect. It is the place for those seeking complete solitude, ideal for contemplating the Atlantic Ocean on the white beaches and, above all, for admiring a now rather rare sight: the ponies in the wild running on the water. Pure poetry!

    Photo of Assateague

    Advice on where to stop and eat on the Eastern Shore

    As already mentioned, the west bank of the peninsula overlooks the Chesapeake Bay, where there are special particularly tasty blue crabs that represent the secret ingredient of crab cake (crab cake), a typical local dish that really deserves to be tasted. .

    If you pass in the area do not miss these 2 restaurants:

    • Bill’s Seafood Restaurant in Chincoteague (4040 Main Street), hearty and tasty seafood cuisine.
    • Harrison’s Chesapeake House, a popular seafood restaurant on Wharf Road a Tilghman island, a quaint fishing village near St. Micheals. The ideal place to eat fresh crabs!

    Tips on staying overnight

    There are various areas to stop and sleep on the Eastern Shore. From experience, I can tell you that it is better to book in advance because the area, especially on the coast on weekends, is quite busy (my wife and I in Chincoteague were lucky to get the last room left…).

    On this page you will find the hotels most popular with Italian travelers on the Eastern Shore.

    Recommended stops for an itinerary

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