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    Eastern Market: genuine Washington DC cuisine

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    If you find yourself spending a vacation or work period near the neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Washington DC some food advice will surely make you comfortable.
    The long string of pubs and fast food outlets on Pennsylvania Avenue east of the Library of Congress will give you a wide choice of snacks and lunches (we've already talked about the Good Stuff Eatery, for example), but if you're tired of sandwiches and burgers and are looking for genuine and refined artisan products, I advise you to continue further, cross Seward Square and turn left, towards theEastern Market, one of the few public markets in the city, with fresh, refined and excellent quality food.


    • A walk in the neighborhood
    • The market: what to expect and when to go
    • Where to eat at the Eastern Market
    • How to reach the Eastern Market

    A walk in the neighborhood

    La zona dell’Eastern Market it is one of the most pleasant for strolling, characterized by the typical colored houses arranged in a row next to each other and developed vertically, and by trees and small parks that give the area a truly precious shade, especially in the summer months.

    In summary, the famous Washington market it is immersed in a truly relaxing environment.

    The market: what to expect and when to go

    The market has a long tradition (it was inaugurated way back in 1873) and has been open every day (except Mondays) for 140 years now. The best time to visit it it is at the weekend, when the bazaar practically quadruples its size, with many stalls set up outside to add to the covered stalls.

    On weekends the market doesn't just offer fresh and genuine products such as cured meats, meat, fish, poultry, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and dairy products, but extends its offer to handicrafts, plants and flowers and there is also a skilled tarot expert ready to read your future.

    Although smaller in size, the Eastern Market, thanks to the quality of the products and the liveliness it picks up on weekends, can be seen as a kind of counterpart to the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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    Where to eat at the Eastern Market

    Here is a list of shops that you will find indoors:

    • Southern Maryland Seafood: is a family business founded in 1936, specializing in the sale of fresh and frozen fish.
    • Eastern Market Grocery: homesickness? This is the place to find fresh pasta (over 20 varieties of ravioli and 15 other types of pasta).
    • Market Lunch: excellent for lunch breaks (and the long lines that you often find confirm this). The specialty is various types of fish dishes.
    • Market Poultry: poultry stand with a remarkable variety of fresh free range chickens and turkeys, eggs, and finally an interesting assortment of game, including buffalo, ostrich, and alligator!
    • Union Meat Company: another carnivore paradise, with industry experience since 1946. A family run business offering excellent beef, lamb, pork and veal.
    • Capitol Hill Produce: This resale will be particularly popular with vegetarians: the products offered are fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, canned foods and sauces. The business specializes in Asian food.
    • Canales’ Quality Meats: selected meats from California and Chicago and hear ya: the European cold cuts! In particular Parma ham and Spanish Jamon. Those who are in America for long periods cannot fail to have a leap in the heart ...
    • Bowers Fancy Dairy Products: are you tired of the usual cheddar? Here is the proof that Americans, when they commit themselves, can also make a good artisan cheese.
    • Calomiris Fruits & Vegetables: A family business that has been in business for over 60 years and sells high quality fruit, vegetables, nuts and fruit juices. Interesting is the full range of Greek honey, sweets and olive oil.

    How to reach the Eastern Market

    The market is easily accessible by taking the metro and stopping at the station Eastern Market Metro Station. The neighborhood is located east of the Capitol and the Library of Congress.

    Here is a map for orientation

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