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    DUMBO: The "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​neighborhood in Brooklyn

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    Acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, the neighborhood of DUMBO has become, over the years, one of the most visited and popular in Brooklyn, for many reasons. Originally a purely industrial area, sparsely inhabited and frequented almost exclusively by those who worked there, today DUMBO is one of the most chic spots in New York, with trendy cafes, exclusive restaurants, high-end shops and boutiques and, what not less important, privileged view of the Lower Manhattan skyline. Its charm is (also) linked to the presence of paved streets that tell of its industrial past, of warehouses and factories that have been renovated and given a new life.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • What to do and see
      • Iconic photo from Sergio Leone's film
      • Brooklyn Bridge Park
      • Jane's carousel
      • Brooklyn flea
      • Jacques Torres Chocolate
      • Klompching Gallery
      • St. Ann's Warehouse
      • Archway of Manhattan Bridge
      • Main Street Park/Pebble Beach
    • Where to eat
      • Vinegar hill house
      • Bluestone Lane DUMBO Café
      • Great Electric
    • Accomodation

    Where is it and how to get there

    The DUMBO neighborhood, cut more or less in half by the Manhattan Bridge is located in a rather confined area north of Brooklyn, here are its borders:

    • to the west, the Brooklyn Bridge, which marks the border with the borough of Brooklyn Heights
    • to the south the area of downtown brooklyn, a sud di York Street
    • to the east the neighborhood of Vinegar Hill, after Bridge Street
    • to the north the Hudson River

    The proximity to Manhattan makes it quite easy to reach, both on foot (just take a nice walk on the Brooklyn Bridge), and by public transport, here are the 2 best stops:

    • York Street, on the orange F line
    • High Street - Brooklyn Bridge Station, on the blue A and C lines

    To better orient yourself, you can read our guide on how to use the subway in New York.

    What to do and see

    Iconic photo from Sergio Leone's film

    Raise your hand if you have not seen, at least once in their life, the famous film Once upon a time in America. If you are among the few, before remedying and standing in front of the TV, you will surely be able to grasp its atmosphere by listening to the sublime soundtrack signed by Ennio Morricone (which at this point will remind you of something for sure).

    One of the most emblematic scenes of the film was shot in DUMBO, tra Water Street e Washington Street, very close to the Manhattan Bridge, near the pedestrian access to the Brooklyn Bridge. Selfie-addicted will take pictures of thousands of likes here, thus recalling both the exploits of Robert De Niro and James Woods, and the undisputed skill of Sergio Leone, perhaps even managing to frame the Empire State Building in the shot.

    • Where: intersection of Water Street and Washington Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Green lung placed exactly in front of the brooklyn bridge (and from which you can take memorable photos of this famous hot-spot in the Big Apple), the park is very popular and appreciated by both locals and tourists, thanks also to the wide variety of activities and points of interest it offers.

    Not only walks along the river, but also romantic picnics, hundreds of events organized throughout the year (the most famous of which is certainly the Movies With a View, a film festival held every summer), yoga classes, play areas for children and the possibility of accessing a merchant building from the end of the 800th century, now transformed into a shop specializing in design objects. Brooklyn Bridge Park is open every day from 6am to 1am.

    • Where: 334 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NYC.

    Jane's carousel

    One of the most suggestive and beautiful attractions of DUMBO, not only for children, but also for adults. The Jane's carousel, located near Brooklyn Bridge Park, is much more than just a merry-go-round. It is a piece of history. Built in the early 900s, the carousel was moved from Idora Park (Ohio) to New York, completely renovated and made available to children.

    Composed of 48 elegantly carved and painted horses, arranged in 3 rows, the carousel is inserted inside a glass structure that protects it from atmospheric agents. Open all year round, but with different hours in summer and winter, the cost of a tour is just $ 2.

    • Where: Dock Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC

    Brooklyn flea

    An unmissable event for lovers of vintage shopping, but also for those who love design, pieces of yesteryear, super-colorful clothes and, why not, exquisite street food, Brooklyn flea is the must-have market held every Sunday in DUMBO (on Saturdays you can find it in Williamsburg).

    About a hundred stalls also offer furnishing accessories, household items, antiques, jewelery and works of art. A little outdoors (during the summer) and a little indoors, the market is held near the Manhattan Bridge, every Sunday, from 10 to 17.

    • Where: Manhattan Bridge Archway – 80 Pearl Street, DUMBO, NYC.

    Jacques Torres Chocolate

    he master chocolatier Jacques torres he was one of the first to believe in the environmental redevelopment of the DUMBO district, so much so that he moved here to open his first factory and shop of cocoa delicacies. Although now the production has been moved elsewhere, the flagship store has remained and is one of the stops that must be included in the travel diary of those who visit DUMBO.

    Chocolate paradise, you can sip an excellent hot drink, perhaps with whipped cream and in different flavors, covered pralines, chocolates, chocolate truffles filled with exotic sweets, such as passion fruit or champagne, and much more. Mr. Chocolate, as it was soon renamed, it will satisfy the needs of everyone, even the most difficult customers.

    Not to be missed, then, is the ice cream sandwich. Chocolate taste of course. A great idea may be to buy boxes of chocolates, with messages included, to take home instead of the classic souvenirs. The DUMBO shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 20, while on Sunday it is open from 10 to 18.

    • Where: 66 Water Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Klompching Gallery

    Point of interest not to be missed for those who love photography, this gallery offers about a dozen exhibition spaces that show both works by established artists and emerging photographers, with a focus on contemporary shots. Opened in 2007, the gallery not only allows you to admire the works, but also to buy them. The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 11 to 18, as well as by appointment.

    • Where: 89 Water Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC

    St. Ann's Warehouse

    Housed in an old tobacco warehouse dating back to the end of the XNUMXth century, St. Anne's Warehouse is one of the most beautiful and lively theaters in this area, which also offers spaces for organizing events. From here have passed the likes of Lou Reed and John Cale, Laurie Anderson and Gillian Anderson, to name but a few. The performances range from live concerts to dance, from theatrical performances to rock shows. For sure, his eclectic spirit will be able to make everyone agree. All shows are subject to a fee.

    • Where: 45 Water Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Archway of Manhattan Bridge

    Beautiful "square" located right under the Manhattan Bridge, theArchway it is certainly one of the most spectacular and unique DUMBO hot spots. For a very long time this place was used as a deposit for metal waste until, in 2007, the space was redeveloped and reopened to the public.

    Under the brick vault that covers it you can eat, order take-away food, attend events, shows or dance performances, concerts, music festivals and much more.

    • Where: The Archway is located on Water Street, between Adams Street and Anchorage Place, DUMBO, NYC.

    Main Street Park/Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach, located along the Main Street of Brooklyn Bridge Park, is a small oasis of beauty from which to admire, coffee in hand, spectacular views of Manhattan, the Manhattan Bridge and the thousand lights that light up the city at sunset.

    It goes without saying that, in addition to offering moments of pure relaxation, this spot is one of the best for those who want to do spectacular photos especially of the Manhattan Bridge, which stands imposing right above the beach. For the sweet tooth, then, very close to Pebble Beach is the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory serving one of the best ice cream in the Big Apple.

    • Where: Manhattan Bridge Pedestrian Path, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Where to eat

    Vinegar hill house

    Housed in an old industrial building, this restaurant has kept, both inside and out, elements of the time, expertly restored. Starting with the classic red brick facade and continuing into the spartan but chic atmosphere of the interiors.

    Open for dinner and Sunday brunch, Vinegar Hill House's star dish is Cast Iron Chicken, chicken topped with scallions and sherry vinegar. The restaurant is open for dinner from Monday to Thursday from 18pm to 22.30pm, Friday and Saturday from 18pm to 23.00pm, while on Sunday it is open from 17.30pm to 22.00pm. Cost of dinner, per person excluding drinks, from $ 37.

    • Where: 72 Hudson Avenue, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Bluestone Lane DUMBO Café

    Easy-chic café, here you can really eat everything. From classic toasts to rolls, from salads to fresh and seasonal vegetables, to vegan dishes, accompanying lunch or brunch with organic cocktails, craft beers or with tasty cappuccinos.

    The interiors are also really beautiful to admire: the design is minimal, the ultra-bright environment and the glam touches can be recognized in the Carrara marble, in the fine brass trimmings on white oak furnishings and in the elegantly floors. tinged with blue. The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 18, Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 18.

    • Where: 55 Prospect Street, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.

    Great Electric

    Mexican restaurant in the heart of DUMBO, the Gran Eléctrica offers typical dishes of the Mexican tradition, with some variations on the theme of American influence. From strictly hand-made tortillas, to queso bianco, to spicy chorizo ​​cooked on the spot. The drinks also tell an all-Mexican story and are made using fresh, seasonal ingredients, while the cocktails feature several choices of tequila and artisanal spirits.

    Inside the restaurant, then, there are several works of art inspired by the genius of Jose Guadalupe Posada. Finally, when you come here in the summer, an absolute must is to dine in the outdoor area, directly under the Brooklyn Bridge. Excellent for an aperitif, dinner and brunch, the restaurant is open from Monday to Wednesday from 17.30 to 22.30, Thursday and Friday from 17.30 to 1 at night, Saturday open for brunch from 12 to 16 and for dinner , from 17 pm to 1 am, while on Sundays it is open for brunch from 12 to 16 and for dinner from 17 to 22.30 pm.

    • Where: 5 Front St. Dumbo, Brooklyn, DUMBO, NYC.


    Within the confines of the DUMBO area, hotels are scarce, so if you really want to sleep in the district, the only possibility is offered by Vrbo (here all the available facilities). You will have much more choice in the surrounding Brooklyn areas, such as Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn (in this regard you can read our guide on where to sleep in Brooklyn), if you prefer to fall back on more central areas you can refer to our guide (button below ) on the best neighborhoods to sleep in New York, with some suggested accommodations and tips on how to save:

    Our guide to sleeping in New York

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