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  • Why is it called Dumbo (and how to pronounce it)
  • Where is it and how to get there
  • Why visit this neighborhood
  • What to do and what to see in this area
  • Video walk in Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge
  • Where to eat
  • Where to shop
  • Short story

Why is it called Dumbo (and how to pronounce it)

Dumbo is the area of ​​Brooklyn that never fails to amaze due to its particular location and its name that magically leads back to a much loved Disney character. But contrary to what you think its meaning is totally different.

THEacronym for Dumbo today means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, but the first time it was used by the famous Jerry Seinfeld in a Talk Show omitting the last word. His game brings out a not exactly nice word for the inhabitants, that is DUMB which in English means silly and stupid.

For this reason the O was added at the end, clearly transforming its meaning and certainly making it more pleasant. But be careful not to say it with a Spanish accent, but of give it the correct pronunciation or "Wetlands".

Where is it and how to get there

La Dumbo area is located in Brooklyn - New York, near Brooklyn Heights and is divided into two distinct parts: the first goes from the Manhattan Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge while the second always starts from the Manhattan Bridge but reaches Vinegar Hill.

Reaching it is really easy from any direction, such as:

  • By taxi, where most tourists ask to be dropped off right here under the bridge (30 minutes from JFK Airport and 20 minutes from LaGuardia Airport)
  • In subway, with the reference stations Clark Street line F or High Street with lines A and C.
  • In bicycle, crossing a part of Manhattan and reaching this area of ​​Brooklyn with ease

Why visit this neighborhood

Those who see the photos of this neighborhood point the area as a place not to be missed. It must be understood that here you have a unique perspective of the Brooklyn Bridge exactly as if it were a postcard, a poster at any time of day.

Also not to be underestimated is the view of the Manhattan skyline which is a free show that offers incredible emotions (and some new marriage proposals!).

Creative soul where you can visit art galleries, clubs and large settlements which make this neighborhood popular with residents who prefer to migrate here, leaving the chaos of Manhattan.

What to do and what to see in this area

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline

To visit this area that gives gods incredible landscapes it doesn't take much time, but it is also true that there are many corners to discover and as many colors not to be missed.

A first thing to highlight is certainly to go here an hour before sunset, so as to take a quiet walk reaching the bank of the Hudson River so as to see the magic of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge: a unique spectacle in the world.

In addition to this detail not to be overlooked, it is necessary to know that this district offers many buildings once factories, warehouses that have been transformed into lofts to make everything very livable and chic.

Here today there are particular shops, art galleries, high quality workshops such as the Etsy giant that chooses Dumbo for its creative workshops and many other events.

Also here we recommend the 2-kilometer walk of Brooklyn Bridge Park, along the East River that extends beyond the neighborhood and offers characteristic corners.

Under the bridge, for example, there is Jane's Carousel - the typical original 1922 carousel in operation and inside a particular glass structure so as to give a dream to all children.

As mentioned here there is no lack of Art gallery, but the peculiarity of the same is to be able to see them, observe them and have a chat with the artists who tell their story and those of the works that are exhibited.

A trip is also recommended to the Dumbo Arts Center where in September there are numerous itinerant and themed festivals, while during the rest of the year there are always works of contemporary art.

Video walk in Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge

Where to eat

But this area also offers gods characteristic cafes to eat and drink, definitely worth trying - everyone too. A characteristic dinner is at the Pizzeria Grimaldi’s, where the Spanish air is perceptible from the outside with a truly excellent pizza cooked in a charcoal oven and a high quality service with attention to detail.

If you want to opt for something romantic, the Superfine or the Atrium Dumbo I am available to let you taste French or local cuisine with a great attention to detail.

But there is also a very New York place that descends into the part of the perfect fast food in Brooklyn, where many lobster sandwiches are served at Luke's Lobster or at No. 7 Sub where there is no shortage of sandwiches of all kinds.

For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend a trip to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, located in a former fire station where you can find an excellent homemade ice cream, or at Almondine for a hot brioche from more traditional fillings.

Always a former warehouse, this time used for roasting, it has been transformed into the Brooklyn Roasting Company, a place that offers different types of organic and fair trade coffee - to combine taste and attention to nature that can also be seen from the recycled furniture definitely vintage and charming.

Where to shop

Flea Market

The neighborhood also winks at shopping, but beware because some clothing stores are vintage - chic and a little expensive. The flea market is worth visiting - Flea Market - where to find something extremely original to try and take home.

An ideal neighborhood also for those who want to take away a work of art among the many galleries that there are, or particular objects.

Short story

An very interesting story that of the neighborhood, linked to Robert Gair who in 1880 discovered an access road, just north of the bridge, thus giving the neighborhood the possibility to expand from the working point of view with warehouses, factories, docks for the port.

This neighborhood has changed many names over the years and is remembered as Walentasville, Rapailie, Olympia and now Dumbo with its unique character, thanks to the streets reminiscent of Belgium and its structures that take it away from what you think and see in New York.

Now very chic neighborhood which comes out victorious from a period of fame and settlements that made it not very elegant in the eyes of the people.

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