Dubai: the new tallest skyscraper in the world will be by Calatrava

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Dubai awaits a new monster of engineering and architecture, a super skyscraper designed by the Spanish naturalized Swiss architect, Santiago Calatrava. The building will surpass the Burj Khalifa, the current prince of the desert who holds the absolute record with his own 828 meters of height.

It will be a company from the United Arab Emirates, Emaar Properties, to build the new skyscraper which will be called "The Tower”And which will have the shape of a gigantic minaret. In fact, from the first images we understand that it will be more like a tower and will stand out among the buildings of the city: it will be tall 928 meters, one hundred more than the Burj Khalifa.

The skyscraper will be equipped with ten viewing platforms, including the Pinnacle Room with a 360 ° view of the city, and 20 floors entirely reserved for restaurants and hotels, with rotating balconies and a landscape inspired by the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon. The tip of the skyscraper will light up the Emirate's night with a laser beam like a blooming flower.

Construction work has already begun and should finish in time for theDubai Expo to be held in 2020. The spectacular project was signed by the star architect Calatrava and will rise in a new residential area, Dubai Creek Harbor. The new Dubai tower will be at the center of a new development area near one reserve that protects wildlife and it will cost 1 billion dollars (about 879 million euros).

This opens the competition with the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah, under construction along the coast of Saudi Arabia overlooking the Red Sea and which, at the end of the works, will also have arecord height of 1 km.

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