Dubai has the tallest restaurant in the world, atop the Burj Khalifa

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A creepy restaurant has opened its doors in Dubai, forbidden to those suffering from vertigo. The Lounge is the highest in the world, standing at 575 meters.

When it comes to unbridled luxury Dubai it is undoubtedly one of those cities which one automatically finds oneself thinking about. Year after year this metropolis continues its expansion, setting the bar higher and higher. From hotels to restaurants, passing through various forms of entertainment. Clear evidence of this stands in the center of Dubai and bears the name of Burj Khalifa. It is not only the tallest skyscraper in the world but, with its own 829,80 meters it is the tallest structure ever built by man ever. It immediately became one of the main symbols of the city, with various evolutions within it that make it almost a living organism.

The latest spectacular opening concerns a luxurious lounge, which occupies three levels. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai boasts well 163 plans and to be able to taste the dishes of this restaurant you have to reach almost the top. A long journey in a futuristic elevator, only to see the doors open to the 152nd floor, with the possibility of reserving a table up to 154th. Wanting to ignore the fact that the economic average of the accounts presented at the tables is mind-boggling, entering this restaurant means enjoying a dream view, suspended in the clouds at 575 meters high. This makes it the tallest restaurant in the world.

Such a rich and luxurious place, with a very simple name, The Lounge. Customers can spoil a drink or taste one of the dishes recommended by the chef, by booking a table between the three levels available or perhaps, to fully enjoy the panoramic view of the place, in Terrace. The latter also holds a record, being the highest in the world, ahead of the previous holder of 30 floors.

From 12.30 to 16.00 it will be possible to have tea, while at 17.30 the bar is open for exquisite cocktails. All accompanied by live music, which is one of the main features of The Lounge, where they will perform regularly artists of international standing.

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