Dossena: work begins on the longest Tibetan bridge in the world

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Work has begun a Dossena, in the province of Bergamo, for the realization of what will be the longest Tibetan bridge in the world with discontinuous pedaling and without lateral tie rods.

The suspension bridge, 505 meters long and with a maximum height of 102 meters, it will connect the town with the "roccolo" of the so-called "white horn" flying over the gypsum quarry and will give a breathtaking view of the suggestive landscapes of the Orobic Alps with the peaks of the Gioco, Grigna, Arera and Alben mountains up to the San Pellegrino valley floor.

The work, whose structure was designed by the engineer Francesco Belmondo of BBE Srl, will be built with seven steel ropes and placing great attention to safety thanks to a protocol defined by the specialized firm Montefuni of Turin.
The route will be allowed only by wearing the appropriate harness and it is also foreseen the insertion of a continuous screw line which, through the use of a carabiner, will allow you to travel 505 meters in complete safety.

In addition, a key element of the project is the recovery of the route by air dell'antica Via Mercatorum, lost over the years following the construction of the provincial road that connects Dossena to Serina.

Il mayor of the country, Fabio Bonzi, explained that “This is just one of the works of a much broader project of tourism revitalization of the Municipality of Dossena and of the whole Valley. Tourism is in fact a fundamental resource for our mountains: creating new attractions and works, enhancing unknown areas and places of great beauty, providing quality services, can be a great opportunity for our young people who continue to experience our mountains but also for tourists, to rediscover long forgotten places ".

The Tibetan bridge is part of a structured path di relaunch of tourism in Dossena and surroundings thanks to a long-term territorial-local development plan wanted by four young people from the country who dreamed big.
The plan provides for the requalification of the already active accommodation facilities, the construction of new structures and services, the relaunch of the attractiveness thanks to the existing heritage and the enhancement of the landscape through the promotion of the environment and the territory.

In this regard, work continues on the renovation of the external houses of themining area of ​​Paglio Pignolino, the redevelopment of the internal areas of the mines and the development of the adventure park in mine, first in Italy and second in Europe to boast the characteristic setting with adhering walls, suspension bridges and pulley flights.

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