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    Does Hogwarts Castle Really Exist? Yes, it's called Alnwick Castle

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    Admit it: you would have loved to go to the famous one too Hogwarts School of Magic together with Harry Potter. Just a dream? Well, almost! Maybe you won't learn to fly on a broom, But the Hogwarts Castle it really exists, and guess what: it's open to the public! Yes, you got it right! So pack your bags because you might be going through that magical journey to the Potterian world, exploring the places that characterized the scenes of the film series from the 7 fantasy novels written by J. K. Rowling.
    Let me be clear that I'm not just talking about taking a trip to the Universal studios, but of the castle itself; ok, maybe it's not Hogwarts his real name, however it's a real physical castle, the one where several scenes of the first two Harry Potter films. So what is this castle called? And above all where is it located?


    1. Alnwick Castle: the real Hogwarts castle
    2. Where it is: Here's how to get there
    3. Harry Potter Tour: other places to visit
    4. User questions and comments

    Alnwick Castle: the real Hogwarts castle

    As you may have deduced from the title of this paragraph, the name of the famous Hogwarts castle is actually Alnwick Castle: it is a structure that laid its first stone in 1096 by the will of Yves de Vescy, baron of Alnwik, who by erecting it intended to defend the borders a north of England, at that time threatened by Scottish rivals. In 1309 the castle was sold by Anthony Bek, bishop of Durham a Henry de Percy, becoming the property of the Percy family, first counts and then dukes of the region of Northumberland. Even today, after more than 700 years, the Percy family owns it. Before Harry Potter, the castle had already been selected as a set in other films such as Becket, Blackadder; Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, and others.

    Where it is: Here's how to get there

    As already specified in the previous paragraph, Alnwick castle is located in the Northumberland region, and more precisely in the city ​​of Alnwick from which it takes its name. This magical destination, particularly suitable for group visits, is located about 1,5 km from the A1 that connects Newcastle ad Edinburgh; the castle can be reached directly fromNewcastle International Airport in 40 minutes by car in the absence of traffic, proceeding on the same A1.

    Harry Potter Tour: other places to visit

    If you want to explore more of the places that served as the stage for the Harry Potter movie scenes, here is a list of the places you definitely won't want to miss:

    • Glencoe (Scotland): Glencoe is a famous valley in Scotland, which was the set of Hagrid's refuge in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. It is possible to reach the valley on foot; many come to go trekking around this magnificent natural space.
    • Millennium Bridge (London): it is a futuristic pedestrian bridge suspended over the River Thames, and connects the Bankside area with the City. It was used as a set in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, a film in which special effects reduce it to pulp.
    • King's Cross and St Pancras Stations (London): Both of these London stations, which are located side by side, were the location for the shooting of the Harry Potter films. St Pancras was used for filming outside the station, while indoor shots were shot in King's Cross, where a wall identifying the famous '9 3/4' platform can be seen. If you want, you can try to cross the wall by taking a good run (we personally do not recommend it).
    • Leadenhall Market (London): This is an indoor market, adopted for filming as an exterior part of Diagon Alley and the Cauldron. The market itself is a great place to grab a bite to eat and shop, or just stroll.
    • Christ Church (Oxford): it is one of the constituent colleges ofOxford university. What makes it one of the first choices as a film set is its grandeur: it was not only adopted to become the well-known "Great Hall" in Harry Potter, but it was also used for scenes in other films known to the public, such as Alice in the Land of Wonders and Lewis Carrol.
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