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TRAVEL DIARY IN CHINA (DO IT YOURSELF) of 8 actual days + two of flight. TRIP TAKEN FROM 18 TO 28 DECEMBER 2014

1 day

arrived at? Shanghai-Pudong? can you? reach the center by bus, taxi and above all, as we did, with the pi? interesting Maglev, a magnetic levitation train with a speed? average of about 250km / h and max of about 500km / h, which covers the 33km section in just 7 minutes. Our hotel? the Manhattan Jinling Hotel, a very central hotel strategically located between Yuyuan Garden, the Bund and Nanjing Road with excellent value for money, a few steps from the Yu Garden subway stop. We stay 2 nights. As soon as we arrive we settle in the hotel and go out to Nanjing Road (Nanjing Road), the main commercial street of the city, full of shops and restaurants, where we find a decent restaurant for dinner.

2 day

we walk towards the Yu Garden district of the city? old, where we visit the Yu Yuan Garden, the home of tea? ? Huxingting Chashi ?, the Temple of the God of the City (Chenghung Miao), the colorful Yu Bazar.
The Yu Yuan Garden (garden of happiness) dating back to the Ming dynasty of 1599 is spread over an area of ​​2 hectares where the various distinctive elements of the Chinese Garden are concentrated: rocks with fantastic shapes (splendid? The 5-ton Jade Stone ), circular gates and zigzagging bridges, streams and streams, ponds full of goldfish, pavilions, tea rooms, miniature gardens (penjing), trees of various colors (Luohan pines, willows, ginkos, cherry trees, Alba redwoods ), bushes, bamboo groves? and flowers.
(Yu Yuan Garden admission 40 yuan, hours: 8.30-17.30)

3 day

we leave Shanghai by taxi for Suzhou.
Suzhou? famous for its beautiful gardens and some well-preserved ancient neighborhoods that are reflected on water canals such as Shantang Street and Pingjiang Road. Leaving the hotel, do we take a rickshaw ride? at the Garden of the Humble Administrator (admission 50-70 yuan, 07.00-17.30 hours), the most? famous classic Suzhou landscape garden, built in 1509 during the Ming dynasty, full of pagodas, bridges and wooden pavilions, harmoniously blended with natural elements such as rocks, hills, ponds, rivers and centenary trees such as bamboo, willow pines and bonsai.

4 day

we take a taxi to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (Suzhou-Zhouzhuang, Kunshan, 54km- 1h) and reach the Zhouzhuang Guyunfeng Inn hotel.
Zhouzhuang, the ancient city of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province,? a wonderful fresco of ancient China, rich in history and tradition, with traditional ancient houses, stone bridges and temples dating back to the Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties that develop on a rich network of small water channels bordered by centuries-old willows to create a unique and magical atmosphere, especially in the evening.

5 day

by taxi to Jinxi Ancient Town, Kunshan. Jinxi? a picturesque water village, plus small and less touristy than Zhouzhuang, characterized by a triumphal entrance with statues of lions on the sides of a balustrade that borders two lagoons, the one on the right with traditional houses in the background and wooden boats, the one on the left crossed by a long and beautiful bridge of wood supported by statues with the face of dogs.

6 day

We leave Xitang towards Wuzhen (Xitang-Wuzhen Tongxiang Zhejiang
Wuzhen? a romantic village on the water divided into two areas, the western one (Xi Zha), completely restored according to the traditional tourist style, but incredibly beautiful and fascinating, and the eastern one (Dong Zha), less touristy, still inhabited by local residents less beautiful but more? authentic. They are connected by bus service. We stay two nights at the splendid Dockside Boutique Hotel, inside the west area

7 day

return to the Reinassance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel, a skyscraper with a beautiful panoramic terrace and all comforts.
We spend the rest of the day visiting the districts of Tian Zi Fang and the French Concession, characterized by a maze of narrow streets full of shops, clubs and restaurants where you can breathe a more? traditional.

8 day

Visit of the Nanxiang Old Town which with the ancient street, the shops, the two small pagodas on the square and finally the well-preserved temple is a good choice for a relaxing walk away from the chaos of Shanghai.

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