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  • The thematic areas
  • Disney’s California Adventure
  • Skip the line and Fastpass: how does it work?
  • Where to eat inside the park
  • Where to sleep in Disneyland
  • Cost of tickets and where to buy them online
  • Disneyland application
  • How to get to Disneyland
  • Where to park near Disneyland

“The happies Place in the world”. This is how the playground is defined Los Angeles Disneyland and those who have been lucky enough to visit it can only share. He had to think so too Walt Disney, since he designed the Los Angeles playground himself and it's the only one I've ever set foot on.

Located in the small town of Anaheim a few miles away from Los Angeles, was the first theme park of history and still today it is one of the most fascinating. A second theme park, the Disney’s California Adventure, with many attractions for adults and children.

The thematic areas

Disneyland Los Angeles is a theme park with seven different settings, each faithful to a very specific theme.

Each area of ​​the park has its own rides and fixed attractions to which new attractions related to events, the launch of new characters, etc. are periodically added.

Main Street USA

Reconstruction of an American city of the 1800s)

The visit to the playground starts from Main Street, dominated by the Cinderella Castle and where visitors are greeted at the park entrance by actors disguised as Disney characters. Here is the “Main Street Railroad”, where you can take the little train that crosses the whole park, or, get on board a horse-drawn carriage to reach the castle.


Dedicated to the conquest of the Western

Frontierlandinstead, it looks like it just came out of a John Wayne movie. Some attractions are inspired by a classic of American literature, the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain, including the “Mark Twain Riverboat”, a 15-minute mini cruise, accessible to children of all ages, aboard a quaint steamboat.

Among the most famous attractions of this area there are certainly the “Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road”, that is, the roller coaster with the trunk-shaped wagons, currently closed for renovation.

new orleans square

Reconstruction of the characteristic city of Louisiana

new orleans square the main attractions are the "Haunted Mansion Holiday”, a house haunted by as many as 999 ghosts e "Pirates of the Caribbean" which takes visitors - aboard real barges - to the center of a furious battle between pirates and ghosts in the Caribbean Sea. Both attractions are suitable for children of all ages.


A jungle theme

A is the most 'adventurous' area of ​​the park and is almost entirely dedicated to Indiana Jones. Here it is possible to take a trip into the mysterious jungle aboard the Indiana Jones jeep and cross rivers, wooden bridges and unsafe paths among spectacular scenery.

This attraction is allowed for children over 117cm tall.


Reconstruction of an imaginative and hypothetical future

In the field Tomorrowland there are the “Space Mountain”, an 'indoor' roller coaster, which simulates a journey into space and which are among the main attractions of the park.

Entry here is only allowed for children over 102 cm tall.

Critter country

Reconstruction of Winnie the Pooh's house

Critter Country is the kingdom of Winnie the Pooh. The main attraction of this area are the “Splash Mountain”, the famous roller coaster on the water with wagons in the shape of a trunk. This attraction is also for children taller than 102cm.


The place where the magic of Disney cartoons comes to life

And finally there is Fantasyland where most of the attractions are concentrated. Who has never seen at least in a photo, or, in a movie “Dumbo the flying Elephant” the flying carousel with elephant-shaped positions.

In this sector there is also the carousel “Mad Tea Party” shaped like teacups straight from Alice in Wonderland. And again the flying galleons of “Peter Pan’s Flight”. These attractions are open to children of all ages.

Mickey's Toontown

Behind Fantasyland there is Mickey's Toontown, a recently built area where you can meet all the characters that animate the Disney cartoon par excellence.

Disney’s California Adventure

In addition to Disneyland, guests can also visit a second themed playground, the Disney’s California Adventure.

Built in place of an old car park, Disney's California Adventure is smaller than the main park.

In it the history of California and is divided into 5 thematic areas:

  • Sunshine Plaza
  • Hollywood Pictures Backlot
  • The Golden State
  • A Bug’s Land
  • Paradise Pier

Inside there are bars and restaurants and here, unlike Disneyland, alcohol is served.

Among the main attractions of this area are the terrifying ones “California Screaming”, a breathtaking roller coaster whose access is allowed only to those over 122 cm in height. Other attractions worth mentioning are Grizzly River Run and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Skip the line and Fastpass: how does it work?

Among the main drawbacks when visiting Disneyland Los Angeles are the long lines to access the attractions. There is a way to avoid them and maximize your stay in the park and it's called Fastpass. Fastpass is a system that allows you to book the main attractions, in order to go there at the scheduled time.

The system works like this: on the map of the park that is provided at the entrance some attractions are marked with the logo FP. In front of these attractions there are vending machines where by inserting the entrance ticket you get a coupon with a time slot written on it. If you show up at the entrance of the carousel in that time slot, you can enter without queuing.

Where to eat inside the park

Inside the park there are a dozen restaurants and bars where you can eat something while visiting. You can find a little bit of everything, from hamburgers to hot dogs, from pizza to pasta. Restaurants and nightclubs can also be found at Downtown Disney, a pedestrian boulevard between the two parks. No alcohol is served in the bars and restaurants inside the park.

The restaurants inside the park are of course themed. To the “Blue Bayou Restaurant” - in the area dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean, you can have lunch in the dark Pirates Bay.

For those wishing to eat in the company of Disney characters, however, you have to go to the inn square. If you are at California Adventure at lunchtime you can sit at Carthay Circle for an excellent lunch or dinner based on Californian cuisine.

Eating inside Disneyland costs between 30 and 60 euros on average.

Where to sleep in Disneyland

Inside the Park

Inside the park there are three hotels themed Disney where you can stay without having to abruptly interrupt the magic at the end of the day, but have a slightly higher cost than hotels located outside the "walls" of the park.

  • In the Disney California Adventure Park area is the “Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa”, a Superior category hotel with Spa, themed pools for young and old and an award-winning restaurant.
    The cost of the rooms starts from 352 euros per night.
  • Located in Downtown Disney, the “Disneyland Hotel” is a modern Superior category hotel. The rooms are modern and equipped with all comforts and the hotel offers the possibility of staying in themed rooms. On-site amenities include a swimming pool and a renowned restaurant. The cost of the rooms starts from 304 euros.
  • The latest Disneyland resort hotel is the “Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel”, a vintage-style hotel with a rooftop pool with slides. In the evening it is possible to watch spectacular fireworks. The rooms start at 227 euros per night.

Outside the park

If you don't want to stay inside the park, there are numerous hotels nearby.

  • Right in front of the park is the“Anaheim Camelot Inn e suites”, recognizable by the facade with the clock tower and side turrets. The rooms are comfortable and large. The average cost of a room is 150 euros.
  • Opposite the park there is also the "Best western Plus Anaheim" which offers its customers comfortable but basic rooms. Among the services offered there is free internet. The average cost of a room is 150 euros.
  • On Downtown Disney is the "Anaheim Marriot", a superior category hotel ideal for a stay with the whole family. The rooms are modern and equipped with all comforts. Among the services offered there are gymnasium, swimming pool, award-winning restaurant. The average cost of a room is 200 euros.

Cost of tickets and where to buy them online

Park entrance tickets can be purchased online (recommended) or directly at the park.

I standard costs are the following:

  • Tickets for one day only they have a cost that varies according to the period.
  • For 2-day tickets the cost is $ 210 to visit a park every day; if you want to go from one park to another, the ticket for you is the Park Hopper Ticket whose cost is $ 265.
  • Tickets for 3 days cost $ 280 for a park a day, $ 330 to visit multiple parks per day. 3 day tickets they also include an entrance before opening.
  • 4 day tickets cost $ 305 for a park a day, $ 355 to visit multiple parks per day. Even 4 day tickets include an entrance before opening.
  • 5 day tickets cost $ 320 for a park a day, $ 370 to visit multiple parks per day. Even 4 day tickets include an entrance before opening.
Buy tickets

I children under the age of three they enter free. Periodically on the official website you can find discounts and promotions.

Disneyland application

You can download an App for free that allows you to view one map with all the attractions of the park and i minutes of waiting related to each attraction.
You can download it here on iTunes for Apple, or here on Google Play for Android.

How to get to Disneyland

By car

If you want to reach the park by car from Los Angeles airport you must follow the signs to Sepulveda Blvd South and take I-105E continuing for approximately 26 km to the I-605 N exit.

Continue and exit at I-5 Santa Ana FWY towards Santa Ana. Continue for approximately 20km and then take the Disneyland Dr Exit exit towards Ball Rd.

Con i mezzi pubblici

If you mean reach Disneyland Los Angeles by public transport, a lot will depend on the starting point.

If you are leaving from Los Angeles you have to take the Surfliner Pacifico Training to Anaheim and then take the Router 15 bus and get off at the Katella-Harbor Blvd stop. From here you have to walk three blocks to the park entrance.

Many hotels, however, organize shuttle services to the playground.

Where to park near Disneyland

Parking your car is not a problem outside the Disneyland resort and in Downtown Disney.
Outside the park there are several parking areas, indicated by appropriate arrows.

Il cost is 20 dollars for cars and motorcycles per day.

Finally, you can also choose to park in restricted areas “preferred parking” which have the advantage of being near the entrance, escalators, etc. The cost is $ 35 per day.

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