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As promised, here I am to tell you about my holiday in Valencia, city? splendid, the pi? beautiful that I have seen so far.
We left on January 16th from Pisa and in an hour and 40 minutes we arrived, we took the metro, line 3 and arrived in the center of Valencia after 10 stops.
As soon as we left the subway we were able to admire the wonderful architecture of this city? Spanish,? cos? elegant and particular! The styles that characterize it are Gothic and Baroque as well as the modernist style with which they created the part near the port for the 2014 Expo.

1 day

We brought the trolley to the hotel and we immediately went out to visit it why? we were fascinated by its palaces, monuments, fountains, its streets with wide pavements made up of very clean tiles! The first square we met? Plaza de Toros, with the arena where the bullfight takes place and where aspiring bullfighters train; L? next to you can? visit the museum where all the relics of the pi? famous Bullfighters of Valencia.
Continuing the walk, you will come across Plaza de l'Ayuntamento, which means town and in fact in a beautiful baroque style building are the offices of the town council.
If you continue on the main street, you will reach the Colon district, which? the economic and commercial center of the city, with its elegant shops and international chains. Here the buildings are more? modern but always very neat and in excellent condition.

2 day

The second day we stopped in Plaza de l'Ayuntamento where there is a fountain that in the evening offers a beautiful show, the water changes color, from green to blue, from yellow to purple, very suggestive!
The buildings that overlook this square are imposing and have domes on which angels, animals, unique works that adorn Valencia in a unique way seem to be resting. The atmosphere you breathe? very relaxed and serene, people are not stressed, not even motorists, people are walking, not in a hurry! In the afternoon we visited the botanical garden, with a paltry entrance we saw paradise! Plants of all kinds, from cacti to tropical plants, trees of various species from palm trees to birches, from poinsettias to colorful flowers, a quiet and relaxing place to visit.

3 day

On the third day we visited the Mercado Central which is located in the homonymous Plaza del Mercado,? covered and? just wonderful! The ceiling has a dome totally decorated with ceramics,? the place to shop more? nice that I've ever seen ... even the stalls are very well maintained and have colorful signs that attract customers.
Can you? find all kinds of food, as well as sweets, candies, souvenirs, pans to make paella, in short, everything! It is a meeting place and? really elegant and clean, you want to buy anything!

4 day

The square pi? characteristic ? Placa Redona, small and round, as its name suggests, its circular shape gives it a particular charm, and its stalls selling souvenirs and everything you need for cutting, sewing and embroidery, are like that. cute ... are in dark brown wood and open towards the square, so? you can watch them turning inside the square where there is also a fountain. In the past, in this square there was the fruit and vegetable market but after the construction of the market, this one? transformed into a place dedicated mainly to tourists.
Leaving this square, there is another large square where the Cathedral of Valencia is located, a truly impressive and impressive work.

5 day

On the fifth day, in the Colon district, we visited another market, which bears the name of the area in which it is located, in this place you can only find bars, cafes and restaurants,? very elegant and there are no stalls with fruit and vegetables ... It is nice to see that in every area there are markets suitable for the type of people who live there, at the Central Market located in a popular neighborhood, you shop, while in that of Colon, the commercial and economic soul of the city, are places for quick lunches and to relax in the company of friends.
And now I absolutely have to tell you about the churches of Valencia which are wonderful! The interior ? in pure gold with frescoes and tastefully decorated altars, they are all worth visiting, even the Duomo, although you have to pay a ticket of 8 euros ... one of them has a circular shape so everyone? in front of the altar, truly unique! Just a little outside the historic center, you can? also admire a fortification similar to a castle,? cos? strange to walk down a small alley and find yourself in front of a similar building.

6 day

Other place of interest? the Plaza de la Virgen, which stands on the ancient forum of Roman Valencia and? surrounded by three of the more? emblematic of the city, the Catedral de Santa Maria, the Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados and the Palazzo de la Generalitat.
The square has an irregular shape and in its center c '? a fountain with a male figure representing the Turia river, surrounded by more female figures? small that represent the irrigation canals.
What to say? Valencia? a city? beautiful, one of a kind, what can you? visit on foot without getting tired why? ? circular and therefore you never go too far from the center, in short, a destination recommended for everyone, couples, families, young people,? a city? suitable for anyone.
I would not have wanted to leave and, frankly, it has never happened to me before ...

See you next adventure!

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