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Travelogue Andalusia 7-14 June 2015

Spain again!
Sunday June 7 2015
For the third time in 5 years, me, my wife Laura and my daughter Serena (10 years old in August) are returning to Spain ... Andalusia!
To confirm the fact that, of course, there? liked it very much.
We leave Palermo with a direct Ryanair flight to Seville at 14.15pm. I paid for the tickets, bought well in advance, 72? each!
We arrive at 17.00, very punctual, in the lovely Seville airport, and as soon as we put our nose out of the plane, we are overwhelmed by a wave of infernal heat !! 37 degrees and strong sirocco! Let's start well ...
We pick up the rented car at europcar (for an average with unlimited mileage and total insurance without any deductible 300? For 7 days! 187 without full coverage) and head towards Granada.
We cover the A250 motorway for almost 92 km - the carretera of Andalusia ... beautiful! A strip of asphalt in the midst of typically Andalusian landscapes, with little traffic? very smooth: in 2 hours we arrive at the center of Granada.

1 day

The hotel booked, always through my trusted booking,? the Granada Center Hotel, a 4-star hotel located right near the historic center. For 2 nights in a very large triple room with huge beds we paid 190 euros. But there? what do we see as soon as we arrive? far superior to us? we could imagine !! Luxurious and huge !! Close to the motorway exit and a few minutes walk from the center.
Are they already? 20.30 when we are about to check-in and take the room, a quick refresh and we run away to find a place for our first Andalusian dinner.
Obviously, how? my habit, I was already? organized about the places to eat ... and for this occasion we head straight to calle navas: a street in the albazyn district famous precisely because of its many places where you can sit down and taste the specialties? local and national!
Pi? a reviewer friend had written well of the Abadia cerveceria - calle navas 12 - and we go there.
The tables outside are all occupied and inside it's dying of heat! We decide to wait and in less than ten minutes we settle down.
For each drink they make you taste a tapas included in the price. We order the paella, cos? as warmly recommended by the previous patrons of the place, and in the meantime we taste the tapas in "tribute" ... How already? reported in my previous "Spanish reviews", with paella I have always had big disappointments, But this time ...
People, you have to eat paella in this place if you happen to be around here, you won't regret it !! Very good!
We took 2 cokes, 1 sangria, half water, a very good beef burger with a side of chips, good paella for 3 but very abundant for 2, and we paid 36? ... not bad !!
But the real strength of the place? Marcello, a very nice Argentine waiter who speaks and understands Italian very well!
? almost midnight ... and I remembered that I was awake from 5,00 ... let's go back!

2 day

Wake up early.
At 8 we are already? outside the hotel and right there? nearby we have breakfast in a cafeteria, nothing special, but fair prices. Our goal (one of the most important and coveted of the whole Andalusian holiday!)? the alhambra, then we set out to reach it on foot: it is about twenty minutes from our hotel ... a nice walk through the streets of Albazyn cannot? that to make everything even more? Interesting! The Albazyn? the perfect testimony of the cultures that originated it, you can see it from the houses, from the alleys, from the language you will hear us speak, from the smells, from the colors ... beautiful!
The path is all uphill, so a little more? tiring than we thought, but it doesn't hurt ...!
We arrive shortly after 9.00 and already? people, many people,? in line for tickets !! I had tried to buy them online cos? as many other travelers suggested, but 15 days before departure they were already? sold out !! Ergo: move as soon as possible!
I try to figure out what to do, don't I? very simple to immediately identify what? pi? quick and easy, and I decide to tag along, but I know it will take? a lot '... and the sun already? is felt vehemently! While I realize these fears of mine ... an information service girl approaches us who reminds us that if we have a credit card (excluding American Express!) And if we want it, with a small surcharge of 1,50? -then 15,50 instead of 14- we can get the tickets in the special automated ticket machines ... cheers! 5 minutes later we give already? inside!! Remember that children under 12 do not pay, but must still remove the ticket to be able to show it, as well as at the main entrance, in fact, in the numerous check-points that will meet to access the various attractions within the site, and that the ticket indicates the exact time in which you will have to queue (and what a queue !!) to visit the beautiful Nazareus palace !!
For 6,50? each we also take the audio guide in Italian, since? other tourist experiences have taught us that they can really come in handy.
Now ... if I had to describe my emotions in visiting every inch of this maximum expression of creativity? of man ... I would seriously risk boring you !! But believe me, the Alhambra alone is worth the trip to get here !! I had read that it took someone 3 hours to visit it ... I, practically never stopping, not even for lunch, it took me 7 hours! Will I stay? a lot of this wonderful experience ... as well as the unesco heritage, it will enrich? also my cultural heritage !!
It's almost 16pm ... the rest of the troop wants to kill me for forcing them to fast until then ... I have to be forgiven! One of the places I had highlighted on my list? El fogon de galicia, in calle navas 29.
Equipped with an internal room with air conditioning (the day is very hot!) It also offers us climate refreshment, as well as food!
As tradition has it, when ordering a drink they bring you a tapas, in this case abundant bites of cod? fried in batter and served very hot with a flavored sauce which were delightful !!
Then we take some chicken nuggets with fries (fear not, nothing to do with the fast food genre!), A mega fried fish and I a beef steak so big that it protrudes from the plate and almost as high as the tower of Pisa with a side of chips and salad (had it been a little more cooked as I like it, it would have been the best steak I've ever eaten!),
For all this good luck, 44 ?! Very good, taking into account the quantities? and of the quality? some dishes !!
Tired, full and sweaty ... we drop in at the hotel to freshen up. Are they already? almost 18! After 20pm we go down to go to the mirador San Nicola, the very famous Belvedere from where you can see the whole skyline of granada and especially the beautiful alhambra! Getting there requires a double sacrifice, considering how much already? walked today, but you will get paid off!
We stay an hour to enjoy the show, the cool and some musicians who entertain the bystanders with pleasant Andalusian music and take a lot of beautiful photos!
Go back down ... Let's take a walk through the streets of the Arab quarter and arrived in the bib rambla square, we notice the ice cream parlor-cafe-bar of the same name that looking at the dishes served to customers sitting outdoors seem more? how great! But we have exaggerated at lunch, c '? space only for an ice cream! Yummy fruit and fruit ice cream! Great service, helpful and very nice staff ... acceptable price: 3 big cups? a mineral 14?!
Day to be archived, we already think? see you tomorrow, we return almost at midnight, tired but satisfied.

3 day

Tuesday? June 9, 2015
Wake up and breakfast with delicious churros (-----------) right near our hotel, where is there? a very friendly guy who prepares them hot at the moment ... very good!
So let's get it all back, pay the bill? away, direction Cordoba! After about 2 hours on the road, Ancona to say, very smooth, we arrive at the center of the beautiful city? of Cordoba ... here too, a strong and appreciable Moorish imprint, a marvel! But the main dish? the mezquina and the adjoining bell tower.
The first consideration that comes to mind as soon as we arrive? that these Arabs of the time must have had so many riches !!
First we go up the bell tower, the ticket costs 2?, Including children, and to go up you have to wait for a number of visitors to gather every half hour who will then be accompanied by an employee (only accompany, no guide!) From 13,30 at 16.00 they take a break.
From up there,? needless to say, you can enjoy a suggestive view ... starting right from the roofs of the mezquita! After taking the usual photos, our guide invites us to come back: can't you? stop for more? 20 minutes.
Tickets for the mosque, yeah? purchased at an automatic ticket machine, they cost 8? each and under 12 free.
Let's go in ... what a grandeur? !! Hundreds of columns, 19 naves, works and sculptures that cannot be counted !! And this too, will she leave me? something ...
We stay inside for a couple of hours, enough to visit it in detail.
We go out and take some souvenirs in a couple of the many shops adjacent to the mezquina, we recover the car right in the nearest parking lot. close (6? for about 5 hours ... honest! A lot!)
We leave to reach Seville, which is less than 150km away. In less than 2 hours we are at our destination.
Our hotel? the Ribera de Triana Hotel, a 4-star hotel well reviewed in the various sites operating in the sector, located in the district of the same name - Triana, in fact - right on the bank of the Guazalqivir.
Here too, at least for the first night, we put the car in the garage. ? late and I'm tired, to start looking for other alternatives! Then we will decide if and where to fix it, since they want 16 here? at night to keep it inside.
The hall already? immediately says how much? nice place! But even here ... no one who speaks Italian or tries to pretend to do so !! Somehow we communicate, I give the car's credentials and we settle in the room where, for? , still have to arrange the third bed ...!
Vabb? ... 10 minutes later they already? finished, but why? don't do it first ???
Very nice room, even if not very big. Nice bathroom, but unfortunately not on the river side as I hoped!
Time to put down the suitcases and, without even opening them, we immediately run to the top floor to see the swimming pool that they invited us to use! Small but impressive! From the surrounding solarium you can enjoy a wonderful view !! But yes, let's also take a bath!
After a little more? of an hour we go down and get ready for our first evening and our first dinner in Seville.
How had I already? said, the area around our hotel? very beautiful. On both sides of the riverside c '? a lot of people walking, cycling, running, fishing, flirting ...!
A few minutes walk away, we have identified among our notes, maps, plans etc, the place where we will begin, in addition to the cultural one, the gastronomic one, the parallel Sevillian holiday: the Triana lighthouse. Located in two different terraces of a small building right at the end of the Isabella II bridge and directly above the river embankment! You can enjoy an indescribable view !!
We order.
The food ? very good: a plate of cod? in tomato sauce, meatballs and vegetables with a side of fried potatoes and finally some chicken nuggets, water, coca and sangria ... total 33 (?) ?. Good price! But I find myself, alas ?, noticing something that will not be? the only one, in our tour of the many clubs in the area: what service? always a bit 'revisable, why? in more? on one occasion we were unable to eat all 3 at the same time whatever we ordered, which, clearly, was not the same as the others, they always brought it at different times! Everyone, therefore, eats his own business ...
It is shortly before midnight ... is it so? so well that we don't notice! With a nice walk we return for the lullaby ...

4 day

Wednesday? June 10
We wake up and move calmly, since? the primary goal of the day? visit the cathedral with the giralda tower and we know it opens at 11. So breakfast right in front of the hotel, with tostado mantequilla and marmelada and cappuccino for 3: 7? in all!
For 10,30 we are already? in line and c '? a lot of people! After a few minutes we notice a lady who gathers a group of Italians and we try to understand ... her? an official guide and for 5? per person more? (except children), so 9,50 for the entrance ticket + 5,00? to you for your service, will accompany us? throughout the visit showing us every little detail of the cathedral, capturing our total attention! Elsa is called, if this happens to you, know that you will be in excellent hands and with her, entering from the entrance reserved for groups, you will do much sooner!
But let's move on to the cathedral, in fact!
Huge! Gorgeous ! Very rich! Works, treasures, the tomb of Christopher Columbus ... we let ourselves be totally taken by everything, kidnapped by a thousand details that time has not had more? sense. After having satiated our curiosity? we pass to the tower of the giralda. You go up some beautiful steep ramps, but more? easy steps! The ramps served to the holy King to climb to the top of the tower on the back of his horse to look out over the city? after having reconquered it from the Arabs !!
You can Admire the cathedral, the real alcazar, the archive of the indies and the whole city? of Seville from a beautiful and unique perspective
It is 14.30 pm when we finish the visit, hunger now prevails over all other desires!
From the reports of others from us? attention from us we had already? are planning to have lunch at the patanchon in calle Mateos Gago 13. The service is not? very good purely tourist food, but the price is not !! Indeed, the opposite! Compared to all the other places? the one where we paid the most ?! I don't feel like recommending it, sincerely ... Yes more? find better!
To work off the lunch, we decide to focus on Plaza de espagna, so a nice walk!
The square ? one of the many beautiful and perfect works made on the occasion ---------------------------
Ed? really very very beautiful.
A hemicycle of columns overlooks it on 2 levels and helps you to appreciate it even more? the features!
Below the benches decorated with beautiful finely designed and themed majolica, they represent All 45 provinces of Spain! In parallel there? a water channel that if you want you can also navigate on a rowboat that you can rent on the spot!
You can also go up a floor and admire the square even better, as well as take some beautiful photos! The shape of the square originates from a hypothetical embrace of Spain towards ..........
After the visit of the square, we return to the hotel for the usual refreshment, a bath in the swimming pool on the terrace and so we decide how and where to end the day.
Direction center ... for a nice walk in the cool evening. Yes, I must say that I discovered that in Seville even if the days can be very hot, in the morning and in the evening there? an impressive temperature range: it's almost cold !!
Near the cathedral we go to starbucks to buy the inevitable umpteenth cup for our collection, the child takes a frappuccino and we go.
While we are walking on the avenida della constituncion towards placa San Francisco, the sign of "100 montadidos" attracts us, it is past 22.00 pm, and after today's abundant lunch, this? the ideal place to eat a little something and not get too heavy! We go inside and discover that just today what? Wednesday, cos? as well as on Sundays, they make a promotion: all 100 sandwiches present in their men? they cost only 1 ?, rather 1,20 / 1,50 / 2,00? of the other days!
So we fill in the order by writing the name on it, we give it to the cashier, we pay - 11? for 7 sandwiches a coke and a water - and this passes the order to the cook.
Not bad for a quick snack, but still respectful of the Sevillian traditions.
Slowly ... enjoying the coolness, even too accentuated, of the evening we return to the hotel.

5 day

Thursday? 11th June 2015
Wake up and breakfast without haste: the entrance to the alcazar, so? as our program, can not? take place before 10.30.
We arrive that they have just opened and not c '? still row ... great!
The ticket costs 9? per adult and under 16 nothing. We also take the audio guide for 5 ?. Let's start the tour by following the signs and the audio guide ...
I think calling a place like this "fortress" was a mistake!
What idea do you get by visiting it? that those who lived there lived in the splendor, and in the serenity? pi? absolute! You never get the impression, as, for example, in the alhambra, that there are parts of the building that are unequivocally intended for military / defensive purposes. Fountains, gardens as far as the eye can see, works of art, wellness rooms, party halls ... but what fortress ???
Anyway, aldil? certainly subjective impressions, there remains something very exciting to see! Shooting it all with a lot of interest in our case took 3 hours ... but who would spend the money to take a quick ride and not be able to see and appreciate everything?
To slip a little in the imagination, c '? to say what? was, if we want, a pinch more? interested and curious about this experience also why? they knew that in these paradisiacal gardens several and important parts of the last edition have been shot, that is? the fifth - for those who do not follow him - of the television series produced by HBO "Game of Thrones" ... that we in the family have always followed with great interest: Vezzo ...
Finished, it's time for baby food, just 2 steps away? the restaurant le coloniales, which I had included in my list of well reviewed places. We arrive and sit upstairs, the club? full. To do this first, when we order I tell the waiter which dishes on the other tables have caught my attention. And so what? we avoid wasting time trying to explain / understand what to eat and the foods it contains ... A success! The best lunch eaten in Seville so far! We take 4 tapas of meat, potatoes, jamon and a tabla with 6 slices of bread with salmoriglio, jamon iberico and quail egg on top, 2 cokes, a water and a beer, total 26? for three!! Excellent!! Will I return ?.
Leaving the restaurant, we cross the street and enter the museum of the indies. Free.
At the entrance c '? the metal detector ... Boh!
There are portraits of characters who helped to achieve all this, many books on which the navigators of the time studied in order to learn more about the sciences that were used to tackle those titanic enterprises, for the time! Precious objects used on board ships, the projects for the construction of Columbus's caravels ... in short, are there any? of meat on the fire ??
An hour and we completed the tour. When we leave, we meet some Italians who, hearing our language, approach us and give us three tickets to make the tour of the city? with the tourist bus discovered !! How kind !! Would each cost 18 ?! Are these tickets valid? until 22,30 the next day when you buy ... are about 16.30, c '? we do it! Immediately we go right under the gold tower where in the stall where these tickets are sold c '? a beautiful girl, very kind and, I think, also Italian, who informs us that at 17 pm we leave and that the tour lasts longer? than an hour !!
The bus arrives, we sit upstairs (sitting in the back right corner hasn't turned out to be the crafty thing I thought it was, because the branches of the trees really hurt! And the driver just doesn't seem to consider this? possible) and off you go! Supplied they also give headphones that explain the various stages and attractions along the way with perfect synchronism! Many of the things we already had? views, but I must say that from this perspective they seem even more? beautiful and interesting! The tour ends and we return to the hotel to prepare for the evening but also to rest a little ...
We would like dinner to be more? read ... here? all so good that we are exaggerating a bit! We aim for the mesones del serranito, a stone's throw from the plaza des toros, a very large and well decorated place. Let's take a nice salad, a platter of cold cuts and a drink. All good. Honest price.
Immediately after finishing, a digestive stroll through the beautiful pl. San Francisco, Plaza nueva, calle tetuan, calle sierpes which represent in practice the shopping center of the city. In fact, they teem with a lot of people
? extraordinary glance offered by the many and beautiful buildings that follow one another for all these streets and not only these ... I believe that the citizens here take particular care in keeping the facades of their houses "clean", taking care of the details, decorating the balconies ... and then on an architectural level c '? great attention and consistency. Well done.
With these appreciations in mind, I am about to go to bed.

6 day

Friday? 12 June 2015
Do we already have the bulk of the things we absolutely planned to see? seen, so we can also relax a bit with the timetables and the races, so we get up with more? calm, breakfast always in front of our hotel in Azabache, where with 7? we take 3 cappuccinos and 3 tostados: these are cut sandwiches and the 2 halves? are toasted, then choose whether to fill it with butter and jam (mantequilla and marmelada) or cheese and Iberian ham (quieso and jamon iberico). We continue with the (free) museum of the Belles artes which is just a few minutes from our hotel. Here you will certainly not find the works of Picasso, Dal? or Gaud? ... to stay in Iberian land, but you can admire some beautiful works. Among the artists who are major c '? the Mourillo, an authentic local landmark (there is also a house museum? a garden dedicated to him), Vasquez, but also a Goya? a Velazquez.
An hour? we finished. Direction Metropol Parasol, the very recent and mammoth modern work inaugurated very recently which is located in a beautiful area! To climb to the top and admire the beautiful view over the city? (the view of the cathedral is beautiful!) you pay 3?, take the lift that takes you up to a maximum height of 26 meters and after finishing with the ticket you are entitled to a drink of your choice at 3 of the rooms on the floor land of the same.
In the basement you can admire some archaeological finds that came to light during the excavations for the construction of the Metropol.
A stroll around the perimeter of the same, where you can find shops, bars, but also street vendors, and off we go, back to the center. In doing so, by chance, we pass in front of the colonial tavern, and since? , as written pi? above, we enjoyed it, we go back. Same treatment: very good food and even lower prices this time. Result of the experience of the day before that made us choose with more? expertise: 3 generous tapas, a very good guazpacho and soft drinks for 18? !! If it were not that for me one of the most important components? important of the holiday? also know more? dishes (and the relative ways of preparing them!) possible, it would be appropriate to make an agreement with this place !!
To digest I have a scary walk planned! As I usually do, I would like to bring the official Sevilla FC kit to my son (who is not here with us), so obviously he says go and buy it if not at the stadium?!?!
Only that it is a pi? 3 km from where we are! But let's go.
After about half an hour we arrive at our destination, the stadium is not? much? ... disappointing from the outside. I go around looking for the store, but a fear assails me: isn't there? !! I discover immediately after that they are creating it, there is work in progress! Horror! And now ? I ask a guy who came out of an office in the stadium if he knows where I can find, perhaps in the area, a shop that sells their official products, but shrugs ... So many miles for nothing and more? will not be able? bring my son the souvenir I wanted to buy him !!
To return to the hotel from there are almost 5,5 km ... but they weigh me above all because? I have not concluded anything!
Today, can you? understand, fatigue? a lot (at the end of the day we will have walked for a total of 24 km !!) We have to rest a bit, if we want to have the strength to go out for dinner!
Shortly before 21pm we go down to go to the famous local "la carboneria", that is, where many have written that you can see free flamenco shows while you eat something.
I want to be more? realistic and precise as possible in describing this experience, why? in my opinion this place does not deserve the fame it has. We arrive and sit in the benches that make up the rows, so? like the tables, where we all sit together ... like the soup kitchen, to give an idea. On the ground c '? concrete, the roof? precarious made from plastic panels, the service does not exist: you write the order for drinks, go to the drinks counter, pay, collect and take away. Same thing for food (?), But here c '? the row. When it's your turn, you deliver your order, pay and you are assigned a progressive number and an estimate of the wait. Are there 2 guys, a gentleman? a lady, I believe the owners, who with an exaggerated simplicity? they prepare the food. But let's talk about really essential stuff ... Tuna and tomato salad, cold cuts of salami, olives, hotdogs, nachos with a sauce (the latter very good!) ... in short, not much! You will understand better if you told us to happen. The prices are from a local category definitely more? high!
A tip: if you decide to stay to see any improvised shows, do you take it? that you will want to consume more? he resumed, so? by doing you will justify your prolonged stay. Why? as soon as you empty a plate or a glass they take it away from you at the speed? of the light, ? behind you you will see a lot of people who have nowhere to sit with glasses or plates in their hands!
Let's move on to the "show".
I guess whoever wrote well was more? lucky of me, but I have witnessed a performance of a boy (yes, male, in spite of the sensuality of flamenco !!) in more? resumed exhibited now accompanied by a girl, now by a man who sang and a boy who played the guitar ... Appreciate their goodness? and availability ?, but here we are far from defining a show, let alone of flamenco, we? we're talking about !!
Disappointed and suppressed by the crowd and the heat, we leave the stands ... Better to go to rest.

7 day

Saturday June 13 2015
Today will be? the day of relaxation ... like when you have a beautiful party and when this is? almost completely consumed, you sit satisfied to review the moments more? beautiful of the event ... A few more beautiful photos, the usual final round for souvenirs to friends and relatives, a little something that you had put on the list but as a reserve ... in short, without worry!
At around 10.30, in fact, we go down to go to the cathedral / real alcazar area, already? on the way we stop to buy the first souvenirs that we will leave in the shop to collect them in the afternoon when we return to the hotel. From the Plaza des Toros, then via Antonio diaz, ok fund, just before arriving at the avenida della constituncion, every morning we noticed someone making churros ... today we want to taste it! I order a small portion, but the lady knows her stuff and prepares, fry and pack me half a kilo ... 7,50 ?. Only after I see that there was a sort of price list where the various weights are indicated ... but so much ?. Very good, though ?!
Just around the corner, we immediately understand that today it will not be? like the other days today? Saturday, c '? much more? people, c '? much more? movement! Street performers on every corner! And right in the corner between the cathedral and the general archive of indias, we immediately see a trio, a musician, a singer and a flamenco dancer, which few already? they had proved to be good as I too shortly after I could see, attracted already? dozens and dozens of tourists, but not only!
Looking at them ... I still think back to the night before and how stupid she was! If I can advise, if you are going, so what? like me, not to spend 30/50? per person (depending on the place and the drink or not) to see a flamenco show in the most? renowned, the Carboneria will not be able? never be an alternative to these !! A thousand times better these guys that I am staring at now and that I have continued to like for an hour !!
? noon, and remember that at this time, so? like at 8.30 and 10.00, you can? enter the cathedral for mass ... We take advantage of it.
So a sandwich on the fly (today for light lunch, because for the last dinner we will have here in Seville we want to make the barrels!
While we continue to go around the souvenir shops, and I keep asking if they have Sevilla FC outfits, finally, a girl explains to us that she doesn't sell it, but at the official store we can find them ... I don't believe it, where ' ? ???? In calle Francos, just 2 steps from the cathedral, pl. San Francisco ... yay !!
I couldn't go back without thinking about my hunk! We get there and, fortunately, there are even discounts! Do I get a full uniform for him? a commemorative shirt for me by spending much less than I had anticipated. Now yes, ? it's all OK!
Full of bags and small packages, we go back to the hotel to start packing, since we have to leave early in the morning and we have a lot of extra stuff. to forcefully put into suitcases!
Laura and serena also take the opportunity to go up to the pool ...
Pi? later we go out for dinner. The place I had reserved to close? "la casa viuda" in calle albareda, always pl. S. Francisco.
Choice was never better !! We eat divinely! Galician octopus, king prawns with bechamel sauce and fried in batter, prawn salad, peppers, tomato and onion, cod fritters? fried in chickpea batter ... all really very good, the location? above average, the perfect service !!
The waiter, Juan Manuel,? fun: speaks a little Italian, advises us well and? very nice!!
And, despite what I expected, do we pay 47? for a respectable dinner!
Satisfied ... we go away and sadly we make a last lap around the magnificent cathedral, we have an ice cream (it was something we had not done yet) and we return.

8 day

14 2015 June.
We wake up at 6.30, we finish closing our bags, we pay the hotel (great price for 5 nights in triple, one night of parking in a 4-star hotel, 390 ?!) we leave, we fill up the car, breakfast and for 9 we already have finished: the airport is located only 10 km from the city center.
Hasta luego, Sevilla !!!

I would now like to make some considerations, even practical ones, and share them with whoever I want? read these my experience.
Driving in the streets of Andalusia? was very simple and indicative of the level of civilization? of the people here. The roads are well-kept and maintained, unfortunately not like ours, which we know well in what state of neglect they are. Motorists respect the rules and no one engages in dangerous maneuvers!
Everywhere you will see that there are cycle paths, remember to leave them free, sometimes not? very easy to identify the limits and therefore you could unintentionally clutter them. But cyclists don't get too angry if you go too far ...? people of calm disposition!
You will notice the cleanliness of the areas with high tourist traffic, but not only in those.
Know that the power sockets have only 2 holes and are the most? small compared to our bipocket, to give you an idea.
There are millions of places to eat !! In Seville we also eat out a huge percentage of natives, which is why the restaurant is not? necessarily a way to pluck the tourists! You will eat in places of excellent quality and you will pay much less than what a foreign tourist would pay in Italy if he ate in the shadow of the Colosseum, in the sun of Piazza San Marco, or next to the Uffizi ...
I am not, I want to give the impression of being, an xenophile, but I have had the opportunity to have many experiences and, figures in hand, I know what I mean.

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