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    Discounts for New York Passes: How to Find Them and Maximize Your Savings!

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    If you are planning a vacation in New York sooner or later you will be faced with the big question: Which pass to choose? As you will soon realize, the variety of passes is remarkable and it is by no means immediate to understand which is the most suitable for your needs (also for this reason we have created the ComparaPass, which instantly allows you to understand which passes include certain attractions); today, however, I would like to point out another interesting aspect that I think can give you a further hand in your choice: the discounts.

    As you know, the passes allow you to save by accumulating the number of attractions and therefore, by themselves, allow you to significantly lighten the expense of your holiday, moreover often (practically always) there are many discounts for those who buy them online, thus allowing further savings. Usually, the discounts available are expressed as a percentage (15, 20 or even 30%) or in a fixed amount (from 5 to 80 dollars) and are in many cases updated on a weekly basis. So let's try to understand something more.


    • How to find the discounts? Which passes are usually discounted?
      • Sightseeing Pass e New York Pass
      • Go City New York Explorer, CityPASS e Freestyle

    How to find the discounts? Which passes are usually discounted?

    - discounts for New York passes they tend to vary quite a bit and are often advertised on official sites: on the home page, or on specific offer pages. And what about the unofficial dealers? Could it be cheaper to shop on sites like Expedia, Viator or GetYourGuide? Depends. In addition to marginal fluctuations of a few euros, interesting discounts can also be found on these sites but under certain conditions. Let's go into more detail on a case-by-case basis.

    Sightseeing Pass e New York Pass

    The passes for which a discount is almost always available are the (perhaps not surprisingly) even more expensive: the Sightseeing Day Pass (with the Flex variant) and the New York Pass, 2 passes very similar from the point of view of the attractions included.

    The most relevant discounts are usually available only on official websites of both passes, so that's where I recommend first of all to do a first check:

    • Offer on the official Sightseeing Pass website
    • Offer on the official New York Pass website

    However, there are some specific cases that are exceptions: more than once I have in fact happened to find the New York Pass or even the two Sightseeing, both in 1 or 2 day version, at a lower cost on external sites, while for the versions from 3 days upwards (the more expensive ones) the discounts remain the prerogative of the official sites, which therefore retain the greater discounts.

    If you are interested in the for 1 or 2 days then I suggest you take a look at the links below:

    • New York Sightseeing Pass su:
      • Viator Sightseeing Day – Viator Sightseeing Flex
      • GetYourGuide Sightseeing Day – GetYourGuide Sightseeing Flex
    • New York Pass on offer on:
      • Viator
      • GetYourGuide
      • Expedia

    Go City New York Explorer, CityPASS e Freestyle

    And what about the other passes? Are there any offers? Actually yes, even if they are a little less frequent. These are often smaller discounts even if it is not so rare to find reductions of a certain amount, so a check is definitely worth doing, especially on official websites, but also on third-party retailers:

    • Offer on the Go City New York Explorer Pass official website
    • Offer on the official FreeStyle Pass website (pass is currently no longer available)

    As for the Go City New York Explorer Pass the difference in discounts between the official website and external dealers it usually stands at a few euros. By carefully sifting through the various solutions on all sites, the savings may not be huge but sometimes it can also be significant.

    • Go City New York Explorer Pass
      • Viator
      • GetYour Guide
      • Expedia

    What about the New York CityPASS? Well recently I have come across quite significant discounts several times, even over 20 euros, which can represent a considerable saving, even more so if you have to buy the pass for several people. I therefore recommend that you always check the 2 sites listed below, in addition to the official site, because it may be worthwhile.

    • New York CityPASS on:
      • Official website
      • Viator
      • Expedia

    The FreeStylePass (pass is currently no longer available) instead tends to keep larger discounts on the official website (usually around $ 40) and to grant a few pennies on offer to external retailers; however, a safety check is always good, you never know ...

    • New York FreeStyle Pass su:
      • Viator
      • (Official site)
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