Day Trips From Montreal: The Best Day Trips Around Montreal

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Montreal is a beautiful Canadian city, the second most populous in the country and the first in Quebec, the French-speaking area of ​​Canada. Could be considered its cultural capital, while Toronto, which is in fact the official one, has an important economic role.

Full of green areas and attractions just waiting to be seen, too its surroundings present spectacular landscapes and thanks to the good public transport network you can move easily between the different cities.
If you want to visit some areas further away from inhabited centers, such as natural parks, you can take part in different tours or rent a car.

So let's see together what the best day trips around Montreal!


  1. Quebec City and Montmorency Waterfall
  2. Ottawa
  3. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  4. Mont Tremblant National Park
  5. Omega Park
  6. User questions and comments

1 - Quebec City and Montmorency Waterfall

About 250 kilometers north of Montreal is this beautiful city located on the Saint Lawrence River. To reach it the fastest way is the car, otherwise you can take the direct train or one of the many buses that connect the two cities. In the latter case, the times are longer, as a trip lasts from 3 to 4 hours. Alternatively, you can take part in an organized tour which also includes transport. Many of these tours they also include a visit to the magnificent Montmorency Waterfall - book your tour online

This it's the perfect city to visit in one day. The center is small and can easily be explored on foot and among all the attractions you should definitely not miss it Citadels, the largest fortress in North America, where you can visit the Château Frontenac, symbol of the city, and enjoy a beautiful view over the whole city!

The Montmorency Waterfall, on the other hand, is located just 13 kilometers away from Quebec City and is easily reachable in just 20 minutes thanks to bus number 800 (ticket cost $ 3,50 each way, about € 2,40). This waterfall has a jump of 83 meters and it's surrounded by unspoiled nature. All around you can follow trekking routes and also get close to the waterfall thanks to a staircase.

  • Range: 257 km
  • reachable in 2 and a half hours by car via the Route Transcanadienne O / Autoroute 20 O; We do not recommend the use of public transport as it takes an average of 3 to 4 hours, but if you have no alternatives, the two cities are connected by different bus companies (average ticket cost € 40,00) or by direct train Montréal - Québec (Express) (travel time 3 hours and 15 minutes, ticket cost starting from $ 25,00, approximately € 17,00); alternatively you can take part in an organized tour which includes transportation - Get directions
  • the city and the waterfall can always be visited; the Cittadelle is open from May to October from 9:00 to 17:00 and from November to April from 10:00 to 16:00
  • the entrance to the Cittadelle (including the museum) costs $ 16,00 (approximately € 11,00); guided tours that include a visit to the city and the waterfall cost between € 80,00 and € 120,00 per person
  • Quebec City and Montmorency Falls: Tour from Montreal From Montreal to Québec City: Sightseeing River Cruise Québec City: Grand Old Town Walking Tour

2 - Ottawa

If you haven't already included it in your trip to Canada, you absolutely must dedicate at least one day to it! Just under 200 km from Montreal, you can reach it easily by direct train which will take you to your destination in two hours. Alternatively, you can rent a car and in two hours you will reach the city or take part in an organized tour.

This city is the capital of Canada and there are so many things to see, then we advise you to plan in advance an itinerary with everything you want to see and already calculate the movements.

Definitely can not miss the Parliament Hill, one of the most popular tourist attractions, where the Center Block and the Peace Tower are located, symbols of the country. A fun way to visit the city could be to rent a bicycle and decide whether to visit it alone or by relying on a guide.

  • Range: 198 km
  • reachable in 2 hours by car or by direct VIA Rail train from Montreal Central Station to Ottawa Station, journey time 2 hours 10 minutes (ticket $ 29,00, approximately € 19,90) - Get directions
  • the city is always accessible; the times to visit the parliament and the various sections change from day to day and based on the presence or absence of sessions, we advise you to consult the official website and check the times for the day of your visit
  • guided tours inside the Parliament and the various sections are free and must be booked in advance on the official website; a guided tour including transfer from / to Montreal costs around € 130,00 per person
  • Ottawa: Private Full-Day Tour from Montreal Ottawa: Small Group Half-Day City Sightseeing Tour Ottawa: 1 or 4-Hour Bike Rental with Self-Guided Tour

3 - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Definitely closer than the previous ones, in fact it is only 40 kilometers away and is located on the Richelieu river.

Getting there from Montreal is really very simple: either with a 40-minute car journey or by taking the bus to Bonneau and from there change to your destination. The ride will take about an hour and 10 and the ticket will cost you just $ 10,75 (approximately € 7,40).

E' perfect to disconnect from Montreal traffic a bit, immersing yourself in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
Here there are so many activities to do: you can for example decide to follow a cultural itinerary, which also includes the Blockhous de la Riviére-Lacolle, a historic site built by the British in 1781 and remained exactly as it was then; alternatively, you can discover its agricultural and food and wine side, with great classics such as maple syrup and excellent wines and cheeses; or again devote yourself to outdoor activities, walking on its beautiful riverside or in large parks.

  • Range: 44 km
  • reachable in 35 minutes by car via the Autoroute 10 E and the Autoroute 35 S or by bus 96E from the Montreal Terminus Center-Ville Porte 14 station to Bonneau, where you will then have to change to bus 50 which will take you to the Fernand stop -Charest to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, total travel time one hour and 10 minutes, total cost $ 10,75 one way (approximately € 7,40) - Get directions
  • the city is always accessible; the Blockhous de la Riviére-Lacolle is open from May to October from 10:00 to 17:30
  • the entrance to the Blockhous de la Riviére-Lacolle and to the site are free

4 - Mont Tremblant National Park

Canada is best known for its unspoiled nature and in some places for its beautiful natural parks. And, of course, there is no shortage of these in Quebec too!

Just 131 kilometers from Montreal is this national park. The best way to reach and discover this area is to rent a car, as you will be completely free to roam and discover the national park. With public transport you could not do it. Alternatively you can rely on a tour - book it online

The park is located in the heart of the Laurentides mountain range, characterized by unspoiled nature and huge expanses of woods.

It is beautiful and perfect to visit in any season: in summer the temperatures are excellent and you can go around it freely, there is no shortage of events and activities to do outdoors; in autumn it turns red and offers an incredible spectacle; in winter this is the main ski resort in Eastern Canada; in spring nature begins to awaken and you will not find all the tourists that are there in summer.

  • Range: 131 km
  • reachable in an hour and a half by car via Route Transcanadienne / Autoroute 15 N (car rental cost in Montreal from € 30,00 per day) - Get directions
  • always accessible, the sectors within it observe different times
  • daily admission to the park $ 8,75 (approximately € 6,00); the first tour below (departing from Montreal) costs € 131,58 per person
  • Montreal: Mount Tremblant 1-Day Private Tour Mont Tremblant: 3-Hour Zip Line Experience Private Transfer from Montreal Airport to Mont-Tremblant

5 - Parc Omega

Just 130 kilometers from Montreal is this beautiful park where nature reigns supreme. The only way to reach the park is to rent a car, as there are no connections with public transport. Alternatively, if the idea of ​​driving does not please you, you can take part in an organized tour which departs directly from Montreal and also includes transportation - book your private tour online

This is one of the most famous and important parks in all of Canada! You can decide to visit it in different ways: or with a real safari, in your car or by bus made available by the park, which follow routes that will lead you to discover every corner and a guide who will tell you everything you will see; alternatively, you can visit it on foot following the many trekking paths.

  • Range: 130 km
  • reachable in an hour and a half by car via the Autoroute 50 E and the Route Transcanadienne / Autoroute 15 S (car rental cost in Montreal from € 30,00 per day) - Get directions
  • open from 10: 00 to 17: 00
  • admission to the park in low season (January-May and mid-October-December) $ 30,44 (approximately € 20,90), in high season (June-mid-October) $ 33,05 (approximately € 22,60); the tour departing from Montreal costs around € 140,00 per person
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